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RUSH: Did you see this? Ha! Columbia University. They’ve got a football team. The football team is a doormat every year. The football team is a cupcake. Guaranteed, if you’re a university and you want to win a game, pay Columbia to put them on your schedule. Having Columbia in is like having a Division 2A team come in — and the people at Columbia love that. The faculty and the administration at Columbia University love the fact that the football team’s horrible because it shows that Columbia is a member of the academic club of intellectual pursuits and not some jock haven.

Well, there’s a problem. Hee-hee-hee. “Columbia Football Keeps Winning. Some Fans Aren’t Happy About It,” and it made the New York Times! That’s how we know. Quick: What is the mascot of the Columbia football team? Does anybody know? I mean, we have football fans galore here and nobody knows. It’s the Columbia Lions. You know where Columbia is, right? You know which one it is? (interruption) No! No, no, no, no. Way, way… (interruption)

Yeah, where all the drug deals go down. Way, way up there on the Upper West Side. You want…? (chuckles) Just walk across the street from campus, whatever you want. Big tower up there. Columbia journalism. This is where Ahmadinejad went to make his speech, and he said there aren’t any homosexuals in Iran (laughing) and the students all started laughing. Ahmadinejad said, “Oh, do you know some? Could you tell me where they live?” (laughing)

Anyway, “When the Columbia Lions football team snapped its infamous 44-game losing streak on Oct. 8, 1988, Michael Rosenthal was among thousands in the stands who stood and cheered, ‘We won!’ … Almost 30 years later, as the school is forging its best football season in recent memory, going 6-0 after the weekend’s 22-17 win over Dartmouth, some Columbians are” not happy. They are not happy about this. …

“Jill Levey, a New Jersey fund-raising consultant [said], ‘When my husband told me that Columbia had beaten Penn, I said, “That’s bad news.” When I went to Columbia, we prided ourselves on being anti-football and pro-intellectual. Can’t we retain our pride in being anti-athletic intellectual nerds?'” The story makes the New York Times! They’re upset the football team’s winning at Columbia. No matter where you look, there are implosions large and small happening on the left.

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