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Nov 1, 2017


“When you see the word ‘diversity’ in front of anything, you know the left is behind it. But the idea that diversity is defined by religion, skin color, sexual orientation, sexual choice, all this sort of stuff, is a dead giveaway as to the thinking and the motivation behind the creation of such policies.”

“The belief in the supremacy of Sharia law is where this is all centered. That’s where all the vetting should be aimed. That’s the threat. Islam in and of itself is not, but the idea of supremacy, Sharia law supremacy, that is and should be — it’s not — it should be the target of our vetting. That does pose a problem. And as they continue to migrate to America and expand their numbers, the problem gets exponentially larger at the same time.”


Here are some of the places I go to prepare for the show:





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