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RUSH: I’m reading show prep today, and there’s some asinine story that Trump has a stand-in for Melania, that Melania hates Trump, hates what he’s doing, so Trump has had to go get somebody that looks like Melania to accompany him. You know the source for it? Twitter! ” Social media is saying,” and a conspiracy is born. When did Twitter become a source authority? Well, we know when it became a source authority. So some lunatic on Twitter claims that Trump’s got a model that looks like Melania!

But they are picking apart her appearance. “It’s not really her because the sunglasses are so big and the skin tone’s not the same!” So they’re convinced that Trump is having marital problems and having to go in and find a stand-in, body double for Melania — and the source authority for this is Twitter, and it’s in the mainstream media.

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