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RUSH: The left is still as deranged as it’s ever been. I mean, if they’re winning so big, where’s the happiness? If they’re winning so big, where’s the joy? If they’re winning so big, where are the parties? Instead, look what’s happening to them. Every bastion they control is imploding! Sexual harassment here, rape there. I mean, it is incredible what’s happening to the left. It’s no wonder that they’re so at their wits’ end that they’re going out at night and yelling at the sky, which a bunch of them did last night.

Our microphones were there. We have this from Washington Square Park in New York City. This is the one-year anniversary protest of Trump’s election. These insane Trump haters gather to literally scream at the sky.

(playing of audio)

RUSH: Is there anybody out there saying, “I’ll have two of what they’re having?” No way. There is no excuse for this. There is no excuse for winning this often, with this many seats, acquiring this much power and having so little done with it. It’s the same old lament. I’m only bringing it up not to keep it in greatest hits, but what they’re telling you is happening out there is not what’s happening.

There is no anti-Trump wave, not among Trump voters. There’s an anti-Trump wave among people that didn’t vote for him, yeah, but not among Trump voters. They’ve not done that. They have not succeeded in turning Trump voters away from him. Trump voters may, in fact, be as tightly glued to him and his campaigns as ever.

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