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RUSH: We’re gonna start in Kennewick, Washington. This is Laura. Great to have you. You’re up first today. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call. How are you?

RUSH: I’m fine and dandy. Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, I tried to get hold of you last week with a question I wasn’t able to get through to you. I was on hold. But I have a question. I kind of wanted to know what your thoughts might be about it. It has to do with Vlad Putin and his position as far as his attitude towards Donald during the campaign. Do you think him saying that he wanted Donald to win and saying that they didn’t want Hillary to win was all part of this dupe, he was duping the president?


CALLER: The whole time? Like he was being kind of two-faced?

RUSH: Laura, no, no, no. Putin? Two-faced? No. What would give you this idea? Look. You, like most people, are falling prey to a Drive-By Media made-up narrative. The narrative is that Vladimir Putin has a preference for who should be president, and whatever Putin wants, that’s what we’re gonna get, because the Russians are interfering in our elections. They’ve hammered that so many days in a row now that people think that Putin is an active player in our elections.

Now, I will begrudgingly acknowledge that the Russians are trying to tamper with our elections, but let me tell you something. I don’t want that to get too much weight. The Russians have been infiltrating our universities for 50 or more years! The Russians have been interfering in and infiltrating our U.S. government, the State Department, the Pentagon, they try to get spies who are fake American citizens into any neighborhood they can, into any government agency they can. This has been the way of the world since before the Cold War!

We do the same thing. The ChiComs are trying to do the same thing. The Russians, the old Soviet communists, had amazing success infiltrating the American education system, and we are paying the price today. We call it liberalism. It’s communism that these professors are teaching. How else do you explain all these millennials thinking it’s wonderful and great and sustainable?

The bottom line, Laura, Putin doesn’t care who wins the presidency. He’s gonna work to undermine America no matter who. Now, he might think it would be easier, the bigger fool in the Oval Office the easier it would be, and in this case that would be Hillary. She had already demonstrated that she could be owned as the secretary of state. Her incompetence and her unwillingness to stand up and defend America has already been on display. So if Putin wanted anybody, it would have been Hillary. But it doesn’t matter. He doesn’t determine who wins!


RUSH: Yeah, love taking phone calls, because I look so brilliant unusually in the process. Well, no, that was really worthwhile. This woman obviously believes — you can’t blame her. I mean, every day the media, “Putin this, Putin that, Putin owns this, Putin wants to do that, Putin colluded with Trump, Putin this, Putin that.” And pretty soon it doesn’t take long before people think that Putin determines the outcome of the presidential election. And Vladimir Putin doesn’t.

Our election, yeah, the Democrats tried vote fraud, yeah, but, folks, there’s no way that computer hacks or anything that you’ve been told can affect the outcome of a presidential election. Even Barack Hussein O acknowledged this. Our elections are simply too widespread and multifaceted. There are too many precincts. There are too many polling places. There are too many unknowns going in. Nobody knows how it’s really gonna go. Polling data’s become so unreliable that you can’t count on that because it’s been corrupted by left-wing politics.

You would have to know, if you were gonna try to rig an election, you’d have to know which states the Electoral College is gonna come down to at the end of the popular vote. It would be impossible to do. You couldn’t even massively try. You wouldn’t know where to begin. That’s one of the things about this that just irritates the hell out of me. We have enough trouble with voter fraud already without making people try to believe that our election system is so inept and so weak and fragile that Vladimir Putin and the Russians could hack it.

But man, the Democrats and the media, they don’t care what happens to this country. They don’t care how badly it gets torn down and weakened and damaged in the process of making sure they win. I mean, you ought to be able to put two and two together now. The Trump dossier is totally fake and made up, paid for by Hillary Clinton and this sneaky law firm.

Who really has been trying to undermine elections? Donna Brazile has blown the lid on it. The people that rig elections in this country are the Democrats! Sorry for yelling. I’m trying to cut through the noise. While everybody’s looking for some foreign Russian monster, the monster happens to be in Chappaqua running around still in a daze asking, what happened? How come her cheating didn’t work? Not even Hillary, it turns out, could rig an election, except the Democrat Party primary.

Look what she had to do. She had to take over the DNC and she had to put herself in charge of all the money being raised. And then she had to have a partner, Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz to rig the entire primary debate system so that you put these debates on TV when nobody will see ’em and then you have to rig a delegate selection process that makes it such that Hillary Clinton’s gonna get a majority of them no matter how many Bernie Sanders wins. So who really cheated? Who really bought an election? Who really colluded to rig the outcome of an election?

The answer is Hillary Clinton. The answer is Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz. The answer is anybody that had anything to do with the Hillary campaign, which would include John Podesta, which would include the law firm of Perkins Coie, which would include Marc Elias, which would include the Trump dossier people at Fusion GPS. Anybody that had anything to do with the Clinton campaign is a coconspirator in stealing an election.

You don’t need to look to the Russians, folks. You don’t need to worry about what Kim Jong-un — look, as long as this guy has his supply of Johnnie Walker Blue, you got nothing to worry about. He’s gonna launch his missiles here and have his jollies. Just make sure the guy’s got his Johnnie Walker Blue. Maybe it’s Johnnie Walker Black. I’m not sure which. Keep him in scotch and he’ll be fine. ‘Cause they don’t have any of their own in North Korea. You wouldn’t drink the alcohol they produce there. It comes in a bathtub or out of a toilet. He imports it. Make sure the imports continue or the exports, he’ll be fine.

We have a much greater threat even I think than Putin and the Russians, and that’s the ChiComs. And that threat is economic, not to mention military. The ChiComs have an army of 800 million soldiers that they could easily lose, 800 million people fewer to feed. Can’t compete with ’em in a conventional war. Thankfully, those kind of wars are not fought anymore. Well, it wouldn’t be with the ChiComs. But still, they pose a threat and they do consider us an enemy.

We live a different kind of life. The ChiCom leadership is full-fledged communist. Did you hear what chairman Xi Jinping did? Did you hear what this guy did? This hasn’t made the news. This is the guy that came and visited Trump and Melania and he brought his wife and they’re touring the flower gardens and so forth, Xi Jinping.

They just had the most recent Communist Party Congress. This guy, Xi Jinping, appropriated Mao Tse-tung type of power. That kind of power hasn’t existed in the Chinese politburo in decades. You almost have to go back to Mao himself who died shortly after Nixon and Kissinger made the visit. The Chinese communist leadership had diluted itself and they had parceled out power. This guy walked in there, and he has assumed the power positions of five different people in the politburo. He’s now the most powerful ChiCom leader we have dealt with since Mao Tse-tung. Do you think this guy did this because he has democratic principles?

You know, the ChiComs have an interesting existence. In terms of the way their government and their country is structured, it is ideologically communist. But they have become a manufacturing exporter for the world, and so they have — like the outfits that manufacture Apple products and Samsung products, the high-tech gizmos. But it’s not just that. They have allowed Taiwanese owned companies to set up shop and build factories because the ChiCom leader has a major, major challenge every day.

This guy every year has got to find a way to create 25 million new jobs, even in China, even under a communist regime, and he’s got a further problem. He’s got to find a way to keep those new jobs out of his cities. They’re already overcrowded. They’re already overrun. They’re already pollution nightmares. That’s why he makes deals with outfits like Foxconn, which is where the iPhones are assembled. These factories employ 500,000 people in areas of China that haven’t even been developed. The dealers or the factory owners, the Foxconns and the others have to develop neighborhoods. In fact, these factories are pretty much where people live.

They have hospitals, playgrounds. The factories employ 500,000 people! It’s like when the Big Island of Hawaii was developed — and we’re not talking that long ago — on the western shore of the Big Island is where the resort hotels are. When those hotels were built, they had to build neighboring little towns for the employees who were gonna work in those hotels to live. They had to help pay for the development. Now, the whole thing’s sprung up now. I mean, the population over there now is a hundred thousand people, but 30 years ago it was nothing but lava rock and the resort hotels and these little huts where the employees lived.

The ChiComs have the same problem. Not comparing the Big Island to China, but I’m just saying they live big problem. This guy’s got a billion people. They have to feed ’em somehow. These people have to be able to earn enough money to not go on the Chinese dole. They have to earn something so they can provide for themselves and have something to get up and do every day rather than sit around and waste away doing whatever you do watching video games in your pajamas in your parents basement. They don’t want that.

So they let these Taiwanese firms and others come in and build these massive factories but nowhere near the cities. If you get a new iPhone, if you order a new product and you follow the tracking, take a look at where it comes from and actually use a package tracking app to find out. Cities of origin that you have never heard of and on the map there’s nothing there. And then for these outposts you’ll end up in Shenzhen or some other major exporting city where FedEx and UPS have their departure airports.

But the stuff is actually made in undeveloped parts of China that part of the deal is these people build the factories which will employ the workers to keep the workers out of the city. They’re overcrowded. So the ChiCom guy, he’s got his own economic problems, and while he’s doing all this, he’s got to maintain rigid communist control over everybody who dissents. So if you’re in Tibet you’re gonna get the crap kicked out of you if they catch you.

If you practice a religion in China and they find out about it, you go to jail. You just don’t hear about this anymore because — (interruption) What? Who? Oh. Well, no, wait. Mr. Snerdley is asking me, “This mild-mannered kind of short, soft-spoken Chinese leader Xi Jinping is actually Mao Tse-tung?” He has amassed Mao-style power. No one knows yet if he’s going to start exhibiting or exhorting this kind of power.

You know, Mao’s cultural revolution where if you believed the wrong thing they sent you away to a reeducation camp where you essentially got assassinated. They give you a couple of days to renounce your anti-Chinese beliefs, and if you won’t, it’s off with your head and they feed you to the nearest dragons or what have you. No, we don’t know that he actually is Mao, but he has now amassed the kind of power that Mao had, which we don’t have anything like that in this country.

We don’t have a singular person with that kind of power. Putin does, at least he’s on the way to it and wants to have. Anyway, I gotta take a break here. I’m a little bit long. But whole point of this is, folks, that the ChiComs and the Russians are constantly infiltrating, trying to. My point is that they have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams in infiltrating American education. But they cannot rig an election like the media wants you to believe.

Why did you not hear about any of this before the election, by the way, folks? Why were the media and the Democrats not worried about Russian collusion before the election? Remember, they thought they were gonna win. They didn’t want her victory tainted with anybody thinking that the Russians had engineered it. It was only after she lost that they ginned this thing back up to full speed. But before the election when they thought they were gonna win, there wasn’t any talk about the Russians determining the winner. They were trying to connect a few small dots that Trump was colluding with the Russians, but they weren’t worried about it except that it indicated Trump was a traitor.

But there wasn’t any fear that it was gonna matter. They wouldn’t dare allude that it mattered because that would taint Hillary’s eventual win. Well, my point is, they don’t even believe it. They don’t even really believe the Russians colluded. That’s why they had to make it up in the dossier! They had to pay for it, make it up, pay for it to be written, all of this is a crock of lies like you’ve not seen before!


RUSH: This is Terry in Louisville. Great to have you with us. How are you doing?

CALLER: Rush, it’s a great honor. Gosh. When I have the opportunity to listen to your show during the week, I’ll thrilled. But being able to talk to you live? (chuckles) Oh, my God, I’m just over the moon.

RUSH: Well, thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: I wanted to ask you — you’ve talked a little bit about this today — about the social media hearings and Facebook, Google, Twitter. You know, while I’m enjoying all the left’s distractions, there’s so much focus on this from a Russian angle and from an advertising angle. But, you know, where’s CNN and MSNBC and —

RUSH: I’ll tell you: They’re not reporting it because they don’t want you to know what these executives and lawyers are testifying to.

CALLER: Yeah. I just… Well, you know, there was so much more disinformation on these social media outlets than just ads. I mean, people don’t even… You know, I looked at some of the numbers today they were putting out, and the number of people that clicked on these ads was so small and some of these ads were just very small.

RUSH: That’s what the Facebook guy said. The Facebook guy said that the ad content was four thousandths of 1% of all the content on Facebook and that all of the Russian ads were placed after the election, and they were ads designed to sow discord with Trump. We’ve been lied to. The ads did not appear in great number before the election, and they weren’t trying to hurt Hillary! You’re being lied to by the media, and now because these people testifying are telling the truth about what happened, the media is ignoring it.

CALLER: Wow. Yeah, I mean, they’re just not talking about it. You know, when I think back to all of the other, you know, real sources that were putting so-called information out there, it just dwarfs anything that the Russians would have been doing anyway. So I —

RUSH: What is your main concern about social media? What is the point that you’re trying to make about it. You’re talking about something beyond ads here, what is it?

CALLER: Well, I think, you know, I have a lot of friends who say they get all of their news from Facebook.

RUSH: Yeah. I know that, too.

CALLER: That scares me. (laughing) I mean, if I see anything of interest on Facebook — and, you know, especially a news article, right? A news article isn’t normally in the form of an advertisement, right? You get news fed to you based on —

RUSH: Some of them are now.

CALLER: Yeah. But typically you get news —

RUSH: A lot of news stories are presented as ads now, as a means of buying placement.


RUSH: It’s not just on Facebook but on the internet. So you’re worried about the impact of all this lying crap that is passed off as news on social media? That’s your point?

CALLER: Well, I’m more worried that they seem to be focused on the Russian angle specifically and not all the other stuff —

RUSH: Who is focused on the Russian angle?

CALLER: The Senate.

RUSH: Oh! Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Well, yeah. The Democrats in the Senate are because they’re trying to fulfill the dream they’ve got that Hillary actually won the election. Okay. Now that I know… Okay. I have to take a break here, but I will explain this when we get back.


RUSH: She’s frustrated with the Senate focusing on Russia. I’m frustrated with the media not giving it up. But I’ll tell you, Laura: They’re not going to. It’s all they’ve got. They’re not gonna give this up. If Trump’s in office for eight years, they’re not going to give it up.

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