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RUSH: The liberals are having a tantrum out there, folks, over the Trump Administration’s Friday announcement that Obamacare’s birth-control mandates are being modified.

Under the new rules, employers can cite religious or moral objections and opt out of being forced to pay for birth control, including abortion-related pharmaceuticals. Put simply, the employer can no longer be strong-armed into violating their religious principles in order to stay in business.

The left is hysterical. Depending on the Drive-By-media outlet, hundreds of thousands or millions of women are suddenly “at risk.”

But at risk of what?

Nobody is denying birth control to women who want it. Nobody is attacking women, or attacking birth control – as the New York Times Editorial Board claims. The only issue is who will be responsible to pay for it. If women want to use it and their employer opts out of covering it they’ll pay for it themselves, as they’ve done for decades and as they should. It will still be on the market, available, and at their disposal. Or in their disposal, depending on… well.

The ACLU and other left-wing litigators are already promising court battles, which could ultimately backfire on them.

Our country was founded by people who sought religious freedom, the ability to practice one’s faith without interference or mandates from the government is enshrined in our Constitution. The Trump Administration restored that religious liberty to the American people, and for that they deserve praise.  But they are being ripped to shreds by anti-Constitutionalists, which happens every day in our country.

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