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RUSH: Some of the things discussed yesterday on the fourth and a half hour will be revitalized or — not revitalized, but revived today because there are now things to add to, such as the status of the Republican Party. I spent a lot of time yesterday afternoon on the Fourth Hour describing what I think was going on with the Republican Party.

And today, we have a story from the New Republic that is the exact opposite of my take. And that take in the New Republic is that the Republican Party is getting stronger every day. They’re not happy about it at the New Republic, but that all of this that’s happening is actually making the party stronger, in terms of winning election, not in terms of advancing an agenda. Don’t misunderstand.

The Republican Party’s agenda is stalled, pretty much, but in terms of winning elections versus the Democrats, it is the theory and the fear of the writer at the New Republic that it’s getting stronger and better, and that the Democrats remain in heap big doo-doo.

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