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RUSH: There’s a Fox News poll out there, and there’s a couple things in it. I don’t know if you’ve heard this. They did what’s called a generic ballot poll for House races. The Democrats are plus 15 in the generic ballot poll. What this means is, the Fox News pollsters have gone out there and surveyed their sample: “Who do you intend to vote for in the next congressional elections, Republican or Democrat?” No names. Just Republican or Democrat. It came back Democrats plus 15. There are some people very concerned, very alarmed at this.

It doesn’t seem to make sense. It just doesn’t seem to make sense, unless… The only way it makes sense is if Republicans versus Democrats does not include Trump in it. There is anger galore at the Republican Party. In that sense, it makes sense, particularly in the Senate, but also in the House. Remember 90% of Republicans voted for Trump. There isn’t any divide in the Republican Party among voters. If 90% voted for Trump, what do you think that 90% expects Republicans in the House and Senate to do?

Be on the same page with Trump. Now, if they’re not on the same page with Trump and then you run out and you do a generic ballot poll for congressional elections, Republican or Democrat — and if you’re not particularly happy with the Republicans right now — maybe that result wouldn’t surprise you. Who do you think should be concerned about this? Anybody? Or is it too soon and it’s nothing to worry about, it’s nothing to get all excited about yet? It’s way too soon? Are you…? (interruption) You think Republicans in the House and Senate better be paying attention to it.

Okay. Well, let’s add something else to this. If this poll is true, there is no way the Republicans cannot pass tax reform, because if they don’t, they are toast. If they don’t… Forget Obamacare. Well, I think you can’t forget it. It’s like cumulative. Nothing done on Obamacare, some other big Trump agenda items, no wall. I think voters are frustrated and if this tax reform thing doesn’t happen, the Republicans are in deep doo-doo if this poll is right. Here are some salient numbers.

Sixty-nine percent is upset about how much tax they pay personally. But that’s not the top frustration. Seventy-six percent are very or somewhat frustrated with the complexity of the system and the forms. Seventy-eight percent feel that way about the wealthy paying too little. So that’s why Trump’s not gonna cut their taxes. Right there it is: 78% are frustrated about the wealthy paying too little. So that right there is why Trump and the Republicans will not cut taxes for the upper 1%.

Eighty-five percent do not like “corporations using loopholes to avoid paying taxes.” Eighty-five percent are “frustrated the middle class is paying too much.” Now, this is what they… Oh, there’s one more. I’m sorry. There’s one more. The biggest rebuke is this: 90% are frustrated with the way government spends our taxes. That includes 56% who are very frustrated by that. So let’s go through this. Sixty-nine percent are upset about how much they pay personally. Fine. Seventy-six percent frustrated with the complexity. Fine. Seventy-eight percent feel the wealthy paying too little.

The top 1% are paying 40% of all income taxes. The top 10% are paying close to 60%. But obviously people don’t know this. Or not enough. The wealthy are paying far more than their fair share. Far more. Now, the problem is that even after the wealthy pay their fair share or more, they have a lot more money left off than the middle class does, and that’s what the middle class sees. The middle class sees how much money people have left after the pay their taxes and think, “That’s not fair! I’ve only got X left and they’ve got how much?”

This is a testament to how successful class envy as practiced by the Democrats has been. Seventy-six percent are “frustrated the wealthy pay too little” when the wealthy are paying almost all of it. Eighty-five percent don’t like “corporations using loopholes to avoid paying”? There’s no loopholes. Loophole is a tax law. Corporations don’t pay taxes, period. They’re able to recoup what they pay with increasing prices or any number of other things.

But people think the corporations are cheating is what this means. Eighty-five percent “frustrated middle class is paying too much.” The bottom 50% of wage earners in America pay nothing. The bottom 50% pay nothing — and some people who pay nothing get a refund, earned income tax credit. Yet, in the Fox poll, 85% think the middle class is paying too much, when the bottom 50% isn’t paying jack and the top 10% is paying 40% of all of it and the top 10%’s paying close to 60% of it.

So what people think is the exact opposite of what’s really happening. This explains the lingo that these tax cutters are using. It explains why the wealthy are gonna be exempted from a tax cut. It’s all right here in these numbers.

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