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RUSH: Politico reports that the Democrats. The Democratic National Committee is heading into 2018 in a “cash panic.” Donors are not giving money. The money problem is so bad that DNC operatives worry they won’t have enough to build their ground game for next year’s elections.

Now, the new chairman of the DNC is a wacko named Tom Perez, and he can’t convince people that the DNC has been rebooted.

For years, the identity of the DNC and their fundraising operation was so closely tied to Barack Obama and before that the Clintons, that they never developed a strong bench. And now that he’s out of office, Obama is keeping his DNC involvement to a minimum because he wants to get the money, not them!

Donors complain the DNC doesn’t have a message or plan to wi, and Democrats have lost a string of high-profile special elections like JonOssoff’s race in Georgia. One top donor says he’ll wait till they get “new blood.” Until then, he admits that he “can’t get motivated.”

Another longtime donor says: “You can’t just go to [donors] and say ‘Support me, I’m the DNC.’ You have to rebuild the credibility.”

That problem is beyond their ability to fix. The Democrats now stand for one thing — well, two things: Communism and they hate Donald Trump. And with all their hearts and minds and souls, they love communism and hate Trump.

Trump hatred may keep their comrades in the Drive-By Media in business but it’s not enough to win elections — or, apparently, raise money!

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