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RUSH: Now this email I got. By the way, I happen to know a couple people — the reason this email resonated with me — I know a couple people who are disappointed because of this. These are people had really high hopes of Trump. They loved Trump from the beginning. They understood politics is made up of hatred and negativism and disgust, but they were hoping that if Trump won, that after a certain amount of time all of this hatred and anger would dissipate and that Americans would come together, or enough of them, to do what normally happens, support the president.

And they also thought that more people would see the real Donald Trump they know and that some of this opposition would be tamed. And so the email I got during the break about 25 minutes ago was, “Rush, if Trump were really good, he would have tamed some of this opposition by now. Many of these people would have seen the light by now. Many of these people would have realized they were wrong. If Trump really had the ability to unify some people, there’d be some sign of it.”

So they’re disappointed. It’s like they want everybody to love Trump the way they do. And when not everybody does, they start questioning whether or not they’re doing the right thing by supporting Trump. Now, you know what this is, don’t you? This is a fatal flaw in the human psyche. And that fatal flaw is caring way too much about what other people think. We all are afflicted by it. It’s part of the way human beings are raised. There’s just no escaping it.

Nobody is raised to want to be hated. And so nobody really knows how to do it. Nobody is raised to want to be disliked. Nobody is raised to be partisan and divisive and controversial, but a lot of people are. And others are made nervous and uncomfortable by it. And so some of these people that wish Trump were better able to convert his enemies, it would make them feel better if Trump could do it about their choice to support Trump.

Well, what are the odds of that? The opposition to Trump is irrational. The opposition is Trump is impossible to rationally explain. I mean, you can explain it, but it doesn’t make any sense unless you understand the left and who they are, how they became that way, and how they basically think as they go through the day. There might be some that Trump has converted, but it’s not a big number.

This is why, folks, I always say, the way this is gonna be won is not by converting them. If that happens, that’s a bonus. The way this is gonna be won is by beating them. And that makes a lot of people nervous. “You mean it’s gonna be a constant battle?” Yes, it is. For a long time. They’re gonna have to be defeated every day. They’re gonna have to be defeated in as many elections as possible. They don’t want to be on your side. They don’t like you. And to waste time trying to make that happen is just that, a waste of time.

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