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RUSH: A few weeks ago, I warned Senator Dianne Feinstein that California Democrats were mad at her. Leftists are ticked that she didn’t support Bernie Sanders, and doesn’t support single-payer health care. They got really mad when she said nice things about President Trump. They also think she’s losing it, she’s too old at 84.

But she is undeterred. After serving 25 years in the U.S. Senate, she just announced that she’s running again. Normally, that would clear the decks of all challengers. But not this time.

Kevin de Leon, the president of California’s state Senate, is primary-ing DiFi. He plans to milk – sorry, to tell – his personal story about how hard his immigrant mother worked, and what it was like to grow up in poverty, as opposed to Feinstein’s extreme wealth and privilege.

De Leon says he knows he’s taking on the political monarchy, but that he’s up for it.

You’d better be, sir. Just as I warned DiFi, let me warn you.

You’re about to find out what all your brave talk about your humble background is worth. Dianne Feinstein isn’t about to just roll over and head to Jurassic Park. Putting her out to pasture – you know, sending her to the glue factory – will require a knock-down, drag-out war against 25 years of accumulated federal political power.

And DiFi is an old-school Democrat. She knows how to fight even dirtier than you do. Her problem is remembering how.

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