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RUSH: You know, this Corker eruption today, it happens… He’s a goner. It happens on a day that Trump is scheduled to go have a lunch to push tax cuts. What are the odds this is not coincidental, that it didn’t just happen? It’s a possibility. We have to consider it, which we will and have, when we get back.


RUSH: Trump and Republican senators have just come out of their big tax luncheon where they were having a confab on tax reform, and Trump is now addressing the media afterwards. We’re rolling on it. Anything of import and newsworthiness, we’ll have for you before the hour ends. And, yes, we’ll have some of Corker. We’ll review the Corker stuff for the entertainment value, although it’s… Look, I say “the entertainment value of it.” I look at this as just — as I said at the beginning of the program — part of an ongoing pattern. It’s the same thing every day.

There’s something like this that happens that the media focus on, and it’s usually something that pops up to show, “Mainstream people just can’t stand Donald Trump. Donald Trump is a reprobate. Donald Trump is a bull in a china shop! Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to be in the White House! Donald Trump is unfit for office!” It’s an ongoing pattern. It happens each and every day, and the people that want to get in the news (like Corker or others) level the charge, or some sequined, cowboy-hate-wearing Democrat congresswoman in Florida.

I kind of just hate falling prey to it and getting sucked into it, which is why I wait until the latter hours of the program to get into this stuff. Meanwhile, there are other things piquing my interest out there. But before I get to them specifically, this is an interesting review. If you look at the Drudge Report today and look at the headlines — and if you know how to do this, instead of seeing each headline individually and assessing it individually, what it means. If you’re able to see the pattern there — as, of course, I am able to — then a certain picture presents itself.

I have one, two, three, four headlines. We even have some audio sound bites to support one of these. In fact, Mike, find the Don Lemon sound bite. I think it’s number 6, if my memory serves. Yeah. Have number 6 standing by. Now, the National Football League is slowly sliding off of its pedestal. Yet another story today about massive audience loss, television audience, sum total during the season. It’s worse in certain markets for certain games, certain teams. The overall trend is bad. The NFL doesn’t have the slightest idea how to fix this, for a host of reasons.

I mean, it’s a leftist organization; that’s abundantly clear. I’m not talking about the individual owners. I’m talking about the corporate headquarters, and the thinking there is obvious leftist, and they don’t know. They literally don’t know how to deal with their problem because I don’t think they have any idea what that problem really is, just based on the way they’re addressing it. So you have that. You have Bob Corker melting down today from the pressure of dealing with Trump. And that’s how I see this.

I see Corker as representative almost of the media in the sense that he simply can’t abide this guy. Now, ostensibly, he was an early-on supporter but now he says (summarized), “I would never support Trump again. I can’t believe I ever supported him! This is horrible! This is embarrassing. This is bad,” just like the media. They’re just people are beside themselves, and they thought… You have to put yourself in their shoes to understand the frustration.

First, go back to what I said, what they all believed on election night, a month before the election, two months before, six months before, one year before. They thought Trump was gonna lose in a landslide. They thought Hillary was gonna win this thing so big that it wouldn’t even be a contest. Even before Trump got the nomination… I mean, if it was gonna be Ted Cruz, they didn’t want to win with Cruz as the nominee. They wanted Jeb, and Jeb never was in it, and so the establishment was never really into the contest.

The Republicans on the Capitol Hill were planning on losing! They were structuring themselves to be the opposition, the minority opposition. They expected to lose! On the left, they believed every stinking poll that showed them and big data analysis that told ’em Hillary had a 93% chance of winning, 95%. So we know what happened. They have thrown everything they have at Trump, and when you get right down to it, they haven’t made a dent, as they define it.

Now, they have retarded the advance of the agenda, and that’s a big dent. But they’re no closer to getting rid of Trump than they’ve ever been, and that remains their focus. They’ve thrown everything. Everything that has ever worked in getting rid of an elected Republican, they have thrown at Trump. That’s been the most intense destruct-and-destroy attempt I have seen in my lifetime that has been aimed and focused on one person.

I mean, it outdoes anything they did to Nixon, and Trump lives. Trump breathes. Trump is not unhinged. He’s walking around smiling, and he’s fighting back on every one of these assaults. They are beside themselves with frustration. Nothing they are doing is accomplishing what they want. Stopping the agenda? It’s way down on their priority list. Getting rid of Trump — and not just getting rid of him. Humiliating him, humiliating everybody that voted for him, humiliating everybody in his cabinet.

It’s a total effort at total destruction, and it’s failing big time. Meanwhile, what’s happening on their side? The NFL sliding slowly off the cliff. Corker melting down from the pressure of dealing with Trump — and that personifies a whole bunch of people meltin’ down. Don Lemon is melting down every night on CNN. Members of the Drive-By Media have been melting down for a year. Now, all of a sudden, a couple or three House committees have decided to investigate the Clinton uranium deal which will include Obama.

That’s not good! The stock market is soaring. Unemployment is down. Illegal aliens getting into the country? Fewer. All of the outward signs, the visible signs of economic progress are there and occurring each and every day, without a single Democrat being in power. Do you know that even the number of people on food stamps is down? A significant drop in the number of people on food stamps. The news is good, is the point. The news is good! That’s why you’re not seeing it.

That’s why you’re not seeing it. The media’s not even paying attention to the economic news. They’re not even trying to talk you out of a good economy like they normally do during a Republican presidency because they’re too busy trying to literally take Trump out. Now, watch these four stories. “Democrats Are Calling Psychologists to Talk about Trump’s Mental Health,” and here’s the story. It’s at BuzzFeed. “Some Democrats are reaching out to renegade mental health experts, some of whom are getting into political organizing and campaign fundraising with the aim of removing Trump from office.”

Democrats are actually seeking psychologists who have never seen Trump — never analyzed, never diagnosed, never nothing — to comment publicly on Trump’s unfitness for office. They think that this is going to work. All it’s gonna do is satisfy the already insane and unhinged members voting for them already. This is not the kind of thing that builds and grows and transcends across party lines. CNN: “Don Lemon Weeps on the Air.” “Activists Are Going to Scream at the Sky on Election Day.” Democrats and progressives who lost the election are still working through their frustration.

On the one-year anniversary of the election, they’re gonna go outside and look at the sky and start screaming bloody murder. And, Mr. Snerdley, have you heard about this? Stevie Wonder… (interruption) Have you heard about this? He performed the national anthem on his knees. I haven’t clicked on the headline so I don’t know where, and I don’t know what the occasion. But this is a crackup. We are watching, we are witnessing a liberal crackup.

Don’t misunderstand. We still have liberal orthodoxy, progressive orthodoxy as the defining element of American culture. Now, look at this. The number of times that I’ve brought this up, and I have people sending me emails, “You know, you’re crazy. You’re focusing on one or two little isolated incidents. You’re trying to make this thing bigger than it is, and it’s nothing going on. You need to be honest with people.” Every time I say that there is a coordinated attack on male masculinity, I have people telling me to get serious and get real, that I’m overreacting.

I never overreact. I’m on the cutting edge. I see things when they begin, before they get to the size they’re going to be, and I warn everybody about it. This is called “being on the cutting edge of societal evolution.” Here’s the headline, and it’s from a website called The Cut. “The Men Taking Classes to Unlearn Toxic Masculinity — For some time, Stephen Hicks had felt like something was off. ‘My relationship ended, then a lot of things started collapsing in front of me,’ Hicks says.

“He began attending therapy, which made him realize that he needed to make a bigger change: ‘I wasn’t doing really terrible things, but I also wasn’t being the most ideal Stephen I could be,’ he says. ‘The bar is really lowered for cisgender guys.'” Do you know what “cisgender” means yet? You ever heard of “cisgender”? Well, there’s transgender, and there’s post-gender. Cisgender, C-I-S, means you are how you were born. So if you were born a guy, you’re a cisgender male.

If you were born a female but became a guy with an addadictomy, you have become a transgender male. So the butchering of the language continues. “Okay, you’re born a guy.” “No, no! You’re cisgender.” You might become transgender sometime. You’re cis, C-I-S, gender. This guy says, “‘The bar is really lowered for cisgender guys,” meaning, you don’t have much room to play around before people get mad at us.

“So earlier this year, Hicks signed up for the pilot Rethink Masculinity class, a partnership between the Washington, D.C., Rape Crisis Center, Collective Action for Safe Spaces, and ReThink, an organization that works to prevent sexual assault. The program bills itself as a class where men ‘learn how social constructs of masculinity harm them and the people around them, and work to construct healthier masculinities.’ Or, as Hicks puts it, ‘It was eight weeks of guys discussing how they can address their actions with better self-awareness and less toxicity.'”

In other words, these guys are willfully signing up to be talked out of being men.

“‘We spoke of emotional labor, consent, violence, communication, empathy, and vulnerability,’ he adds, noting that the last subject, in particular, was a struggle for him: ‘[I was] trained and conditioned to be tough growing up.'” What these guys are learning is that “toxic masculinity” prevents you from being vulnerable, and you had better fix it — and the way you fix it is to show your vulnerability. How do you do that? I’m just asking you a question.

If somebody said to you that you could improve yourself by sharing or display or expressing your vulnerability, how would you do it? What would you do? Do you know, Mr. Snerdley? What would you do? (interruption) Well… (interruption) Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! This is far more than crying. This is far more than crying! To express, to display your vulnerability — and this is with women, by the way, but not just women.

But it means that when you are talking to a woman, you need to immediately share your weaknesses and your fears and your self-doubts, and this will attract her to you (theoretically) like nothing ever could. If you run around and you tell her that you’ve been hurt and how and how it’s preventing you from opening up because you don’t like being vulnerable, so you mask it with a tough guy, “I don’t care about attitude,” and she’ll run for the hills! But if you tell her that you are the product of so much hurt and so much pain (sobbing), and you’re open to it now, and you are aware of it, and you’re not afraid of it because you’re meant to suffer?

That’s what vulnerability is.

The theory is that women will swarm you — and in this, you release your toxic masculinity. Now, I have a clue for you guys that are talked into doing this. Don’t do it. Do not do it. The exact opposite of what you’re being told is what is going to happen to you. Women are gonna run for the hills. There is this belief that women love hurt, damaged, troubled, and vulnerable men because they need to shield them and protect them and take care of them. Uhhhh. If you’re paying a woman to be with you, then it’s okay to do that, because she’s gonna stay where she is when did you leave. But outside of that, I don’t think so.


RUSH: Audio sound bite number six. This is Don Lemon. This is another one of my examples of the liberal crackup — and, look, don’t misunderstand. It is happening. These people are going nuts. I’m not saying that they’re losing. They’re on the way. They’re ripe, and I’m just gonna keep giving you examples of it each and every day. There’s no need, there’s no sense in not taking advantage of this. This was last night on CNN. Don Lemon read an open letter that he wrote to Trump about his phone call to the widow of Sergeant La David Johnson.

LEMON: Your tweet this morning essentially called her a liar. Mr. Trump, please stop it. Please, stop. Think of what Sgt. Johnson would want. If Myeshia Johnson is mad at you, take it, just as President Bush and others did. Mrs. Johnson, since the president seems incapable of finding the right words, let me speak for the entire country. As a black man, I’m always looking for role models who look like me, and the latest one I found was your husband, La David. May he rest in peace, and may you find piece when you can finally get a good night’s sleep knowing that this is America. We got your back. Believe that. Signed, me, Don Lemon. (chokes up) Sorry. I’m sorry.

RUSH: He began crying there on CNN. He felt the need to apologize on the widow on behalf of Trump — who, of course, is it an ogre and a barbarian and is incapable of empathy or sensitivity. But did you notice what Don Lemon said here? What’s the one thing he said here, Mr. Snerdley, that you picked up on? (interruption) “If Myeshia Johnson is mad at you, take it, just as President Bush and others did.” Just “take it as President Bush and others did.” Just “take it.” Bingo! “When we’re mad at you, president, just take it! That’s what your role is.

We get to destroy you every day, and you’re supposed to take it, President Trump. Just take it! Never mind that the whole thing might have been a setup. Never mind that the way Trump is characterized in this is erroneous. No, no. You lie about him, Don? He’s supposed to “take it.” You join in an effort to destroy the man, and he’s supposed to “take it,” and thereby we learn the rule of the Drive-By Media and the Washington establishment. You are to “take it.”

You are not to respond, and you certainly aren’t to fight back. You are to “take it.” If a citizen gets mad at you — even if it’s because we’ve lied to the citizens about you — you should just “take it,” Mr. President. And then the presumptuousness of Don Lemon with an audience of maybe a hundred thousand people claiming the mantle and responsibility of speaking for America! Well, this is who they are. I wonder, when did he graduate from unlearning toxic masculinity?


RUSH: Oh, no, there’s lots more toxic masculinity to go here. The vulnerability is just one thing. But I’m running out of busy broadcast moments here. There’s a story in The Week. Headline: “Trump Voters Are Not Animals to Be Studied by Elitists on ‘Safari.’” This story comes as a result of the Drive-Bys sending reporters out to America to witness Trump voters in the wild. The Drive-Bys don’t know who they are. Folks, the Washington establishment — do not doubt me on this — still can’t fathom this. So they are sending reporters out to study Trump voters in the wild, and a guy named Matthew Walther resents it.

“My home in rural Michigan is apparently somewhere in the northeastern quadrant of a vast rectangular expanse called ‘Trump’s America,’ a one-of-a-kind admission-free zoo teeming with strange untamed beasts, exotic flora, and a handful of mostly thankless wardens. Since last November, we have had any number of scientifically minded visitors. The Atlantic recently reported on the ‘safari’ efforts of five researchers from Third Way, the centrist liberal think tank responsible for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign platform.

“Before that there was Mark Zuckerberg, who this summer reminded himself there are such things as non-driverless cars while looking at bratwursts as if they were glowing polyps surgically removed from the corpse of the titular monster in The Thing. HuffPo even sent a busload of experts to visit 23 of our cities. It’s not clear to me what any of these [people] hoped to find. Why President Trump won the election?

“The antidote to ‘fake news’? The secret to political success? The first thing anyone who talks to Americans who are not part of the bicoastal political allegiance industrial complex finds is that neither of our major parties, in theory or in practice, is representative of most people’s views or aspirations. “Trump’s America contains multitudes.” Therein lies the interesting aspect of this. This guy is a witness to the media “safaris.”

They’ve actually sent reporters out to try to find out, “Who are these people?” and they are finding out that these people don’t have anything in common with the media on the east or Left Coasts, and they don’t know how to deal with it. It’s literally foreign to them. Remember, folks, I’ve pointed out numerous times, the media does a story… My favorite example is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act in Indiana. They portray everything that outrages them as if the whole nation is outraged.

They have this arrogance about them that whatever they think is representative of the majority of the country, and their learning that may not be because Trump won and they can’t make people who voted for Trump hate Trump. It’s not workin’. So they’ve ventured out to say, “Who the hell are these people?” It’s like it’s a zoo, and they’re finding out who they are. They think, “There’s a few people that don’t like the media, but it’s not a majority,” and they’re finding out there are multitudes of people, and they’re having trouble dealing with it.

But it’s never gonna get to the point where they will think they have to modify. It’ll never get to the point where they think they’re missing the boat or doing something wrong. This disconnect between people who live and breathe and work in Washington and the population centers of the Left Coast and the rest of the country is this disconnect is bigger and the gap is wider than it’s ever been. And to me, that represents even more of an opportunity.

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