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RUSH: Another thing I thought would be all over the media yesterday, but they really must be self-focused.  I had the perfect solution, the perfect crisis management idea for Harvey Weinstein.  You remember it, Mr. Snerdley?  Oh, yeah.  Well, guess what?  Once removed, it’s happened!  It actually has happened, once removed.  My idea for perfect crisis management, the perfect hire for Harvey Weinstein.


RUSH: Harvey Weinstein’s contract with his company allowed for sexual harassment, as long as it didn’t cost the company anything, as long as he paid for it personally. No, no. I’m not making it up.


RUSH: My second See, I Told You So was I thought a very clever theory, a very clever idea that I thought that would be so offensive to the left, although this is not why I announced the theory, but I thought they would be so outraged at this that they would be excoriating me left and right. And it is the theory that says if you’re Harvey Weinstein or any other man under siege the way he is, that you don’t need to go out and hire the highest reputed crisis PR company. You need to go hire the CEO of bimbo eruptions.

The CEO of bimbo eruptions could be of great service to Hollywood’s casting couch movers and shakers. Hillary Clinton is the expert in dealing with this. Hillary Clinton is incomparable. There is nobody that knows how to best destroy women who come forward with these allegations than Hillary Clinton. If you’re Harvey Weinstein and you want this to go away, you need to hire the woman who made it go away for the president of the United States, who made it go away for the entire Democrat Party. You need to hire the CEO of bimbo eruptions, and that is Hillary Clinton. There is nobody better.

Harvey and his ilk should not skimp. Hillary has led the most successful War on Women ever. She saved her husband’s name. She saved her husband’s governorship and presidency and the Democrat Party. You think Harvey Weinstein was a bully? You haven’t seen anything until you are a woman who claimed that Bill Clinton made a move on her and Hillary Clinton got involved. Hillary Clinton is the original bimbo eruptions bully.

And as the most cheated-on woman in America, you couldn’t do better in hiring somebody who knows exactly how you need it blamed on a vast right-wing conspiracy. You need it blamed on the conservative players of Hollywood or somehow for setting Harvey up, Hillary Clinton is the woman to do it. If there’s anybody who knows how to get rid of female attackers, women claiming that your husband sexually molested or abused them, it’s Hillary Clinton. You don’t need crisis PR. You need Hillary Clinton. And nobody refuted it. Maybe it’s so damn right on that the best thing they could do was just ignore it.


RUSH: I want you to think about something. These women in Hollywood, they hate Donald Trump. And so the men in Hollywood do too. See, it follows. If the women hate Trump, the men have to. And why do they hate Trump? Well, they claim what they hate — remember Trump and the Access Hollywood video, and he’s sitting there talking to Billy Bush about all things he as a famous person can grab and get away with it. And they hate that, they despise that, they have open anger each and every day about that.

Now, contrast that with what these women actually had happen to them by Hollywood liberal men. Meanwhile, the guy who got off that bus with Billy Bush talking about what he can get away with grabbing is in the White House having the time of his life, laughing himself silly, decertifying the Iranian deal, blowing up Obamacare. And, meanwhile, out in Hollywood the movers and shakers are knocking down and dying like flies.

This is the exact opposite of what was supposed to happen. Hollywood’s supposed to be triumphing over Trump, who is a pig. And instead it’s Hollywood being exposed for piggery while Trump defies all attempts to take him out and is thriving and having a great time. And, by the way, grab audio sound bite number 11. Last night on the syndicated entertainment show, when I started making jokes about Hillary Clinton being who you hire if you got women coming out of the woodwork claiming you raped them or abused them, there’s nobody better than Hillary Clinton to hire to destroy them. Listen to this report last night on Extra, the syndicated cable access show.

REPORTER: Weinstein and Weiner reports Harvey’s estranged wife is turning to Huma Abedin for support.

RUSH: Did you know that? Harvey Weinstein’s wife is the lovely and gracious Georgina Chapman, and she has turned to Huma, Hillary’s aide-de-camp and body girl, for advice on how to deal with this, ’cause Huma has her own experience with Carlos Danger, and she also has intimate awareness of how Hillary dealt with the things that happened to her via Bill. So I make jokes about these people, and they come true nine times out of 10.


RUSH: In Hollywood, look at what Harvey Weinstein has exposed. This goes beyond hypocrisy. Hollywood is the home of sexual harassment. Hollywood is the capital of sexual harassment and sexual abuse of women, and yet the Democrat Party — which owes everything financially to Hollywood and uses Hollywood to spread its so-called virtues and to inculcate people culturally… Look at the sewer that Hollywood is, and Harvey Weinstein has exposed it. And how many people have grown up hearing that it’s conservatives where the dirty old men are?

It’s the conservative men, these holier-than-thou Christian phonies! They’re the ones out there abusing women and having their kids rape women on college campus like lacrosse players. It turns out that it’s, once again, a total bunch of caca. The real perpetrators of the things the left claims to abhor are other leftists and Democrats, and nobody can hold a candle to ’em. Thirty victims so far and counting with Harvey Weinstein. He’s now being investigated by Scotland Yard, the FBI, Interpol, the NYPD, the LAPD.

Did I leave anybody out? Did I say FBI? I did. (interruption) Well, if the CIA were investigating, we wouldn’t know, and the same thing with the with the NSA. Will there be a Weinstein dossier? Can you imagine? The stuff they made up about Trump in that dossier could be written for real about Harvey Weinstein — prominent Democrat donor, prominent Democrat fundraiser, prominent Democrat bundler, frequent visitor to both the Clinton and Obama White Houses. And over here is Donald Trump, who is a piker compared to these people.

And they tried and are still trying to destroy Donald Trump on the basis of innuendo, and look at how many people… Yeah, the women are coming forward now, but look at how many years these abuses and violations of women have been routine in Hollywood, and nobody said a word. All the while, the perps in Hollywood and the victims in Hollywood are giving money to the very people telling lies about who actually engages in this kind of immoral, brutish behavior.

What is happening, folks — and you have to take this on faith, because you’ll never see it reported in the media. What’s happening here is the entire foundation of the phoniness that is liberalism is beginning to crumble now. The Democrat Party is in trouble, Hollywood is in trouble, the ideological elements of the National Football League as a major American corporate entity are in trouble. It’s been built on a house of cards anyway, but now it’s genuinely in trouble.

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