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RUSH: I have a little news flash here, folks. A business guy is making a government agency more efficient, and the government agency hates it.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, former Exxon CEO, is giving hundreds of State Department officials an assignment: clear up the huge backlog of public records requests.

But by trying to make the State Department more transparent, Tillerson is making State Department employees mad.

Why should clearing up a backlog be a problem? Let’s turn to Politico for the answer. Apparently, many State Department workers believe that Tillerson has an ulterior reason to clear up the records backlog. A political reason.

Clearing up the backlog means that thousands of former Secretary of State Clinton’s official emails will now be released, instead of staying buried at the department. For years. Or decades. Or maybe forever.

There are over 13,000 Freedom of Information Act requests on file, many involving documents from Hillary’s tenure. A lot of those requests are from conservative groups. Judicial Watch says the State Department has yet to process at least 72,000 records containing Hillary emails.

Another thing has State Department officials fuming. They resent being asked to do work that should be done by lower-level staffers and interns. It’s beneath them. The assignment is turning them into glorified clerks.

This is classic, folks. This is the swamp and the deep state is deeply mad.

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