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RUSH: Kevin Spacey is going to pedophilia rehab, is that right? He’s seeking pedophilia treatment? They’re not calling it pedophilia — well — I don’t know. The New York Times story: “Kevin Spacey to Seek Treatment as Sexual Accusations Grow.

You know, I don’t think this is winding down. Listen to this. “Man Describes Alleged Sexual Relationship With Kevin Spacey at 14 — ‘He tried to rape me.'” “Actor Seeking Treatment As Assault Accusations Grow.” “Piven –” that is Jeremy Piven “– Dropped From Late Show.” “Dustin Hoffman Faces Another Accuser.” “Corey Feldman Calls LAPD to Out Pedophiles.”

Paz de la Huerta

Harvey Weinstein Photographed With Massive Prescription Drug Haul.” And now another actress, Paz de la Huerta — did you guys ever watch Boardwalk Empire? Paz de la Huerta was on Boardwalk Empire. She portrayed an absolutely lunatic stripper. And there was full frontal nudity on that show, remember? Boardwalk Empire. And the two or three episodes she was in, the media went gaga. They thought, “Wow, this is a great actress.” She was mysterious and seductive, but it was the full frontal nudity that got everybody.

She’s now saying that Harvey Weinstein raped her and has scarred her for life, twice, yeah, and that he needs to go to jail. She says that he should never, ever be in the business again and maybe never be allowed to be around women again. But the New York Times does have this story that Kevin Spacey is seeking treatment as sexual accusations — the sexual accusations are pedophilia, right?

Mr. Snerdley came in here, “What’s the treatment for that?” I said, “You asking me? Like I know. Have no idea what the treatment is.” I mean, what do they do, show you a picture — I better stop. As I say, you know, it’s been a long week, folks. I’m in a giddy — which is when my boundaries are down — kind of state of mind here or mood, where everything is funny to me, even this Republican tax plan.

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