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RUSH: You know, I have a question, ladies and gentlemen. Where was the Russian collusion in this election in Virginia yesterday? I’ve been waiting to see if a caller might bring this up, ’cause I don’t like to hog the glory here. I like it illustrated to callers to the program, that we’re all in this and that brilliance can come from any sector or quadrant of the program.

But now that we’ve started the third hour, I’m raising the question. Because, as we all know, the Russians colluded and hacked the United States presidential election one year ago to ensure that Donald Trump had just enough states that he would need. Somehow they couldn’t find enough votes in Wisconsin, they couldn’t find enough in Pennsylvania, they couldn’t find enough in Hoboken to keep Trump out of the White House. So obviously the collusion that secured Trump his victory, I mean, where was it yesterday in Virginia?

What, the Russians don’t bother with governor elections? Well, I don’t know. No, no, no, no. We’ve been hearing for a year the Russians are messing around in every election. I mean, have you not been paying attention to the hearings? The hearings, the Russians are everywhere. The Russians are trying to collude. They’re corrupting people’s lunches. They’re corrupting congressional hearings. They’re corrupting elections. They’re colluding here. They send honey pots over there to mislead Donald Trump Jr. and so forth. I mean, the Russians colluded with Hillary to do the Trump dossier, and then the Russians colluded with Trump and Putin to make sure that Hillary lost.

Where was the Russian collusion? Why did the Russians not want the Republicans to win yesterday? If the Russians wanted the Republicans to win and Trump to win in 2016, why did the Russians change their mind and why are they happy with that Northam guy winning, why did they want Ed Gillespie to lose? Is it because the Russians don’t collude with the Republican establishment, they only collude with Republican outsiders?

I mean, there has to be an explanation for this. And don’t you find it fascinating that the Drive-Bys have not even brought this up yet. Note that when the Drive-Bys win, why, they don’t even breathe a syllable of collusion. But I tell you what, I’m a little ticked at the Russians. They let us down. Where were they? I have to be very careful in mentioning this, obviously. (laughing)

You know, every fear I had — well, “fear” is the wrong word. Every sense of doubt I had about this election I figured the Russians have got it handled, the Russians will take care of it. I mean, if they can take care of a nationwide presidential race, surely a Podunk election in the governorship of Virginia should be easy. But they didn’t show up.

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