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RUSH: Last Friday, the Washington Post ran an ominous headline: “Republicans Will Be Raising Taxes on Some Americans. And There Will Be a Backlash.”

Now, first of all, the proposed tax bill isn’t the final version. A lot will inevitably change.

But what really bugs the Washington Post is the proposal to eliminate deductions for state income taxes. If you live in an expensive blue city like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and your state has super-high income taxes like New York and California do, well, this could impact you.

The Washington Post gives some examples. Take a California resident who makes $100,000 a year. Their state tax alone would come in at $6,000, and it would no longer be deductible. Someone who makes $150,000 and lives in San Francisco or Los Angeles can expect to pay over 10 thousand a year in state taxes. No longer deductible.

Yeah, so some people would be upset.

But the Washington Post never raises some important questions. 1) Why are your state taxes so high? And 2) Why do you keep voting for people who keep raising your taxes? Finally, why should people in low-tax states or with no state-tax deductions subsidize people in high-tax states? Hmmm?

As for “Backlash.” California and New York don’t vote Republican anyway, so the supposed anti-Republican “backlash” might not be as ominous as The Washington Post hopes. In fact, there will probably be some applause for it. Ha ha ha. Yes.

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