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RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, the next two items that I’m going to be discussing here, one of them for certain might be uncomfortable for some of you to listen to, it might offend you, and that’s never our intent here. It is going to involve discussions of a particular body area. It’s medical news, but as is everything in our country, it’s going to become politicized, if it hasn’t already.

And rather than just hit you with it and have some of you be uncomfortable, you might have your kids in the car picking them up from school or what have you, and I just want to give you fair warning that it’s coming up, and if you’d rather not listen, then turn the radio off. Don’t go to another channel. There’s nothing else out there worth listening to. Don’t go to another channel. Just turn the radio off. I don’t know for how long. I mean, it may be 10 minutes.

There are two particular things here that, they’re somewhat related — not by me. The proponents in both these stories have linked these two things, which is why I’m linking them in this discussion. So what I always do in a circumstance like this, I count down, giving you ample time to turn off your radio or turn down the volume. As I say, don’t tune to another station. There’s nothing else out there worth listening to.

So I’m gonna count down from five, and then if you stay and you are made uncomfortable or you are offended, it’s on you because you have been warned. There’s no trickinology being used here; there’s no trickery. And if after you don’t turn the radio off and you hear and you become offended, if you call to complain, it will fall on deaf ears, because you have been warned.

So here we go. Five, four, three, two, one. If you are still here, you are listening at your own risk. Here is the headline. It’s a story that runs on PJ Media written by Megan Fox. But Megan Fox is actually bouncing off of a story that ran in the Los Angeles Times. And the Los Angeles Times story says that anal cancer is the next big crisis for the gay community.

Now, I want to be clear. This is a story in the LA Times. Remember back with “Barack the ‘Magic Negro‘” our white comedian Paul Shanklin created maybe one of the best all time parodies with Al Sharpton singing the song and everybody thought that we were calling Obama the “Magic Negro” and we weren’t. There was a column in the LA Times written by a black columnist who referred to Obama that way, and we constantly referenced that. But even so, people blamed me for creating it. I’d never heard of the term until that column.

Well, likewise, this is a story that runs in the LA Times that Megan Fox of PJ Media is commenting on. “Anal Cancer: The New Gay Epidemic the Media Won’t Talk About — The Los Angeles Times calls anal cancer ‘the next big crisis’ for the gay community. According to the American Cancer Society, the future looks grim.”

The LA Times published the following: “The American Cancer Society estimates there will be 8,200 new anal cancer cases in 2017. In the absence of national screening recommendations, more than 50 percent of these individuals will be diagnosed at stage III or IV, when five-year survival is less than 40 percent. This creates a major public health concern.”

The focal point of the story is that people who know this are not covering it. They’re not reporting it for the obvious reasons. Now, you remember back in the eighties — some of you may not because you were too young or not maybe even born yet. But when the AIDS epidemic broke out, it was immediately politicized and blamed on Ronald Reagan, who was the president at the time.

The people politicizing it claimed that AIDS spread because Reagan didn’t care about it and because Reagan didn’t talk about it. And since Reagan didn’t talk about it, there was no public consciousness raised about it. And since Reagan didn’t talk about it, it was kept under the radar, and people who needed to know of the dangers of HIV didn’t know because Reagan didn’t talk about it. And the reason Reagan didn’t talk about it is because Reagan didn’t like homosexuals.

That was the narrative. That was the story. And it lasted for years. 60 Minutes even did a piece with Paul Michael Glaser, who was in Starsky & Hutch, and his wife, Elizabeth, who had contracted AIDS in a blood transfusion. There was a profile on these two, and they had a meeting with Ronald Reagan, and they were imploring him to care. They were imploring him to do something about it. They were imploring him to speak about it.

So the narrative clearly was that AIDS was spreading because a Republican president didn’t talk about it, and the reason the Republican president didn’t talk about it is because he didn’t care. So now we are some 40, whatever it is years later, 25, 30 years later, and the LA Times has a story, “Anal Cancer: The New Gay Epidemic the Media Won’t Talk About.”

The media’s not talking about it now, and that’s the focal point of the LA Times story, despite abundant warnings from the American Cancer Society. “The study shows that anal cancer comes from the sexually transmitted virus HPV.” This is an American Cancer Society study. It’s nothing to do with the Republican Party.

“The study shows that anal cancer comes from the sexually transmitted virus HPV. What it doesn’t mention is why the gay community is so susceptible to contracting HPV. Perhaps the answer is too politically incorrect for the L.A. Times. NBC reported on a similar study that was done in Hawaii involving women who contracted anal HPV. They danced around the cause in an almost laughable way,” writes Megan Fox.

Now, that also has a correlation. If you go back to the AIDS epidemic, remember, one of the attempts to politicize AIDS was there were all kinds of medical officials — doctors and other clinicians and people doing studies — do you remember, Mr. Snerdley, they were predicting that AIDS was going to really spread in the heterosexual community. The political requirement back then was to do whatever it took to obscure the fact that AIDS was primarily affecting homosexuals. We couldn’t have that.

So there were all of these predictions and the media rabidly took them up and spread them. Problem is, it never happened. All of those predictions never happened. AIDS and HIV did not spread by virtue of sexual activity. It did spread to some degree in the heterosexual community from dirty needles among drug users and blood transfusions that were tainted before anybody had a test, but heterosexual sexual activity was never, ever able to be blamed, though the effort was made.

This story, NBC reporting a similar study that was done in Hawaii involving women who contracted anal HPV. What’s going on there? It’s another similar way that they’re trying to — what’s the word? — deflect the story. An NBC story said this: “It’s not clear exactly how the women contracted anal HPV. Those who developed infections were more likely to be young and white, with lower levels of education and income and a history of multiple sexual partners, the study showed. Women who engaged in anal sex were also at higher risk, though transmission could have occurred in other, non-sexual, ways. The findings are important because anal HPV infection is strongly linked with anal cancer.”

That is all NBC had to say about it. NBC’s report focused on, “Hey, women are getting it, too, and nobody knows clearly why, but look who they are. They’re white, they’re not very educated, and they’re promiscuous.” Nonsexual ways, what were the nonsexual ways women were coming down with anal cancer? The article does not elaborate. The LA Times article doesn’t elaborate. But the LA Times article goes out of its way to deny the very findings discovered.

To wit, “The Hawaii study showed a greater risk of HPV infection in women who recently had anal sex, though the association wasn’t as high as researchers expected. Non-penetrative sex and use of fingers and sex toys also may have contributed to transmission of HPV, or the virus could have been shed from cervical secretions, the report said. ‘It is also possible that responses to our questions regarding anal sex were less than candid,’ the authors wrote.
Study participants were twice as likely to contract the high-risk strains of the HPV virus associated with cervical and other cancers than the low-risk variations of the virus, the report showed.”

So here’s the bottom line, what we have here, according to Megan Fox at PJ Media. We have here a clear warning that anal sexual activity now has a consequence, a rising incidence of anal cancer. And Megan Fox says, why? Could it be that the LGBTQWTF — you know what WTF stands for? The LGBTQWTF lobby doesn’t want people to understand what is happening here.

“Researching the negative effects of anal sex is darn near impossible. Very little is written on the subject, even though we know anal prolapses, fissures, tears, and infections are common. No one will report on it. Instead Teen Vogue is writing ‘how to’ guides about anal sex (and cancer) for your minor daughters.”

And it says if you want to know the truth, it still exists on the American Cancer Society’s website until the gaystapo finds someone is telling the truth and they’ll do something about it. So the point of this is and the reason I mentioned Reagan and AIDS, back in the AIDS epidemic, it was spreading, it was spreading via homosexual activity, but they said it was spreading ’cause Reagan didn’t care, and Reagan wasn’t talking about it, therefore nobody knew about it, therefore nobody knew to take precaution. It was all Reagan’s fault.

Now, there’s another new development here and the LA Times even reporting on this is not reporting what is known. They are shielding it to be politically correct. I mean, you might thank Hugh Hefner for his role in this kind of thing. I’m just mentioning this because it is a story in the LA Times, and you probably haven’t heard about the story because the story doesn’t really say what the news is as it appears on the American Cancer Society.

Here’s the related, somewhat related story. “University Refuses Research On Growing Numbers Of Trans People Who Want To Go Back — All expressed they were convinced by trans activists that transition was the answer and now they live with the negative consequences of that decision.”

This story is about people who thought they learned that they were another gender, men who thought they were women and vice-versa, and they were cajoled and encouraged and persuaded, “Well, then do something about it, go get the surgery, have the sex reassignment surgery.” And the story is about the vast percentage of those who did who now want to go back. And this story’s been popping up all over the internet at various places as well.

I thought it would die a fast death because of what it’s about. It shows how robust the leftist agenda is on campus. The story is about how people are trying to prevent those people from going back, because if they did, it’d be a bad sign for the politics of this. So we’ll take a break. You who’ve had your radios turned off can turn them back on now, although I’m still gonna fill in some blanks on this second story.

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