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RUSH: Governor Jerry Brown is on a collision course with President Trump and he just raised the stakes by signing a law declaring California a “sanctuary state.”

Under the new law, state and local police are restricted from cooperating with federal agents on immigration investigations and arrests. It’s outrageous.

But if Governor Brown and his Moonbeam Democrats thought the Trump Administration would simply bend over and grab the ankles, they thought wrong.

Thomas Homan, the Acting Director of ICE, immediately put California on notice. He said Governor Brown’s law undermines ICE from doing its job, which is federally mandated. He then announced a change.

Since they can no longer pick up illegal immigrants at jails and prisons, which are controlled environments, ICE will adapt. Now ICE will focus on grabbing illegal aliens from their neighborhoods and work sites, which will inevitably lead to collateral arrests.

And since the entire state has declared itself to be a sanctuary, Acting Director Homan issued another warning. Illegal aliens picked up in California will now most likely be detained in facilities outside the state, far, far away from family.

It turns out liberal politicians are not the only ones who can make life difficult for their opposition. The Trump Administration is up for the fight like they’re up for all fights. Something liberals are not used to seeing and don’t quite know how to deal with.

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