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RUSH: Nate in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I wanted to squeeze you in here, buddy. What’s up?

CALLER: Yeah. I just had a really simple question for you. You’ve danced around this topic and the answer to this question a lot throughout the show, but I’m wondering what is the solution to this level of corruption? If the top of the CIA, the top of the FBI, the top of the people that we trust to root out this corruption is corrupt, what do we out here in the real world — and as voters — do about it?

RUSH: Ah, it’s an excellent question. Were you being snarky when you said I’ve “danced around” it all day long but haven’t really gotten it?


RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: No. I think it’s a very complex question.

RUSH: It is! It is!

CALLER: Some other callers have brought up options.

RUSH: It is a great question, because we can’t go in there and get rid of these people. It’s a great question! My first objective is to inform everybody. I think that more informed people voting is one of the many things that needs to happen to change. But look, the simple answer to this — and it is simple — is stop voting for Democrats and leftists, and stop voting for traditional, tactical Washington establishment types. Even that is just a first step, but that’s the bottom line.


RUSH: That’s a really good question: “Why spend so much time on this? What can we all do?” Folks, I am not kidding. Stop… Not that you are, but more people: Stop electing Democrats. Stop electing liberals! As a blanket policy, it’s a win-win.

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