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RUSH: Let me give you a couple headlines here for those of you in the climate change crowd. First one is from Ice Age Now from yesterday. “NASA Confirms Sea Levels Are Falling Across the Planet.” NASA’s own graphs and charts are reproduced here, and they demonstrate that sea levels are falling. Where’s the water going? It’s being locked up on land as snow and ice. Sea levels are falling. This is not supposed to happen, according to the climate change model.

This next story is very sad. How many of you have ever watched one of these videos — and they’re numerous now — Richard Attenborough narrated a couple. They’re produced by the BBC, and they show you various — Planet Earth. One of these episodes featured one of the most astounding things I have ever seen, and it involves penguins and the birth of new penguins. They’re in eggs and they hatch.

This is the most amazing thing. In Antarctica, to protect all of the eggs laid, a colony of penguins will huddle, thousands of them, in bitterly cold inhumanly survivable temperatures, for months to protect those eggs. Since penguins cannot tell each other apart by look, because they all look the same, each penguin has a different voice, for lack of a better description. They mate and the mates recognize each other by the sound of their chirping.

But the video, they had these filmmakers and they’re down there in their heated tents and whatever, and these penguins, thousands of them, in bitterly cold snow and wind sheltering and protecting each other and the eggs. And they rotate out so that those on the outside getting the brunt of the weather eventually move in to be protected. And those on the inside gravitate out. Well, given that, thousands of penguin chicks, babies, are starving in Antarctica. Mass starvation has wiped out thousands of penguin chicks in Antarctica.

You know why? “Unusually thick sea ice forcing their parents to forage further for food in what conservationists Friday called a ‘catastrophic breeding failure.’ French scientists, supported by WWF, have been studying a colony of 18,000 pairs of Adelie penguins in East Antarctica since 2010 and discovered only two chicks survived the most recent breeding season,” earlier this year. And they attribute the disaster to extensive sea ice.

Now, how can that be happening if there’s climate change and the polar ice caps are melting? Well, they aren’t. And the sea levels are not rising; they are falling. And once again, evidence arrives that totally blows massive holes through the lying, made-up political concoction of climate change, i.e., global warming.

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