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RUSH: The Harvey Weinstein sex abuse scandal has mushroomed. This week, 140 women in California politics published a letter detailing the “pervasive” culture of sexual mistreatment in their line of work.

Twenty-six women from the legislature signed it. They say fear and shame prevented them from speaking up until now. Plus, the men who harass them are their bosses, their political contacts, and “gatekeepers.” Remaining quiet was “crucial” for their careers.

The Los Angeles Times asked California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon for a comment. “It is widespread, in politics, in journalism, in academia, in entertainment and too many places,” he said, “and it has to stop.”

Journalism, academia, entertainment, California politics, it looks like they have something in common. They’re all run by liberals.

Meanwhile, another ironic twist to the Harvey saga comes from a close friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, creator of Designing Women. She wrote a piece for The Hollywood Reporter titled: “Lessons from Witnessing Four Decades of Harassment in Hollywood.” She says she warned top-level Democrat operatives not to allow Harvey to host political fundraisers. Her warning, she said, fell on deaf ears. Yet she gives Bill Clinton a pass though he taxed her “feminist conscience.” Ahem. She believes to this day that Clinton’s “sexual misconduct” was “none of our business.”

But they didn’t listen to her. They hired Harvey anyway. How does that make her feel?

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