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RUSH: Cobleskill, New York, this is Tom. Welcome, sir. Great to have you with us.

CALLER: Great. Hi, Mr. Limbaugh. It’s a great honor.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: First, my main question is, if Jeff Sessions doesn’t follow through and do anything else, is there anybody above him or another recourse that they can take to go after her. And the second part of the question is, have you changed your mind at all or if she will ever see the inside of a jail cell or at least be indicted?

RUSH: Oh, that’s a tough question. The last time I answered that I drew the ire of a caller who read the riot act to me claiming that I have influence and that if I say that I can never see her going to jail, then I am probably helping her stay out of jail.

CALLER: Oh, I remember that.

RUSH: Yeah. Well, that totally took me aback.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: You know, your first part of the question, if Sessions doesn’t want to do anything —

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: — is there anybody else who can? Yeah. The FBI can request of the DOJ anything they want. If the FBI wants to investigate some people they’ve gotta go to the DOJ for grand jury. The FBI can’t arrest and they can’t indict, so they have to work with the DOJ. The attorney general doesn’t pass buck on everything. There’s too much going on in the office. So, yeah, their underlings that could be approached. Something like this, though, the attorney general would no doubt weigh in on.

Now, Sessions is being distracted today because the Senate Democrats are saying that he wasn’t honest enough with them about Russia, and they’re demanding that he show back up and either answer more questions or submit more fully in writing additional answers. So they’re trying to keep him distracted and intimidated.

CALLER: Is there a Republican in Congress or anywhere that has a backbone anymore? I mean, it’s just despicable to hear this stuff every day, day in and day out and, you know, these people getting away with what they’re getting away with. If it was anybody else, they’d be locked up and thrown away the key.

RUSH: I hear your frustration. I share it, and I understand it. I’ve asked that question countless times myself. And it does appear that the only Republican that is willing to even talk about this from the right perspective is the president. The only one. As opposed to, again, reverse the situation. Every Democrat in the House and Senate would have found his way to a camera by now to weigh in on whatever Republican had rigged the primaries against the other Republicans.

If this story were Republican focused as this is and if — well, let’s say Trump. Let’s say Trump had arranged a phony intel deal to prove that Ted Cruz’s dad was with Lee Harvey Oswald. Let’s say that dossier had been created and it had been circulated and the media ran it. And then it was learned later that Trump had paid for it, every Democrat, every Republican since the Republicans are in the crosshairs, would have been finding a camera and microphone right now all ready to denounce it.

I think if you look at this Republican tax plan, you’ll see what problem still exists, and it is basically that conservative Republicans in Washington are still scared to death of the media, and to a certain extent still scared to death of Democrats. You can see it in the way they’ve constructed their tax bill. They are engaged in their own versions of playing class warfare. And I’m convinced it’s either that they have forgotten their own conservatism or that they aren’t conservative anymore or that they are trying to curry favor with the media and liberal Democrats by targeting the rich and other such class warfare things.

You boil it all down, we just don’t have, outside of the president, people with warrior type personalities. Because all of this seems to be a gigantic series of sitting ducks. I mean, with Hillary attempting to sabotage the presidential race. By the way, it’s not a crime, again, to collude with anybody. It requires a conspiracy to defraud or to break a statute.

But what Hillary did with hiring all these people with a cutout law firm to gin up false intelligence passed off as opposition research on Trump and now rigging the Democrat National Committee. And let’s not forget her illegal email server and the emails. What we have to remember is Comey has already exonerated her. Comey has already said that there won’t be any charges. I don’t know if that means that she’s immune because of double jeopardy or if they could reopen it. They could reopen it. Do we have the warrior types in place who want to? It doesn’t look like it.

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