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RUSH: Folks, the same people who said that you cannot politicize the New York City attack… Remember the unison in the Drive-By Media and their condemning of the politicization of the New York City attack? Those same people could not wait to politicize the Texas church massacre. Obama, for instance, began pushing for more gun control laws a couple hours after the attack — and he’s praised! By the way, can I ask you a quick question, a little pop quiz? How many people who have committed mass shootings — who have committed mass murder by way of gun — have been members of the National Rifle Association?

What is your wild guess? (interruption) Absolutely right, Mr. Snerdley: Zip, zero, nada. Not a single murderer not a single perp conducting a mass shooting has been a member of the NRA. And yet what is the knee-jerk, predictable reaction after an event like this? “We need more gun control laws.” The guy already committed any number of illegalities in the process of getting to the church and getting the gun. There isn’t a series of laws. We cannot legislate perfection, and we certainly can’t legislate behavior. But man, oh, man.

The deadliest church shooting in America, in our history, and the left can’t wait to turn it into a political issue — and the same people said it was practically a crime to politicize the New York City shooting. Obama is praised for pushing for more gun laws. Meanwhile, Trump did not speak out against the diversity visas until the day after the New York City attack. Remember that is what… (stammering) “Diversity visas? You can’t politicize this! You can’t do that! You can’t… You — you — you — you — you just can’t you can’t criticize the program!”

The Very same people are now politicizing this, and once again: There are no gun control laws that would have stopped the Texas massacre — and these people on the left know it. They don’t care about the Texas massacre. I mean, after all, it was a bunch of Christians. They care about the opportunity they think it presents to take guns away from people. The New York City terrorist, for example, wouldn’t have gotten into the country without the Diversity Visa Program. That guy who shot up New York would not have had the chance if we had not sought people like him out and gave them a visa.

So while no laws would have stopped the massacre in Texas, because a bunch of them were already broken, the diversity visa guy was brought into the country. We let him in! Have you noticed something else? Whenever there is a Muslim terror attack, the media says, “Oh, no, no, no, no, no! It’s not because of Islam. Islam’s the religion of peace. You can’t say that!” We have to say he’s crazy or he’s deranged or he was made angry by American foreign policy or the existence of Guantanamo Bay made him mad, or George W. Bush and Abu Ghraib made him mad.

It’s always the fault of Republicans when these things happen. Except when there’s a Muslim terrorist attack, the media says it isn’t because of Islam. But when there is a shooting spree, the media doesn’t question the mental health of the shooter. No, it’s all because he had access to a gun, thanks to the NRA. One look at this guy — since we’re judging people by the way they look. One look at this guy and you can tell the elevator doesn’t go to the top floor. You can tell we’re an order of fries short of a Happy Meal here. We’re looking at somebody that is just not all there.

Nope, in this case it’s not who the guy is. It’s not what he believes! It’s all because he had access to a gun, thanks to the NRA. The NRA had nothing to do with this guy having access to a gun. But the influence of Islam is never at fault while the influence of the NRA always is. As I just pointed out, there has never been a mass murderer — shooting spree murderer — who was a member of the NRA, whereas there have been plenty of mass murderers who have been members of the religion of peace.

And while we’re on the subject of religion, have you seen once again people have been mocked on social media for saying they’re praying for the victims and their families? Oh, yeah, that now is mocked. “That’s not enough! You can’t do that. You think you’re just trying to score points with people. That’s meaningless. Prayer? Asking for prayer for the victims and their families is a meaningless, empty gesture.” Are Muslims ever mocked for talking about praying for victims? Are they ever mocked for praying? Are they ever? No, no, no, no, no!

I’m not trying to make t5is about Muslims. I’m just trying to point out the folks the glaring differences here in the hypocrisy of the people who claim on one hand, “We can’t politicize that! It’s a mistake, it’s bigoted, it’s racist to politicize it,” and here we are politicize. This guy, the shooter here is either an atheist or a devout Christian. We don’t know yet. There are conflicting reports on this guy. I mean, it was so ridiculous. Even after the New York City attacks because of the Diversity Visa Program, we had to be lectured about how we can’t criminalize Allahu Akbar.

Remember that? “You can’t criminalize that! Why that’s said in some of the most beautiful ways I have ever heard somebody speak religiously.” But Christians are always fair game for mockery — and, as usual, after one of these attacks we’re getting conflicting descriptions of the perp. We’re being told that he is a devout Christian who used to teach vacation Bible studies. Some of the mainstream media calling it “vocational” Bible studies, if you can believe that. They don’t even have the slightest idea. “Vocational Bible studies”?

But there’s an article in the U.K. Daily Mail where his friends say he was a militant atheist who thought people who went to church were stupid. Now, who is it in this country that routinely mocks, makes fun of, impugns, and — dare I say — even speaks with hatred of Christians? Who does this, folks? Why, that would be members of the left. Come on, memory, work for me here. There was a story that I read last week, and it was about a reporter somewhere where other reporters were.

It was either a presidential speech or press conference or something, and one of the Drive-By Media reporters sneezed, and another reporter said, “God bless you,” and the other Drive-Bys looked at this person and got angry and said, “You can’t say that! You can’t tell us ‘God bless you’ after sneeze. We don’t want to hear that.” So somebody who innocently said bless you, “God bless you” after somebody sneezed was ripped into for violating the religious ethics and code of the Drive-By Media, which is irreligious, unreligious — and you know it as well as I do, folks.

The left, the Drive-By Media, are constantly making fun of religious people. Particularly Christians, particularly if they’re in the South, particularly if they drive pickup trucks and if they happen to like hunting or any other number of typical outdoor activities, they’re laughed at. They’re mocked; their religion is made fun of, they are ridiculed. Remember Barack Hussein O and his bitter cling repertoire. (summarized) “Ah, a bunch of people that are feeling displaced, they turn to their guns or their religion or their racism for their comfort.”

So all throughout moviedom, all throughout television, all throughout most of the Drive-By Media, mockery and ridicule of Christianity. It’s permitted — and, in fact, it’s even required. Now, the facts will come out. Maybe not. I don’t know. Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg has already removed the Facebook account of the murder suspect. So we might never get the truth about his personal views. Everything’s gonna be filtered through the Drive-By Media. (interruption) Selena Zito, that’s right.

It was a Selena Zito wrote column in which she reported saying, “God bless you” to a Drive-By reporter who sneezed. She was ridiculed and reacted to angrily for daring to “God bless” a member of the press corps. Once again this murderous rampage was only stopped by a good guy with a gun. In this case a neighbor hearing the noise from the church and grabbed his gun. The perp saw him and took off in his car. The neighbor and another man chased after him in a high-speed pursuit until the perp lost control and ended up in a ditch, where he apparently shot himself.

There’s also a report that a sharpshooter nailed the guy between — in a very tiny area — a slit or an opening in the body armor that the perp was wearing. Think how long it might have been if that small, remote community had had to wait for the police to arrive because they had taken guns away from everybody. It was the good guy with a gun that brought this to an end.


RUSH: Airplanes, trains, automobiles, guns, knives, you name it. Anything can be weaponized, folks. We cannot rid ourselves of deranged, violent people. No matter how many laws we pass and no matter how many social programs we have. No matter how many Head Start programs, no matter what we do, we cannot rid ourselves of deranged, violent people. Now, whether or not this guy Devin Kelley was legally entitled to own a gun is a question that needs to be answered. But it isn’t dispositive to grand conclusions regarding gun violence in a free society, especially that places the highest value on the right to self-defense.

The Second Amendment is not there to facilitate crime or murder. It’s there for defense! Not enough people make that observation about the Second Amendment. It’s there for self-defense. I don’t care how you read it, that’s its intent. It’s a natural constitutional right. Sick, violent people cannot be allowed to strip law-abiding people of the right to protect themselves, and that’s what the left was trying to do. With each and every one of these incidents, the left uses the occasion to try to strip away from people their constitutional right to defend themselves.

This was a sick puppy.

He was gonna find a way to kill regardless of gun laws, because killers can weaponize almost anything. Politicizing this solves nothing, other than to once again further inform the American population of just what the American left really is: Cheap, cruel exploitation. We cannot legislate ourselves to 100% civil or fair sustainable society. We can’t legislate that. It’s interesting the left screams for more gun laws while simultaneously ignoring immigration law, isn’t it? A flood of unvetted illegal aliens puts millions in danger, and yet that’s of no concern to the American left? Not at all, folks.


RUSH: This is Jim in Eugene, Oregon. Glad you called, sir. What’s happening?

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. I was a pastor and crisis counselor for years. I was involved with counseling first responders and family members at the Thurston High School shooting, the Colorado church shooting and at Ground Zero with the families. And I want everybody to consider — with all the discussion about narrative creation and trying to explain everything within 10 hours of it happening — it really is hurting the family members to have political overlays injected into their shock and grief.

RUSH: You don’t think the media cares about that, do you?

CALLER: I sure wish they would. I’ll put it that way.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: I remember in New York City after 9/11 —

RUSH: They never have. They rush to the nearest victim they can find to thrust a camera in their face or microphone. They’ve always done that.

CALLER: They do, and it’s… I guess in the long term even just how people dealing with grief, this is gonna mark them for the rest of their lives and so I just want to interject that maybe the people you need to be thinking about right after something like that is the people it happened to.

RUSH: Let me ask you something about counseling, grief counseling and so forth. Don’t misunderstand the question. I’m genuinely curious. Does it work? Does it have long-term, helpful benefits?

CALLER: I believe it does in the sense of helping people understand how they may have packaged it, the event. And yes, I think it does. But there’s all sorts of things that are done in the name of counseling that aren’t maybe necessarily what I’m talking about. I’m talking about people and how they’re framing the memory in the first place. We want to try to help do that in a healthier way.

RUSH: ‘Cause I would think it’d be so tough to do that.

CALLER: It was, but, you know, it’s an amazing… From a pastor standpoint, it’s the most amazing reach to somebody’s life you’ll ever have.

RUSH: Well, you’re including the spiritual, but a lot of counselors don’t. You know, a lot of counselors get into or come at it from an entirely different place. Spiritually I think is obviously the way to go and you’re eminently qualified for that as a pastor. But, man, there’s a lot of people out there… I mean, you look at these counselors after John Kerry lost the presidency. Some of this stuff, I just think it can end up encouraging or cementing the grief and rather than trying to assuage it. So my hat’s off to you for trying to deal with thing. That cannot be easy.

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