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RUSH: While I’m on the subject of it dossier… By the way, that’s another thing: Calling this thing a “dossier.” There are certain words that trigger certain impressions, like when they call a report a “white paper.” Do you know what a “white paper” is? Have you ever looked up “white paper” in the dictionary? (interruption) No, it’s not that. It’s just a report. (interruption) It’s not necessarily true. That’s not… (interruption) No. (interruption) I’m being told, “A white paper” doesn’t mention any names.” Where do you hear that?

See, this is fascinating to me. I occasionally… In fact, I’ve been approached. Back when I lived in New York, drivers would hand me op-eds that they had sent to the New York Times. “You need to see this! You need to see this. I sent it to the Times. You know, the Times’ foreign policy needs some assistance.” I said, “The Times’ foreign policy?” “Yes! The New York Times foreign policy. I sent this and you need to see it.” Another guy said, “Yeah, I just sent a white paper over to the New York Times.” “What do you mean ‘white paper’? ‘White paper’?” “I sent a white paper. A white paper is a… Well, it’s a white paper!”

What is a “white paper”? What is a “dossier”? You hear the word “dossier,” you think a collection of facts or data or information on people. But calling it a dossier was intended to give it credibility as an intelligence document. This thing is just a totally made-up piece of crap. It is just totally made up. I wish I had some more powerful way of explaining what this is. But here’s some more, a couple little things about the dossier. “Evidence suggests that Fusion GPS,” which was hired by the Clinton campaign… Well, the law firm hired Fusion GPS.

The Clintons hired the law firm; the law firm hired Fusion GPS. “Evidence suggests that Fusion GPS was also being paid by Russia while compiling the Trump dossier.” Now, you might say “so what?” Well, the “so what” is supposedly the dossier is to prove Trump-Russia collusion. So if that’s its purpose, then why are the Russians paying Fusion GPS to help put this thing together? What’s in this that is designed to make sure Trump wins? It’s just the exact opposite. This thing is to be taken seriously as an intelligence document, and it’s designed to destroy Trump.

Now, if the Russians wanted Trump to win, why would they play ball in this? Senator John McCain (Republican, Arizona) “‘was informed about the existence of the documents separately by an intermediary from a western allied [country]’ and ‘dispatched an emissary overseas'” I mentioned this in the first hour “‘to meet the source'” and to get a copy and bring it back to McCain so that McCain could give it to Comey in a one-on-one meeting on December 9th of 2016. So McCain’s involved in this. McCain saw this, desperately wanted it to be true, and personally sent somebody on a plane overseas to go get this.

“In addition, Fusion GPS sent their findings [i.e., the dossier] to the New York Times, the Washington Post, Yahoo, The New Yorker, and CNN,” and all of them refused to publish it. You know why? ‘Cause it’s bogus! There is not a single claim that could or has been verified, not a single claim! To this day, there’s nothing. But you might remember BuzzFeed did publish it. Later in the summer, BuzzFeed published it. BuzzFeed is a unit of NBCUniversal. (interruption) You didn’t know that? NBC owns BuzzFeed.

Yeah. BuzzFeed’s not just this bunch of Millennial super-hip computer freaks. NBC owns ’em and runs ’em. (interruption) What do you mean, “Let BuzzFeed get away with it”? Let BuzzFeed? They supported BuzzFeed! They had to pass on it. So BuzzFeed publishes this in its entirety with caveats all over the place: “We can’t verify anything in this. It’s been floating around Washington for three-to-four months now,” which it had been. It had been floating around all last summer. Thehe Drive-Bys were hoping somebody would run it. Finally, BuzzFeed decided to run it, ’cause everybody knew that BuzzFeed would be supported.

BuzzFeed knew they’d be defended. Everybody knew. The deal was — silent deal was — that nobody in journalism would go after BuzzFeed for doing this, not like they went after Brian Williams. BuzzFeed put all their caveats around it and then says (paraphrased), “This is so important, we don’t think you should be shielded. We think you, the American people, should see the kind of things floating around!

“Even though none of it can be verified, we think you deserve know. You have the right to know,” and so it got out there. Once it was out there, then it was fair game. Then the media could report on what BuzzFeed did, not Fusion GPS. They could report on what BuzzFeed did. That became the excuse for reporting on it. So there are any number of ways that this whole thing was set up and used. Here’s Beth in Newark. Newark, Delaware. Great to have you on the program. How you doing?

CALLER: Oh, very well. Thank you. Rush, what do you think…? Do you think the Justice Department’s gonna raid Hillary and Bill’s home like they did Manafort in the middle of the night?

RUSH: (laughing) No. She’s referring to the SWAT team FBI invasion of the home of Paul Manafort before the sun came up, his Virginia home.


RUSH: That was the Mueller team that did this, and we have learned that one of the — I think the number is 16 now — 16 lawyers/investigators on Mueller’s team is named [Andrew] Weissmann. He’s a very partisan Democrat who has a pattern, I think — almost an identity — for being responsible for these kinds of tactics against people who are targets and potential suspects, and that essentially is to concoct a SWAT team-type raid on the target or suspect’s home in the predawn hours. Nothing like this will happen in Chappaqua.

Nothing like this will happen wherever the Clintons call home in Washington, D.C. There’s something… I’ve been the looking for it here, and I don’t know that I printed it out. I have run into so much since last night. I’m gonna try to find it. It is that the Mueller investigation of Manafort really has nothing to do with Trump, that it has to do with Manafort’s dealings with — and this is where my mind is slipping — Democrats.

But I don’t remember the… (interruption) That’s right. That’s right. That’s right. The story is that the Mueller team conducted the SWAT team raid of Manafort because they’re investigating Manafort’s ties to the Podesta group. That would be Tony Podesta, the brother of John Podesta, who is the emaciated and skeletal former chief of staff for Bill Clinton. His brother, Tony Podesta, is not emaciated and not skeletal. He’s quite filled out.

He never has worked for an elected official per se, but he is every bit the powerbroker in Washington — think tanks and so forth — as his emaciated and skeletal brother, John Podesta, is. And that Podesta group, Tony Podesta’s group is being looked into, and Manafort may have some involvement there. There’s no real investigation of Manafort and Trump, according to this that I saw before the program started.

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