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RUSH: I’m a little bummed out today, folks. I’ve been trying to hide it from you. I know I can. You wouldn’t know if I weren’t mentioning it, but one of my favorite TV shows has been canceled, Major Crimes on TNT. This is gonna be its last season, season 6. It’s their highest rated show in that genre, crime drama. It’s also funny as hell. And I guess it’s skewing God’s waiting room demographic, I don’t know. But it saddens me. I don’t like a whole lot of TV — I mean, I like a lot, but I’m not attached to very many. But this one I’ve grown attached to. I’m just devastated they canceled the show. I’ll get over it, but it’s terrible.


RUSH: Actually, make sure none of them go anywhere. They look good. It’s one of my objectives and goals to get to all of those people in this hour. And I’m looking at things, I don’t know if I’m gonna have a chance to get into my Hannity interview from Friday night. I still gotta do that. So we have to hustle. Greetings. Welcome back. Great to have you, Rush Limbaugh, behind the Golden EIB Microphone, meeting and surpassing all audience expectations with talent on loan from God.

Just to clarify, Major Crimes on TNT, the final season, as it turns out will debut on Halloween night, October 31st. It’s 13 episodes. They’re even cutting it short. Normally it’s I think in the area of 19 to 22.

You know, TV shows come and go, but this one I feel a connection to. I just love these characters, the people in this show, and it’s their highest rated crime drama and I can’t believe they’re canceling it, but they are. And I mean they do it to all of them and people that like these shows raise hell about it. I’m not doing that. I’m just clarifying. The final season’s gonna air. I don’t mean they have canceled it and it’s not gonna air anymore. They got 13 episodes to go, and they debut on October 31st.

But I think it’s a mistake. They’ve shifted this show’s time slot for the last two or three seasons, and it’s still number one. TNT, which is Time Warner. There has gotta be some reason behind it, and they haven’t said why.

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