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RUSH: Once again coming to you, my friends, from the Left Coast, Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network — and stand by a moment, folks. I need to raise the line audio. I cannot hear a thing of the… Keep it up. Keep it coming. Keep it coming. Ratchet it up. Ratchet it up! Keep going. There we go. It’s the old mix-minus problem. No matter… Now, take it down a little bit. No matter how it tests before the program… That’s good. No matter how it tests before the program, it never is the same on the air.

We’ll be back in the friendly confines of the EIB Southern Command tomorrow. You know, it’s interesting when you have a day off. Now, look at what happened yesterday. I got up and I had to fly out to the Left Coast for an event yesterday afternoon and evening. And I’m reading the news, and I see all this kerfuffle about Trump and the Democrat congresswoman in Florida and the supposed Trump insensitivity to the family and the mother, and I’m saying, “You know, I’m really glad I don’t have to deal with this today.”

Now, don’t draw any incorrect conclusions from this, because my mind was focused on… You know, when it’s not a workday, the performer’s ego switches to other things. I said, “Man, this stuff is just outrageous,” and the assumptions that are made about Trump in order for people to say these things are what fascinate me. So having a day away and yet consuming the news but not having a day of speaking about it, commentating on it or anything, I once again started analyzing things and put them in a perspective.

With a, as I say, day away from actually staying in the loop and commenting on it. And I note some trends. And they’re subtle, the differences and the changes are subtle. The current leftist agenda is a very dedicated but subtle attempt… They have moved off Russia, if you’ve noticed. Now, it’s still lurking there in the shadows, but the Russia thing appears to be falling apart, especially with a revelation here. This is from The Daily Caller:

Congress “is investigating whether or not the Obama Department of Justice” used that phony, fraudulent, totally made-up Trump dossier to get a FISA warrant. Now, we’ve been told that John Brennan (CIA director for Obama) and Clapper (the director of national intelligence) and Comey, when they saw the Trump dossier, they said, “Whoa!” And they used it as the “basis…” That was the exact word that Brennan used. It was the “basis” to begin this whole investigation of Trump.

Never mind that none of it has been verified — literally none of it — and much of it has been shown to be flat-out false, whether intentionally or not. The whole thing is literally made up. This is the famous golden showers Trump dossier. We find out that that, they said to us, was the basis. (impression) “It was so outrageous that if any of this was true,” they said, “we need to get to the bottom of it.” Now, anybody with half a brain and anybody with any common sense would realize it wasn’t true, and I don’t believe for a moment that Brennan thought any of it was true.

I don’t for a minute believe Comey thought any of it was true — and if they did, these people are more demented with poisoned minds due to partisanship than we can even imagine. I think they saw an opportunity. They are the establishment. They are the club. They have the power, and they can turn anything they want into something meaningful, at least they can try to. If they really believe this, that’s a whole other ballgame. I don’t believe they did, but I do believe they saw it as an opportunity.

But now what we’re learning — and I guess this follows — is Congress is looking into whether the Obama Department of Justice (that would be Loretta Lynch) used this Trump dossier to go secure a FISA warrant. Now, it’s one thing for the CIA and Brennan and these deep state guys to be looking into a phony series of events and then leaking a bunch of lies to the media in the hopes of discrediting Trump and getting rid of him. It’s quite another to take something as bogus and false and made up as this was — is — to the FISA court and get a surveillance warrant based on it.

(thump) I’ve gotta remember… (thump) When I pound the table out here it reverberates all across America. Forgive me on this, folks. I’ll do my best to remember this. There are operational differences here, operational habits formed in the EIB Southern Command, which do not hold here. (thump) See, I did that on purpose but I’m gonna talk myself out of it. “The House and Senate are investigating whether the Obama [Regime] used intelligence…” There isn’t any intelligence in this thing! They “used intelligence in a salacious ‘Trump dossier’ as ‘evidence’ before a secret federal…”

It’s FISA. They don’t even say that. It’s FISA. Everybody knows what FISA is now, so why not just say that? “[B]efore a secret federal surveillance court to obtain permission to spy on Donald Trump campaign aides and later his transition team. … The FBI used the dossier to secure permission to monitor the communications of Trump associate Carter Page, based on U.S. officials briefed on the Russia investigation, CNN reported in April.

“The latest inquiries began Oct. 4, when the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence subpoenaed Fusion GPS, a political opposition research firm based in Washington, D.C.,” hired by the Democrats who were instrumental in creating this phony, totally made-up dossier. Now, if it turns out they’ve used this to go get a FISA warrant? (sigh) This is the lowest of the low, using this fake, phony thing in order to get warrants to spy on Trump and his campaign aides — and don’t believe it wasn’t to include Trump.

Here’s the point of this. I didn’t mean to get distracted that long. That’s what the whole “get Trump” movement began with, all this Russia stuff. But there has been a subtle change in focus, and the reason is that there’s nothing there. After almost a year now of lies from the deep state and leaks that were treated as gospel by the Drive-By Media, they’ve got nothing. So they’re subtly switching now, and the direction they’re now taking at the establishment is to make Trump look like he’s lost his faculties.

See, Russia isn’t trending anymore. Russia, it isn’t working. Russia has lost its impetus. As our buddy Mark Steyn says, There aren’t even any Russians in the Russian investigation. They can’t find any Russians that anybody can find who colluded with anybody, other than the ambassador who had lunch every day with everybody. But beyond that, there aren’t any Russians. So the Russia thing turns out to be a bust, and there are elements of it starting to backfire on Comey and others, now with that Hillary investigation.

That found basically before he even interviewed her, he declared his determination the case and her innocence. The Russia thing is blowing up in front of their faces, it’s losing its impetus, and it’s lost the cache it once had with even the Never Trumpers, because nothing’s come of it. So they have moved directions to “Trump is nuts, Trump is unhinged, Trump is insane.” It shows up now in every commentary. It shows up in every talking point. It shows up in every story. It’s all day, just like the Russia stuff was. It’s all day on PMSNBC and it’s all day on CNN.

And yet, whenever Trump appears in public (which he has done regularly and routinely and often this week), he doesn’t appear to be unhinged. He doesn’t appear to be disturbed, bothered, upset. He doesn’t appear to be deranged. He doesn’t appear to be any of that. He exhibits none of the characteristics that the Drive-By Media says with their associates (like Democrat Congresswomen and so forth) who are making these claims. But there’s no evidence.

When Trump appears in public, he doesn’t look isolated like they say. I mean, they paint a picture of Trump walking the hallways of the White House under cover of darkness speaking to portraits of all the former presidents asking them how they got through it. Nothing of this is happening, the picture they want you to believe. Millions of people do not think Trump is nuts, unhinged, insane, losing it, or anything of the sort.

Millions of people believe just the opposite, in fact, that it’s the other people that are coming unglued, that it’s the establishment, that it’s the Democrats, that it’s the Drive-Bys, that it is their sources and acolytes. They’re the ones coming unhinged, and they’ve been unhinged for a while. They’re the ones who are unglued. They’re the ones who have… Obviously, they’re very disturbed. They cannot believe — still to this day — what has happened, and what they really can’t believe is that they haven’t been able to do anything about it.

They’ve fired every weapon they’ve got with every bit of ammo they’ve got, and nothing is getting rid of Trump, and nothing is really derailing the Trump agenda other than some recalcitrant Republicans. But even the Trump agenda is moving forward. Have you seen the unemployment numbers, folks? The fewest jobless claims since 1973. Those of you who were adults or teenagers in 1973, what car were you driving? Do you remember? (interruption) Did you have a car in 1973? (interruption) You’re not gonna admit your age.

Did you have a car in 1973? (interruption) Did you? (interruption) Remember was it was? (interruption) I can’t hear you, but you remember what it is? (interruption) Okay. I remember what my car was in 1973. I had no business buying it, but I bought it. It’s a good test, that that’s how far long ago this was, 1973. This is the fewest number of jobs claims since 1973, and the headline here (this from Bloomberg News, and they’re not happy about it): “Fewest Jobless Claims Since ’73 Show Firm U.S. Job Market

“Filing for unemployment benefits plunged last week to the lowest level since 1973 as workers affected by hurricanes Harvey and Irma continued to return to their jobs.” How’s that possible? Those hurricanes are supposed to have wiped out everything for 10 years, because Trump and FEMA didn’t get there to help everybody put it all back together. Remember that? Yet people are already going back to their jobs, which were lost for 10 years? “Jobless claims decreased by 22,000 to 222,000. The estimate was 240,000.”

So the usual shocked-and-surprised economists are part of the story. It’s “the lowest since March of 1973. The period included Columbus Day holiday, giving one less day to file claims. The continuing claims fell by 16,000 to 1.89 million. Key takeaways,” according to Bloomberg, “the larger than projected decrease in claims probably reflected difficulty adjusting for the Columbus Day holiday.” Oh, that’s why? One holiday gave ’em a problem here in figuring all of this out?

“At the same time, the report showed further declines in claims in hurricane-affected states. The storms initially led to a spike in applications in Texas and the southeastern U.S. in late August and early September.” Remember when we had unemployment numbers that were released during the Obama administration and then were quietly revised upward later on? We haven’t had news like this: The economic sentiment that people feel, the optimism that’s out there, and the economic growth that’s taken place.

We got economic growth happening at percentage rates that we never saw, maybe one quarter in seven years or eight years with Obama. The point about this is that the circumstances people encounter living their lives are on the uptick. They are improving. And there is talk of tax cuts, tax reform. There’s talk of not giving up on repealing/replacing Obamacare. So when you take a day off and you look at all of this — and all I did was absorb it without having any outlet to comment on it — it is obvious who’s coming unglued here. And it’s obvious who’s losing their cookies. And it’s obvious who’s becoming unhinged.

The Democrats.

They’re very keen. Mental instability is the only chance they have to remove Trump now. The 25th Amendment, yeah. I think what’s happening here is every time Trump goes out, gives an interview, talks to the media, he proves that he’s anything but insane. He proves he’s not unhinged. He gives living evidence that the allegations about him are BS. Then when you factor in the possibility that the Republicans in the Senate are gonna go along with him and get some stuff passed such as tax reform, giving him some cover?

If they get this tax reform done before the end of the year, the economy explodes. Like I’ve said, if they just work with Trump for three months — even if they don’t even mean it, but just make it look like there is unity to advance that agenda — it’d nail the Democrats in the minority for a generation, for 25 years. You remember Trump’s little impromptu presser with McConnell? Did that look unhinged? (chuckling) It looked like a guy who likes very much what he’s doing. So we’re off of Russia and we’re now on to Trump as insane, Trump is unfit — which is what Hillary started with, if you recall.

That was what her original campaign thing was. “Elect me, because this guy’s unfit. Did you see what he said at the Access Ho”? Never mind Harvey Weinstein. We’ll deal that. Harvey’s my buddy and he raised a lot of money. We like Harvey. Did you see what Trump said on Access Hollywood?” And now Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, who I know, I’ve actually worked with, has now come out and written on this — I tell, the Democrats are having to circle the wagons in ways in which they have been hoping and praying Trump would have to.

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