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RUSH: The NFL. Folks, big news here. The NFL thinks they have a brilliant idea to overcome problems. The National Football League thinks that ratings are on the decline because there’s too much football to watch, and so the National Football League — in order to stop the “plummeting NFL ratings” — is suggesting canceling 10 of next season’s Thursday night games. “Network executives are scrambling to solve the growing problem of crashing ratings for the National Football League, by cutting games to end the perceived ‘over-saturation’ of football on TV.

“To put an end to the sliding ratings, the executives are proposing that fewer games may be the ticket to stop that ‘over-saturation,’ with one idea being to cut Thursday Night Football by a whopping ten games. The idea to trim Thursday Night Football from 18 games a season to only eight was first reported by Sports Business Journal and was part of a plan to reverse the ratings crash …

“Those two moves would return 14 games to Sunday afternoons, strengthen the core product and potentially keep fans from suffering from football fatigue by Sunday and Monday night.” So let me ask you: Do you think that’s gonna fix their ratings problem? Do you know who has been leading this charge? See, I happen to know because I read everything. Do you know who’s leading the charge on football being oversaturated and too much of it being on Thursday night? Hint: It’s not the fans.

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