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RUSH: And right here, folks, continuing the busy broadcast for today. Happy to have you join us here on RushLimbaugh.com. One thing you’ll notice here, the pace may change because there aren’t any time constraints. There aren’t any commercial breaks, so there isn’t any time certain that I have to finish discussing things or moving on to something else.

So you will note that it sounds maybe a little bit more casual, and I mention this because people have reacted that way. “Boy, it really sounded more casual.” Well, it is. It is. It’s not the same type of, oh, I don’t know, for lack of a better word, performance pressure here. And it ends when I just decide that I’ve done it enough, I’ve satisfied why I wanted to do it, or I’m just tired. So it’s totally up to me.

There are no commercial breaks here. We will continue to take calls. The phone number remains the same, 800-282-2882. And if you want to send an email — I’m probably not gonna have a chance to check emails, ’cause there won’t be any stoppages here, but you can go ahead and send them even if you wish. We have everybody still in place to answer and screen the calls.

Now, I want to show you why I am doing this. This is actually three different Stacks of paper here. And this is all the stuff that I had prepped starting Monday that hasn’t been seen, haven’t even touched it, other than add to it every day. These are the things I selected that I wanted to talk about. The Las Vegas thing has just overwhelmed everything.

And one of the reasons for that, folks, I mentioned that it seems like more often than not we get every day and find the things that we believe in and the people we believe in under siege. Like today and all week, the Second Amendment has been under siege. The NRA has been under siege. The average, ordinary American who buys and uses guns for sporting or defensive purposes is under siege. And they’re under siege with lies.

The people promoting whatever they think they’re promoting with gun control, new legislation, new regulations, are not even factually correct in the assertions they’re making to advance their cause. They are either misinformed or uninformed or they’re lying. And I suspect the majority of them are lying. But there’s still a significant number of dupes who simply think it sounds compassionate and big-hearted to be against guns, ’cause there’s nothing good about a gun. It kills. And so being against it is just like the rest of them in  liberalism; it’s one of the most gutless, easy choices you can make.

But that requires a defense, because we take this stuff seriously. I mean, if you feel — I do as host here every day — that things I believe in, the traditions, the institutions, all these things that have made this country great are under constant attack. And it’s a balancing act, you know, to deal with some of them each day, to defend them, or to ignore it and move on to other things. And that’s always for me an instinctive judgment call as to how much time to spend on, say, a Las Vegas-type event.

What can you say about it? It’s horrible, it’s terrifying, it’s shocking, it’s mind-numbing. But even so, the murder rate in Chicago year to date is higher than the number of people who were killed in Las Vegas. Now, that’s not meant in any way to relegate the Las Vegas story to some insignificant status. It’s rather to point out that the rage, the outrage, and the politicization of things by the left is selective.

They will ignore what’s going on in Chicago — and those are gun deaths; those are actual homicides, and most of it is African-American on African-American in poverty-strewn neighborhoods and gang-related neighborhoods. The city of Chicago and the state of Illinois have been run by Democrats for longer than anybody cares to count, and that’s why it’s not discussed. They’ve got some of the strictest gun control laws in the world there, and none of it works. So that’s ignored, since they can’t use that to advance the agenda.

So they use Las Vegas or other similar type of events. And the attack is on the Constitution of the United States. And so it has to be defended, so that’s why so much time is devoted to that, or has been during the course of the week. But, in addition to that Stack I showed you, there are the many sound bites that are presented for use each day that I haven’t gotten to.

My Friday night appearance on Hannity, we always have fun with those things. We replay the sound bites, and I judge myself. The staff really looks forward to this because I’m brazenly honest, I’m brutally honest about myself, and they always look forward to that, so we’ve got that. A lot of sound bites from today that I didn’t get to that do have to do with the Las Vegas situation. But there’s other news.

There’s Puerto Rico where the left is again on the march to take the occasion of a natural disaster to try to get rid of a Republican president that they don’t like, since they haven’t been able to get rid of him in any other way. And this effort will fail too. But all of this has an effect on people and their moods. It angers you or it depresses you or a combination of the two or something in between.

And if you care enough about this stuff to immerse yourself in it every day, you can’t help but be affected by it, and it’s not a positive effect, unless you’re able to listen to the program like this where these people are reacted to properly and dispatched and blown to smithereens. And that way it becomes satisfying. But at the end of all that we’re still on defense, every day still on defense because these people are on the march trying to advance their crazy, lunatic agenda that is destructive as it can be.

So what I thought I would do is get into party politics here. The first story on the top of the Stack here from today is a story about Steve Bannon and what he is supposedly attempting to do. And I think it’s being incorrectly analyzed because Bannon is — they’re paranoid about Bannon, and they have an image of Bannon that’s been constructed that is false. And everything proceeds from that.

Now, the headline of the story — and it’s at TheHill.com — “GOP Establishment Doubts Bannon’s Primary Powers.” This, of course, is about Alabama. We had Luther Strange versus Roy Moore in the Republican primary. I don’t endorse in primaries, so I didn’t talk about it. I never do endorse in primaries, never have, and I’m not gonna start.

But I didn’t for another reason in this case. I wanted the result to be whatever it was without people being able to discredit it or praise it, either way, by saying, “Well, you know, Limbaugh was off and running on it, and if Limbaugh hadn’t said anything it might have had a different result.” I don’t want to be part of that discussion.

But they have to find somebody who is because, in their minds, in the media and the left’s minds, you people do not have minds of your own. You’re incapable of making your own decisions. And when you do, they’re always wrong. And so you need your betters and others thinking for you and making your decisions for you and hopefully the left wants it to be them.

So the Republican National Committee and the GOP establishment here is quaking in their boots over what happened, because the establishment candidate happened to be the incumbent, Luther Strange, and Trump endorsed him. Trump endorsed a candidate totally outside the definition of the kind of candidate people who support Trump think he would support. Trump’s candidate should have been Roy Moore, but it wasn’t. He endorsed Luther Strange. So people were scratching their heads, “Why, why does Trump not want –” I think the answer is that Trump’s been very frustrated with the inability to get his agenda moved through a Congress of his own party controlling things.

I mean, how frustrating can this be? You’re Donald Trump. You have won the White House. You have swept into victory bringing a bunch of Republicans with you who themselves never thought they had a prayer of winning. Now they’re running everything, the House, the Senate. Trump runs the judiciary in terms of being able to pick judges, and he’s picking good ones. And he’s got this agenda and a mandate. And he had a mandate because he announced his issues every rally, sometimes five times a day. There’s no mystery about what Trump wants to do.

And who is stopping him? Yeah, the Democrats, but they always will. It’s his own party standing in his way, particularly over in the Senate. The Republican establishment is far more in debt to its donors and K Street and others than it is to its voters, and this is clearly illustrated in the roadblock that has been set up for the Trump agenda.

Imagine you’re Trump. It’s gotta be frustrating as hell. You won, you won big, and a lot of people in your own party are mad about it and disappointed about it and may even be trying to sabotage you. But yet you want to get these things done. So I’m sure he’s got people around him, “Look, you need to make peace with Mitch McConnell. Throw Mitch a bone. You know, Mitch is getting beat up by everybody. Show Mitch you can be on his side.”

So Trump endorses this Luther Strange character, because that’s the candidate Mitch wants. But you can’t appease people that way. You can’t piecemeal give them something and have them change their attitude about you, especially when their attitude about you is demanded by other people. You know, Hannity asked me, “Why is McConnell doing this?” I said find out who’s running McConnell and you’ll have your answer.

By that I mean, find out who’s telling McConnell what his positions on things need to be. Find out who’s giving him money, find out who’s donating, find out where the power base is. If you want to explain McConnell, find out who is demanding, suggesting that he vote and support or not support certain things, certain ways. And I have people, “You really think that Mitch McConnell doesn’t have his own mind?”

No, I think he does, but, folks, these people, once you ask people for money and they give it to you, they own you. That’s why I would never run for office. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t ask in the first place. I couldn’t go through the motion of putting my hand out, “Would you please” ’cause you can’t get elected, ’cause once they do, they expect something back. Maybe it’s access; maybe it’s a specific policy they care about.

So I think that’s how it all happened, but when it did happen, there were people who voted for Trump, led by Bannon, who said, “We have got to protect Trump.” This is the interesting thing. I think the voters in Alabama were not mad at Donald Trump. I think they understand that Trumpism is bigger than Trump. Trump happens to be the only way Trumpism can advance. And so he’s gonna be protected. When he screws up, when he makes a mistake, his voters are gonna stick with him, unless — he could blow the relationship he’s got.

If he did a 180, for example, on immigration, that’d be the end of it. If Trump did a 180 and started siding with Democrats on gun control, it’s gonna be a big problem. But this, Luther Strange over Moore. Trump’s voters I think had his back, were trying to protect him, despite the stories afterward that Trump was livid, that his endorsed guy lost and so forth. I don’t know how much of that to believe.

So this story, “GOP Establishment Doubts Bannon’s Primary Powers — Establishment Republicans are skeptical that former judge Roy Moore’s victory in last week’s Alabama GOP primary runoff means that an alliance of insurgent conservative groups, led by former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon, is about to knock off more Republican incumbents. Bannon and his allies have used Moore’s Tuesday night victory over the establishment-backed Sen. Luther Strange (R-Ala.) as a springboard to float challenges against a fleet of Republican incumbents.”

Now, we know that there were — and I don’t know their names. Mr. Snerdley might. But there were three or four. I think Corker is one of them, Tennessee. There were three or four establishment Republican senators who let it leak that if Roy Moore won, they were gonna retire rather than adapt, rather than adapt to the desires of voters. If the Senate was gonna be taken over by a bunch of people that love Trump, they were gonna retire and quit and get out.

I don’t know the names. But, see, I don’t doubt that when I hear it. I think the establishment is dead set against Trump with just as much energy against him as they’ve ever had. And I think they’re frustrated as hell that they haven’t been able to slow him down or stop him or change him. I think there is still all kinds of unhappiness and angst in Washington, which is senseless because these are the guys that won!

I’ll say it again. If these guys in the House and the Senate could get together with Trump for just three months and move his agenda, even if they just appear to be trying to, seriously trying to, I think the Democrats would be in a world of hurt that they wouldn’t recover from for 25 years.

In fact, let me find some stuff. We got a series of sound bites here that back that up. Here we go. Grab 11 and 12. This is Nick Ayers, and he is the chief of staff for Mike Pence. Republican National Committee event yesterday in Washington. And here is Nick Ayers — this is Mike Pence’s chief of staff — talking about the Trump agenda and Republicans in Congress.

AYERS: We control everything. The president is fighting every day. We have a leader who will not back down from any special interest group. Moreover, he won’t back down from the mainstream media, and moreover, he beats them. We have a leader of our party who will win. Just imagine the possibilities of what can happen if our entire party unifies behind him if, this sounds crass, we can purge the handful of people who continue to work to defeat him.

RUSH: Right. Well, where have we heard this before? You’ve heard it from right here, behind the Golden EIB Microphone. I mean, it’s a no-brainer. If just the appearance — it’s not just unity, what I’m talking about. There has to be a noticeable energy about this and a desire. The American people voted for Donald Trump. It was an Electoral College substantive victory. The people of this country are on the side of the issues Trump is, whether they like him or not.

Our culture is being destroyed. Our identity is under siege. The multiculturalists are trying to tell us that the strength of America is in our diversity. And it isn’t. It’s not necessarily a negative, but it’s not from which we derive our exceptionalism. Color of skin doesn’t matter. There’s a distinct American culture and attitude, part of American exceptionalism, and we’re not making people acclimate to it when they come here, so we’re Balkanizing, and everybody is concerned about it. The vast majority of Americans are concerned about it, and Trump is as well.

So that’s why when you’re talking about the wall, for example, you don’t have to be about the wall, but you do have to be energetic about the idea of protecting the country, protecting the borders, and protecting the distinct identity that is America. If you join Trump in however he seeks to do that, whether it’s a wall, whether it’s immigration policy being endorsed, just the appearance of support for that is gonna leave the Democrats out in the cold because their position is the exact opposite, and it cannot win a majority.

Most Americans do not want their country watered down. It’s frustrating as hell the Republican Party in Washington doesn’t see this, but maybe they do. They just don’t have the freedom to join it, because most of their donors want as much immigration as they can get. You know, I watch a TV show that I discovered last year. It’s on an obscure network called EPIX, E-p-i-x, and the show is called Berlin Station. And it’s a version of Homeland.

It’s about the CIA station in Berlin and all of the counter intel efforts they embark on. Now, season 2 is about ready to premiere, and because, as I am a powerful, influential member of the media, I’ve seen the first two episodes. You know what they’re doing? These two episodes are about the Alt-Right in Germany, the extreme right wing preparing to arm up and engage in violence right before an election to make sure their candidate wins.

And the lead character of the opposition is portrayed as a racist and as a bigot and as a German supremacist and says all the magic words about the wrong colors of people being in the country and this or that and the other thing. And the people producing and writing the show are mocking the idea of national sovereignty. They’re promoting the idea that there shouldn’t even be nations, wherever people in the world want to go and live, that place should open their arms and let them in.

And that is an attitude of many on the left. But it isn’t the attitude of a majority of Americans, and it’s not because Americans discriminate, it’s not because Americans don’t like certain people. It’s because we love American culture. We love our country. We love why our country’s the greatest in the world. We want to promote it, preserve it, and we want other people coming here to adopt it, because it’s good, it isn’t bad, it isn’t negative, it’s entirely uplifting and positive. No greater place on earth for a human being to live than the United States.

But it won’t be if the forces supported by the Democrat Party succeed. So there’s all kinds of pressure, even this TV show, all kinds of pressure to denigrate people who have the same attitude about America I just espoused or that Trump has. So what’s happening with the Republican Party in all this? I think everybody’s missing this. I think both sides of the equation, the Bannon side and the RNC or the Republican establishment side, are missing this.

I don’t mean this as a cut, but the media loves to assign mythical power status to Republican or conservative figures to explain why Republican voters do what they do. And for a long time it was me. I was considered a pied piper Svengali. You are mind-numbed robots. You had no idea what to think or what to do until I told you. It’s a way for the media and the left and the Democrats to denigrate and impugn you.

Well, now that person is Bannon, and they are saying that Bannon is the brains, Bannon is the Svengali, Bannon is the great influence, you people don’t know what you’re doing, you never have known what you’re doing, but Bannon’s got you doing what he wants you to do. And I don’t think there’s ever been anybody with that kind of — except maybe Reagan or Trump himself. I don’t think you all are brain-dead. I don’t think you’re unable to make up your own minds. It’s just the exact opposite.

I think what Bannon is doing — and I don’t know whether he’s doing it on purpose. He may be; he’s a smart guy. I think what Bannon is doing is slowly but surely taking over the role of the Republican Party. And people joining Bannon are. The Republican Party is obviously not with Trump on balance. You have some in the House who are. But the Republican Party on balance is not with Trump. Bannon is attempting to put together a group of people who are who call themselves Republican.

Some people could make the argument there really isn’t a Republican Party left here. I mean, there’s people that call themselves that and they go out and they raise money and they raise a lot, but whereas the party used to be known for one or two, three very serious things, they’re not anymore. When the Republican Party joins the Democrats on things like amnesty for illegal immigrants, that’s not the Republican Party. The Republican Party ceases to exist in the area of immigration, for example.

So people like Bannon and others are coming along and trying to keep the identity of the Republican Party what it was, because as they join Democrats on issue after issue, they become a shell and a vacuum is created. And you know, vacuums get filled, and I think that’s what Bannon is doing. The establishment Republicans are not the party. But they think they are.

You and the voters who elected Trump are the Republican Party now, and it’s made up of a lot of people that are not known traditionally as Republicans. There are some Democrats, blue-collar, white-collar voters, people of color. There are people that have voted Democrat all their life that voted for Trump. The Republican Party is the fund-raising arms of the House and the Senate and their lobbyist buddies. And that’s who Bannon’s running against when Bannon’s out there supporting candidates, running against the Republican Party establishment is what’s going on, and in the process becoming the Republican Party.

When the Republican Party ceases to be who it is and acts in what used to be its own interests and self-interest, a vacuum’s created, somebody steps in to do it, and that’s what Bannon is doing. But what people tap dance around and what I don’t think is given enough weight is that conservative voters are mad as hell. They remain angry. People who may not be typically conservative but who voted for Trump are mad. You know it and I know it.

Look at what happened to health care. There’s no excuse for that. Winning the elections as they were last November, there is no excuse. These people all promised running for office, they submitted repeal bills over and over and over. At the moment of truth, they couldn’t do it. People are still steaming over this. The Drive-Bys and everybody misses it because they think people get over it after a while, until the next election, when the anger is still on display and determines the result and everybody claims to be shocked and scratching their heads, exactly like they were on election night when Hillary did not win in her big landslide. And I think that is what’s going on.

I mean, Alabama had some unique situations. But every race does. And they have to be dealt with. What is constant in every one of these elections, what is consistent in every one of them is that more and more voters do not believe any of the things being slung at them by any long-term Republican elected official. And so a guy like Bannon is stepping in and offering leadership and structure and doing essentially what the Republican Party apparatus used to do: help its candidates win elections.

Bannon didn’t create the movement, and I don’t think Trump did. I think the movement, if you want to say it’s a movement, go back to Tea Party. This thing sprung up organically. It sprung up organically as a result of mass dissatisfaction with what was coming out of Washington, starting with Obamacare. The Tea Party is likewise thought to have dissipated and have gone away, burnt out, lost its energy. No such thing is true. And I wanted to mention that was one of the things in the items today.

The NFL controversy continues. From Breitbart today: “NFL, Players Union Meet to Discuss and Strategize Social Activism.” And then from Deadline Hollywood: “Monday Night Football Falls Double-Digits in Viewers & Demo.” And it was a great game. The Cheaps and the Redskins. It was a good game, excitement factor lasting well into the fourth quarter.

And then from The Daily Caller: Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York: “‘God Bless America’ a ‘Warmongering Song,’ Ithaca Professor Says.” I put all three of these on one page when I was doing show prep because they all go together.

Let’s start here at the top. “NFL, Players Union Meet to Discuss and Strategize Social Activism.” What is your reaction to that? They don’t get it, right? They still don’t get what is going on. The NFL, the players union, they’re trying to find a way where they don’t have to come down on the players. They’re trying to find a way where the players can still protest.

And what are they protesting? I don’t care what they say. It’s clear as a bell they are protesting America. That is where their grievance is. That is with whom their grievance is. When they protest the flag, when they protest the anthem, they’re protesting America. I don’t care what they’re saying. “No, we’re not protesting America.” Yes, you are. What they’re also doing is damaging the National Football League.

If your objective — and believe me, there are people who have this objective — if your objective is to damage the NFL — a lot of people think that I’m a little over the top on this one. “Rush, you really think, I mean, you talk about leftists all the time, you really think they’re trying to destroy or damage the NFL?” Yes! It’s working. We’re looking at it happen right before our eyes.

If you wanted to harm the NFL, which is a massively gigantic financial enterprise, what would you do? What’s the best thing you could do to damage the NFL? If you could cause people to stop watching it and cause people to stop attending it in significant numbers, you would be doing a great bit of damage to the NFL. Well, what’s happening? They don’t show you the upper decks of these stadiums on television, if you’ve noticed. In a few places they do. Dallas sells out, Green Bay.

But in Atlanta and in Kansas City the other night, they don’t show you the upper deck. They’re not showing you the empty seats. And there are empty seats. Now, the tickets may be sold, but people aren’t showing up. And that holds significant meaning as well. People not there are not paying for parking. They’re not buying concessions. They’re not buying souvenirs. They’re not cheering. All of it impacts revenue to one degree or another. But I think the desire that people on the left have to harm the NFL — this is another thing. We are on the cutting edge here.

When I tell you, for example, there is an anti-masculinity movement in America, don’t doubt me. It may not become mainstream news for a while, but on many major college campuses that very course is being taught. Usually it is a branch of women’s studies, right along with white privilege and what’s wrong with it. It’s all over the place.

What is the NFL? The NFL is a man’s game. The NFL personifies masculinity. It personifies toughness, self-reliance. Even though it’s a team game, there’s rugged individualism there. And every game starts with the national anthem with a giant flag unfurled on the field. All of these symbols the left actively despises. And if you don’t understand liberals, even that statement might, “What do you mean they actively despise the flag, Rush? Come on.” They do, folks. This is who these people are.

It’s difficult to rationally explain irrational people. The minute all of this attention began to be paid to concussions, whatever number of years ago that was, go back, from that moment I said this game is never going to be the same after this. And I’m right, and it continues to deteriorate slowly. What you’re not seeing is all of the moms and dads not letting their 12 and 13 year olds play the game. The feeder system that produces professional quality players is already suffering great damage.

This stuff’s not gonna happen overnight, but it’s happening right in front of us nevertheless. The owners are scared. They don’t know how to deal with it. They don’t know what to do. They don’t have the guts to go to their players, “Look, gang. I’m paying you. I’m paying you a hell of a lot of money. When the anthem plays, you’re gonna stand. You work for me, you’re gonna stand.” There aren’t any owners apparently that want to do that.

They will gladly pass regulations on what their players can and can’t eat, what time of night their players have to go to bed on the road. They will pass all kinds of regulations on what drugs they can and can’t take. But when it comes to these kinds of things, the coaches all say, “These are grown men. Can’t tell ’em what to do.” It’s ’cause you don’t want to.

Balancing acts for the owners. Who do they side with? Do they side with the players and appear to be on their side and understanding of their grievance, or do they side with the customers who are starting to abandon the game? And so far they’ve sided with the players. They’re hoping it goes away. They’re hoping it dies out. But it won’t die out because the players are not going to stop protesting.

Half of the players — I don’t know what number — many of the players believe “hands up, don’t shoot” happened. And they’re now trying to backtrack. They’re getting an idea what’s happening, but some of them are not able to stop this.

“The National Football League has met with the players union, the NFLPA, to discuss the national anthem protests that have become almost a staple of pregame ceremonies across the league. The two organizations issued a joint press release on Tuesday saying that the two are ‘engaged in a productive conversation,’ according to Pro Football Talk. The statement read, ‘The NFL & NFLPA met today to discuss the important issue of social activism by NFL players.'”

I’m sorry. Social activism is the politicization of the National Football League, and that is not how this league is gonna grow itself. You cannot start insulting over half of your fan base. You can’t, in their face, disrespect them or what they believe and expect them to happily keep coming back. It isn’t going to happen. This is not how you grow the enterprise. This is not even how you maintain the enterprise. The league I think is making a fundamental misjudgment. I don’t think the league understands who its primary audience is.

Now, you would think that they’ve got so much money, they can do marketing research surveys, audience research surveys and find out exactly who they are. If they’ve done that and if they know who their audience is, then this is really inexplicable.

Liberalism is hip. Liberalism is cool. There are a lot of people in media who want their audience to be hip and cool. They don’t want their audience to be NASCAR people. They don’t want their audience to be the people that actually buy the products that are advertised.

Look at the biggest advertisers in the NFL. Ford and their pickup trucks and your flavor of beer. Beer guzzling pickup truck drivers as the number one fan base? That’s not the white wine and brie crowd. I’ll give you an example. Leslie Moonves, CEO of CBS, when he hired Colbert, he said (imitating Colbert), “You know what? I don’t care about ratings in late-night anymore. We don’t care about ratings. We want the buzz. We want to hire somebody’s gonna get the media talking, is gonna make us look like we’re hip and we’re cool and we know what we’re doing.” And so ratings don’t matter? Well, they, of course, do. But he was being honest about what they hope for. They want to be perceived as some of the cool kids.

So there’s embarrassment with certain types people in your crowd, in your audience, and there’s love and adoration for certain other people. And I think the NFL is deciding that it’s probably safer to side with the people who are actually on the side trying to do the game harm. It, to me, makes no sense whatsoever, because this could be nipped in the bud, and it could be nipped in the bud in a way that would look like a big win for the NFL and the country, and they would benefit profoundly from it.

Instead, they’re meeting with the players trying to figure out a way all of this can continue, but maybe unseen by the TV cameras. So appeasement and compromise is happening with every malcontent area here, and that’s not how you deal with it. But, you know, as a culture, it seems like that’s how we are dealing with things.

It seems like to me there aren’t any adults anymore, so nobody has to grow up. If you’re 25, 26, you want to throw a temper tantrum and cry like a 2 year old, you’ll get what you want, instead of a 2 year old being properly disciplined and that kind of behavior being weaned out of them as not cool and not productive. And all of this stems, I think, from the owners being scared to death over losing the players. They live in perpetual fear the players will strike or not show up or start doing even worse things. So they’re not gonna tamp this down and stamp it out. So it is going to continue.

There’s another NFL sponsor that’s lost — it’s not national; it’s a New York car dealer. Snerdley, have you heard of Flemington? I think I’ve met these people once. They’re out in New Jersey, big advertisers in New York local market. They’ve pulled out of all NFL buys that they were making in New York, Tri-State area involving the Jets and the Giants. They’re out. And the owner of Flemington, the guy that runs it, a big statement about why.

These are little trickles that are happening. And, folks, it’s all rooted in the rotting of our culture, the abandonment and dissolution of standards, discipline, morality, all of these things. “N.J. Mega Car Dealer Pulls TV Ads Over NFL Protests.” “Twitter Explodes After Another White QB Is Signed Before Kaepernick.”

This is another element to this. The guy that got all of this started has lost his ability to play the game. There was a time that Kaepernick was considered a prototype of the quarterback of the future. He had a great arm and could run the ball, and he was slick and slithering. He led the 49ers to a Super Bowl and a couple of championship seasons. And then something happened and he couldn’t play. He couldn’t complete a pass. He couldn’t run. It just all fell apart. Kind of like a golfer that loses his swing.

And so the 49ers benched the guy ’cause they were losing games. That’s when Kaepernick started protesting. He says he was sitting down for the anthem for years, but nobody’s seen any evidence of it. He said, “I’ve been taking a knee for years in this anthem,” and that’s when he started railing against racism and how the cops treat people of color. What nobody talks about, the 49ers offered him a contract. He didn’t think it was good enough. It was $14 million or something, he said it’s not good enough and he quit.

So now he doesn’t have a job, and the sports Drive-Bys, the sports Drive-By Media are suggesting, “You could end all of this by hiring Kaepernick.” And so now the NFL owners are supposed hire a social justice warrior who can’t play the game in order to placate the leftist Drive-By sports media. And Kaepernick is out there ratcheting things up.

He just announced that he gave a $25,000 donation to a group that is supporting a cop killer who I think is in Cuba. She’s been granted asylum in Cuba. Yeah, that’s right, Joanne Chesimard, she killed a cop in Philadelphia, right? (interruption) New Jersey. Right. And she was convicted, ran away, and Kaepernick is donating to the cause for this woman. So he’s not backing off his original protest.

He’s still out there singing the song that America’s racist, that America’s impure, that America mistreats people of color and so forth. Joanne Chesimard’s African-American. She had to go to Cuba because America’s unfair. She killed a cop. She was legitimately, legally convicted of it, she kills the cop and she runs away to Cuba, has not denied it.

So if you’re an NFL owner — let’s look at the team, Tennessee Titans. They have a star quarterback from Hawaii, he went to school at Oregon. His name is Marcus Mariota. In fact, he’s a friend of my wife’s family out there. But he has suffered a hamstring injury and he may be on the bench, may be riding the pine for a few weeks. So the sports Drive-Bys are saying, “That would be the perfect place, hire Kaepernick.”

There’s a problem. He hasn’t played in a year, and he can’t play. But the sports Drive-Bys are urging he be hired as a statement of solidarity for the cause. Now, I’m telling you, here’s the honest-to-God truth on this. Whoever hires this guy and makes him the starter on their team had better be prepared for blowback like they haven’t seen. This is the ringleader of all of this. The ringleader that got this stuff going. He would be a curiosity aspect. There might be people tuning in hoping he fails, you never know.

And contrast this with Tim Tebow. Here’s a guy who was as pure and decent as you could be. He may not have been able to play quarterback at the professional level, but nobody worked harder at trying. But he happened to take a knee now and then during games and offer prayer. “Oh, can’t have that, that’s embarrassing. He’s a holy roller, for crying out loud, get him off the field!” Broncos said we gotta trade this guy. We can’t put up with this.

He’s mocked for kneeling because he’s in prayer, and note the Democrats are mocking prayer in the aftermath of Las Vegas. They’re mocking prayer on the Senate floor. I’m telling you, folks, the Democrats are sitting ducks if the Republicans would just unify and understand what the people of this country are seeing and how they’re reacting to it and what they want done about it. It’s a gold mine out there waiting to be mined, with an agenda that they could move through like a hot knife through butter. But their donors don’t want it.

So now we have this situation in the NFL where the sports Drive-Bys are pressuring the owners to hire the ringleader of this whole movement as a way of showing support for the players. Why isn’t the guy being hired? Meanwhile, Tebow is sent packing, not even in football anymore after mockery, after being impugned. And don’t think people don’t notice this.

And wherever Tebow goes, sellout crowds follow, minor league baseball, wherever Tebow goes, he’s universally popular with a huge segment of the American population. It happens to be a segment of the population that many companies do not want as their customer base, ’cause they’re embarrassed by them.

There was a column earlier this week in the Hollywood Reporter, it was an interview, actually, with Camille Paglia. Camille Paglia teaches university arts in Philadelphia. I have a relationship with Camille Paglia that goes back to I think it was the 20th anniversary of 60 Minutes. 60 Minutes did a profile of me one year and they did a profile of Camille Paglia and they had this giant anniversary party, I forget which anniversary it was, but they held it at the museum on Fifth Avenue in New York.

I always get the museums confused. Which museum is that, Snerdley? Is that MOMA on Fifth Avenue or is that — okay. Well, it was in the exhibit known as the Temple of Dendur. I didn’t know what the Temple of Dendur was and I don’t know what it is today, but there were historical artifacts in there, and they had this giant dinner with all the people at 60 Minutes standing up and congratulating themselves on what a great job they’d been doing.

They sat Camille Paglia at my table. I’m convinced I was only invited to this thing because they thought — see, she’s a lesbian — and they thought that I would throw a fit, or they thought I would do something. ‘Cause all during dinner — and I didn’t get this at first — all during dinner Steve Kroft was circling the table, and Ed Bradley would walk around the table, and Andy Rooney would stroll by and Morley Safer. It looked like they were going nowhere, they’d just come circle our table and go back to wherever they were. And they were the only ones walking around.

What had happened, Camille Paglia and I saw each other, and it turns out she, at the time, was listening to the program and loved it. She’s a devoted free speech advocate and so forth. So we just had the greatest time getting to know each other and talk to each other about things. CBS is expecting some kind of fireworks to happen and it didn’t.

She is a noted art critic and back during the Madonna era she was probably the premier critic on Madonna. And I once asked her about criticism of artistry and performance. I said, “Do you think somebody like Madonna actually needs somebody like you critiquing what she does?”

“Oh, absolutely. Artists cannot critique themselves. Artists cannot be honest with themselves. Artists just can’t be objective. They have too much invested.”

I said, “Okay. I’ll accept that.” Anyway, she’s a feminist as well. She’s ardent, but she’s not a feminist in the vein of the modern era of feminism that dates back to 1969 or ’70. She’s a different kind. She’s not a mad feminist, she doesn’t hate men feminist, and she really doesn’t like this modern feminism. She doesn’t like Gloria Steinem at all. Well, in this Hollywood Reporter interview, I pulled out two quotes because in these quotes she actually says things that I have been saying over the course of the program.

One of the beliefs that I’ve always had about the male-female dynamic is that in a civilized society — and this derives, by the way, from not only living it, but observing it. I have always thought that it is women who have the ultimate power, and I don’t mean this in a derogatory, dictatorial kind of way. I mean just power and not versus weakness. And it’s rooted in the fact that in a civilized society, it is, or was, women who say “no” or “yes” to marriage proposals, to dates, to any number of things in terms of their relationships with men.

And yet the modern era of feminism came along and made it look like women were powerless sex objectified, brain-dead nothings. And women started buying into this. That they were somehow discriminated against, constantly made fun of, not respected group. And they were turned militant and angry and men became the enemy. And as a 21, 22 year old, I said, “This is not good.” Who wants to be alive when women think you’re the enemy just because of your anatomy?

But that’s what they were being taught in the women’s studies courses. You go back to the early 70’s, we’re getting things like Catharine MacKinnon at the University of Michigan who was teaching women that all sex is rape, including the sex in marriage. You’d have a date with a girl and you’d find out she’d read that book and believed it. Then you’d have to sit there at dinner talking about it.

Now, men will do whatever they have to do to get where they want to be, with women. If they have to fake it and say they love Susan Sontag, they’ll do it. If a woman wants to go look at the dinosaurs in the museum and it’s the last thing the guy would ever want to do, he’ll be there if he thinks there’s gonna be a payoff. It’s just how men are.

I once saw a line in a book called The Sensuous Woman, and it was a book written for women about how to keep men, how to get ’em and how to keep ’em and there was one chapter in there on something called “the silken swirl.” I’m not gonna describe it but it was a particular — it was how best to do a — anyway, in this book there was a chapter on how to meet men, and it had one piece of advice. And it worked for men too. For men the answer was, go get a bunch of women’s magazines and turn to the sections on where to meet men, find out where you’re supposed to be and go there, find out where women are being told you are so they can meet you and then go there.

Men would do it because it’s women who have the ultimate power. And I don’t mean wielding power in a dictatorial way. I don’t mean it in a derogatory way at all. I’m talking about in the legitimate structure in a relationship. Even now, you ask a guy, “You want to play golf on Saturday?”

“Gotta check at home. Might have some honey-dos.” Now, some people might think that’s insulting, but, no, a guy has to wait until it’s okay, there might be husbandly, fatherly responsibilities that would take precedence, it’s gonna be the wife that says so. Look, I know there are exceptions. There are exceptions to everything. But I’m talking about on balance.

I’ve always thought that it’s women who have the power. And I’ve thought that’s how it’s been designed, by the way. I didn’t have a problem with it. Never have had a problem with it. I’m intrigued by it. Well, I read this piece by Camille Paglia. “Young women are being taught that men have all the power and have used it throughout history to oppress women.”

“Women,” she writes, “don’t seem to realize how much power they have to crush men! Strong women have always known how to control men. Oscar Wilde said women are complex and men are simple.” Now, Oscar Wilde was gay so he’s a favored quote machine in the gay community, but he was a clever guy. But I read this, this is exactly or fairly close to what I think. Strong women have always known how to control men. Not all women are strong. I mean, everybody’s needy. As I say, there are exceptions to this.

But in the area of society that’s civilized — now, I’m not talking about, some people when I say this, “How do you explain rape?” I’m talking about a civilized — we’re not a nation of rape, I would say. See, this is another problem. We’re normalizing people who think that these kind of things are common, that rape is common, particularly on college campuses. It’s not. But who is it that brings that stuff up and who is it that tries to normalize, who is it that tries to tell women that that’s what their life is gonna be if there are men around? It’s the left! And they’re politicizing and poisoning everything.

And Camille Paglia’s point is is that feminism has done its job, it has erased from women’s identity the understanding of how much power they have. Here’s another quote. “There are all kinds of complex currents in men’s relationship to women that feminism refuses to acknowledge. The main one is men’s often very unstable or ambivalent relationship with their mothers. That’s what I see in Hefner’s notorious lifestyle in the Playboy Mansion, where he stayed and worked in his bedroom all day long, dressed in pajamas and a robe.

“It’s a blatant regression to the womb world exactly as Elvis Presley evidently desired. Elvis’s wife Priscilla complained that all he wanted to do was stay in his bedroom all day long in the dark, watching TV and having hamburgers brought in. There was a strange kind of craving there for maternal nurturance. I think feminism is wildly wrong when it portrays men as the oppressor, when in fact men, as I have argued in my books, are always struggling for identity against the enormous power of women.”

I’m telling you, I couldn’t agree with that more. The Hefner stuff, that’s a different subject, but I couldn’t agree with that more. And I think that’s the greatest damn — (interruption) what are you laughing at in there? Are you not laughing? (laughing) I don’t have to go a commercial break. I’m just getting wound up. I know I’ve got a video I have to do, but I’m just getting wound up here. I’ve got to get through some of this Stack. You think I’m creating controversy here with these comments? Not at all. Of course not.

I think this one of the things that feminism did. It confused everybody. Women didn’t know who they were supposed to be, and men certainly didn’t. And feminism basically started because a bunch of women were unhappy with human nature and what it had done to them and so they began. Feminism is just a giant attack on human nature, as created by our Creator. We are human beings, and we are created. And it’s been acknowledged as such in the Declaration’s preamble. We are all endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, among them life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. Okay, that’s how we’re created. There are certain things that we instinctively do.

You know, to illustrate this, I marvel at my cat. My cat, any of my cats, the current cat that I have is inexplicable. Do you know that the cat and the leopard are the only two animals that kill for sport? The house cat. I’ve had to save four lizards in the last 10 days. The cat brings them to me and toys with them. She’s not aware she’s killing them. I pick them up and I take them outside. I hate to see it. So I save the lizard. Little geckos.

But my cat’s bowl — and I’m sure you’ve got a cat that does same thing. The food bowl is on a portion of the floor where there’s no carpet because I don’t want spillage and all that. It’s a hardwood floor. The cat will eat something but only when I’m there. If I’m not there the cat won’t eat, well, because the cat doesn’t want to take a chance that it won’t be refilled. The dogs are the same way. But then after she eats a little she’ll then start trying to cover it up with the hardwood floor. There’s nothing to cover. Nobody is gonna take her food. So why is she doing this?

It’s instinct. It’s the way the cat’s been created. There’s no explaining it. It defies all common sense. She’s not covering anything up. There’s nobody that’s gonna steal her food, doesn’t remember doing it, but she does it for a reason. It’s the way the cat was created. A cat’s a totally different animal than a dog. I mean, they totally are. These are reasons that I think derive from creation.

Well, men and women are the same. I don’t think we’re robots by any stretch. But there are aspects of our creation that definitely make us men, definitely make us women. That’s why sex change stuff never works because you are what you are no matter what changes you make externally. And it is those things that Paglia’s talking about. I think feminism is wildly wrong when it portrays men as the oppressor when in fact men are always struggling to identify against the enormous power of women. Because women have the power and men want to be chosen. I mean, if they really fall for somebody, they want to be chosen.

They’ll do what they have to do to get chosen. It’s the women who choose, nine times, eight times out of 10. And feminism’s blown all this sky-high, and as a result, taken the fun out of everything. Women are just sitting around waiting to be offended over something, waiting to get mad about something. Men are sitting around waiting for women to blow up by misunderstanding something they’ve said or done. And I think much of this is directly owing to feminism.

Let’s see. What happened to the top page of this? It’s a related story. Here it is. “St. Louis Public Library Hosts First-Ever Drag Queen Story Time.” Now, St. Louis is two hours north of where I grew up. St. Louis is gone. St. Louis is not the St. Louis it was when I was growing up. There are a lot of places this has happened to. This story is in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. I printed it out on October 1st, so it’s four or five days old now.

“On Saturday afternoon, four drag queens walked into Central Library to lead story time for a boisterous group of toddlers and parents who packed a large room in the library. The library’s first-ever drag queen story time was an opportunity to show children about the importance of diversity and inclusion, said Jen Hatton, spokeswoman for the library.

“The playful event featured readers with stage names of Helena Handbag, Desir? Declyne, Maxi Glamour and Celeste Covington. In full faces of makeup –” I’ve got a picture here. One of them is dressed as a blue-faced witch, in a witch hat. “In full faces of makeup highlighting contoured cheekbones, lush lashes and bright lips, each read aloud a traditional children’s picture book of their choosing, including ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance.’ The drag queens called on the children seated in front to participate, but they also sprinkled in funny one-liners for the parents.

“Meg Hensley, who was there with her young family, said the event was a lot of fun. ‘We’re a queer family,’ Hensley said. ‘It’s good to see people who are different and like us.'” And here’s a picture of the loving children having the most wonderful time having their children’s books read to them by drag queens.

Hello, feminism. I mean, look, drag queens have been around for who knows how long. That’s not the point. But they have not been showing up in libraries reading books to your kids eagerly supported by members of the community. So this is driving people out. Now, these people, “Well, yeah, that’s right, because they’ve been keeping us out. We drag queens and gays, we have wanted the library to –” Nobody’s stopping you.

But you insist on coming in, throwing your sexual identity in front of everybody first. You start a provocation. You want to bring your kids to a book reading, show up, but taking over the event and forcing this kind of stuff down people’s throats? It’s not diversity, and it ain’t unity. It’s divisive, and that’s exactly what — All this liberalism crap is nothing but decisive. This NFL stuff, there’s nothing unifying about it. It’s all divisive, which is its purpose.

Okay. Let’s see. Sound bites here. Dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut. Don’t care about Mark Cuban. Ah. Here. Grab sound bite number 17. Michelle (My Belle) Obama. Yesterday in Philadelphia. This is another one of these things I didn’t have a chance to get to today, other things like that from all week. She’s at the Pennsylvania conference for women. Now, we know what Michelle Obama’s been saying lately about this. And now having a mental block on what she said, but it’s been divisive as hell too. It’s been asinine, some of the things. But she says that she was embarrassed at the State of the Union, the Trump State of the Union. And she explains why.

MICHELLE: At the State of the Union address, when you’re in the room, what you can see is this real dichotomy. It’s a feeling of color, almost. On one side of the room it’s literally gray and white, literally, that’s the color palette on one side of the room. On the other side of the room there are yellows and blues and whites and greens, physically there’s a difference in the color, in the tone, because one side, all men, all white. I was always the most embarrassed at the beginning when people would see that. I looked at that and I go, no wonder, no wonder we struggle, no wonder people don’t trust politics.

RUSH: Maybe she’s talking about her husband’s States of the Union, I don’t know, but you note, the “schruggle,” the administration, the schruggle, 42nd Street. If they say it that way, they’re leftists, I guarantee you. If they say administration, the schruggle.

But what the hell is this? Literally there’s a color palette on one side of the room. On the other side, yellows, blues, whites. Is she talking about skin color or the color of dresses? (interruption) She’s talking skin color? Or dresses and hats and stuff like that? Physically there’s a difference in color and the tone because on one side, all men, all white. I was always most embarrassed at the beginning when people would see that. I looked at that, no wonder, no wonder we struggle, no wonder people don’t trust politics.

That’s not why they don’t trust politics. It’s people like you who notice only that about people. Whatever happened to this idea of a colorblind society? Who prevents that? People like Moochelle (My Belle) Obama and her husband. These are the people that see only skin deep and make judgments on it to the point now where white male equals greatest threat to America’s future.

Throw in Christianity and it’s really doom city. And not only do they believe it, they continue promoting it, talking about it, dividing us. The whole country is subject to division each and every day.

Richard Sherman, number 25, cornerback, Seattle Seahawks, very unhappy with all of this stuff going on. He’s a smart guy, but they’re all getting caught up in this protest stuff. And I didn’t know it, but Richard Sherman is angry at the fans. And it’s kind of like Democrats being mad at the people and the voters. This is Sunday, a postgame press conference at CenturyLink Field where the Seahawks play. This is Sherman talking about injuries to players and fantasy football.

SHERMAN: A lot of fans out there, you know, looked at players even less like people because of fantasy football and things like that. You’re not thinking, “Hey, man, this guy got hurt.” You know, he’s really physically hurt and he’s gonna take time to recover, and it’s probably gonna affect his mental state, physical state and, you know, and now he has a long, rigorous rehab. You’re thinking, “Oh, man, he’s messing up my fantasy team.” And I think that’s why you’ve seen the frustration from a lot of players saying they don’t care about your fantasy team. They don’t care about how it affects your fantasy because these are real players, this is real life, you know, this is real life for them, and this is their real job.

RUSH: I don’t know what the question was. The question is not detailed. It would help if we knew the question to put this answer in some kind of context. But there was a Seahawk running back that suffered a brutal injury late in that game, high ankle sprain and a blown I think patella tendon, and he was a seventh-round draft choice, long shot to make the team. He’s very, very popular on the team, and I think a lot of people were just mad the guy has been lost. He was apparently a good guy, and for some reason Sherman’s got a hard on out there about players and their fantasy teams and so forth.

Well, it’s the fourth hour, I can say that. He’s gotta bugaboo about the fans not being sensitive to the rigors the players go through and a fantasy team suffering the injury, but it’s a real injury, a real guy got hurt.

Frank Bruni or Bruni, I don’t know how he pronounces it, a story in the New York Times back on Sunday, September 30th. “Democrats, Please Get Ready to Lose.” It’s a story about the 2018 midterms and the upcoming 2020 presidential election. It prints out to like six pages, but don’t sweat it. I’m not gonna read much of it. It’s a very, very lengthy analysis of how the Democrats are poised, in their minds, to win everything back. And how they can’t wait to get started on it ’cause Trump is a reprobate, Trump is hated and despised, everybody knows it, everybody’s embarrassed, the Democrats are energized.

But that’s all they’ve got. The guy doesn’t mention a thing about what the Democrats are gonna be running on. He thinks that the Democrats, all they need is Never Trump, never again, Never Trump. They’ve got it in their heads that a majority of people are embarrassed, ’cause they believe their polls, they believe their focus groups that do not tell them the truth. They believe all this stuff.

They believe a majority of Americans now realize they made a mistake with Trump. A majority of Americans are embarrassed with Trump. A majority of Americans wish they could have their vote over again and they’ll get it in the midterms in 2018. And he says the Republicans are the usual hate-filled racist selves and free college tuition or free health care, automatic winners, when they’re not. There’s no reason to vote for Republicans. But also he gets honest. There’s no reason to vote for Democrats. His whole point, Democrats, get ready to lose.

He sets what he thinks is the table that would guarantee their big, big, big win, and then tells them: You guys don’t have a message. You’re not being honest with yourselves about who you are and why you lost. You haven’t given people a reason to vote for you yet, and Trump is not that reason.

At the same time, there’s no introspection about why they’ve been destroyed for a decade. There’s no acknowledgment of why they’ve been losing elections. It’s kind of a convoluted piece. The headline’s a little misleading because he thinks they’re gonna win big but he’s afraid they’re gonna blow it, so the headline: Please get ready to lose,” he should also say, “Unless you do what I’m saying here,” except what he’s saying here doesn’t provide an agenda or a recipe for winning.

Oh! Here’s — I was looking for this the other day. The fourth hour, I can get into this with literally no compunction whatsoever. It’s from PJ Media, Megan Fox. But she’s actually referencing a Los Angeles Times story. Are you ready for the headline? “Anal Cancer, the New Gay Epidemic the Media Won’t Talk About.” That’s not a National Enquirer headline. That’s PJ Media. I mean, Andy McCarthy writes for PJ Media. Roger Simon writes for PJ Media. It’s a highbrow piece, a highbrow place.

“The Los Angeles Times –” this is the beginning of the piece — “The Los Angeles Times calls anal cancer the next big crisis for the gay community. According to the American Cancer Society, the future looks grim.” And here’s a quote. “The American Cancer Society estimates there will be 8,200 new anal cancer cases in 2017. In the absence of national screening recommendations, more than 50 percent of these individuals will be diagnosed at stage III or IV, when five-year survival is less than 40 percent. This creates a major public health concern.”

Now, back to the piece by Megan Fox. The study shows that anal cancer comes from the sexually transmitted virus HPV. Uh-oh. What it doesn’t mention is why the gay community is so susceptible to contracting HPV. Perhaps the answer’s too politically incorrect for the LA Times. In other words, Megan Fox is saying that there’s a report in the Cancer Society that the next big crisis is anal cancer. But the LA Times doesn’t report why. They don’t say that anal cancer, the majority of cases, are coming from sexually-transmitted virus HPV, and they don’t say that the gay community is most susceptible to contracting HPV because none of that’s in the story. It’s just a story about anal cancer as though it’s a separate thing. But no explanation in the LA Times sorry for why. And Megan Fox here at PJ Media is explaining, hey, if you read the LA Times story, they didn’t tell you 90% of it here, gang. Here’s the rest of this. That’s what her piece is about.

NBC reported on a similar study that was done in Hawaii involving women who contracted anal HPV. They danced around the cause in an almost laughable way. NBC did. Do I have the second page? Yes. NBC. Here’s their report, “It’s not clear exactly how the women contracted anal HPV. Those who developed infections were more likely to be young and white, with lower levels of education and income and a history of multiple sexual partners, the study showed.” But we still can’t figure out why. It’s like 10 guys named Mahmoud Abdul Hakim and we can’t figure out if there’s a terrorist among ’em. “Women who engaged in anal sex were also at higher risk,though transmission could have occurred in other nonsexual ways. The findings are important because anal HPV infection is strongly linked with anal cancer.” That’s the NBC story. They’re reporting the rise in incidence, but they are getting nowhere near who is contracting it and why. “Nonsexual ways?” Megan Fox writing, “Really, nonsexual ways? What ways were those? The article does not elaborate but goes out of its way to deny the very findings discovered.”

So here’s her conclusion. “So what we have here is a clear warning that putting things. Let me reword. What we have here is a clear warning that putting things where they don’t belong could be a bad idea and yet the media is unable to report that clearly. Why? Could it be that the LGBTQWTF…” That’s her own — that’s funny — the LGBTQWTF. “Could it be that that lobby doesn’t want the media to share the details? Researching the negative effects of this is darn near impossible. Very little is written on the subject, even though we know infections and other things are common, no one will report on it. Instead, Teen Vogue magazine is writing how-to guides about anal sex and cancer for your minor daughters.”

And then she, Megan Fox at PJ Media, “If you want to know the truth it still exists on the American Cancer Society’s website. Until the gaystoppo found somebody’s telling the truth and put the kibosh on it.” Pretty funny. LGBTQ WTF, the gaystoppo.

Okay, let’s see here. We’ve got anything else? Yeah, there’s all kinds of stuff, Trump’s ratings, his media coverage mostly negative. That’s not big news. Have you heard that the IRS has hired Equifax? They’ve hired Equifax to help ’em collect. Equifax just had this big security breach. Seven and a half million-dollar no-bid contract, Equifax has been hired.

See, what did I — I haven’t gotten to the audio sound bites of me from the — ooh. This is a good first. Gotta save that. Folks, I think that’s about it here. I have the sound bites of me on the Friday night edition of Hannity. Oh, that’s right, haven’t gotten to the phones yet. You know what? No, no. No, no, no. No, no, no, no. Let me take one. What the heck. You know, I have been so consumed with getting to this stuff that I didn’t get to all week — that Dave in Pittsburgh has been holding. Dave, thank Mr. Snerdley for reminding me you guys are on hold out there. How are you doing?

CALLER: Good. Fourth time caller here, Rush.

RUSH: Well, it’s great to have you with us on the fourth, now into the fifth, hour.

CALLER: Yeah, I should have a blazer with a “4” on it or something. I’m in the fourth caller club. Before I get to my original point, I want to touch on quickly a caller in the third hour who’s blaming attorneys. I’m an attorney. Attorneys do not have the ability to create law. That’s done by leftist judges.

RUSH: Right. He was talking specifically about the criminal defense bar.

CALLER: Well, lawyers do not have the power to change anything. We put arguments up there. It’s up to the judge to throw the case out. Anyway, I just wanted to make that point, but —

RUSH: Look, as a lawyer, I’m sure you run — do you do criminal defense?

CALLER: Not really, but I’ve done traffic tickets.

RUSH: Well, here’s the thing. Take a mass murderer who’s obviously guilty, it happened on TV, people saw it, and yet here’s a lawyer trying to get him off. People don’t understand it, think the lawyer’s a sleazebag and when you try to tell ’em, “Hey, the guy is entitled to the best defense. It’s up to them to prove that he did it.” We don’t need any proof, we saw it. Doesn’t matter, they’ve gotta prove it. My point is some criminal defense guys get a bad rap for just doing their jobs. That’s where you’re supposed to say, “Rush, that’s exactly right.”

CALLER: Can I get to my original point here?

RUSH: I sense some frustration there. So, yeah, dive into it.

CALLER: No, I’m not frustrated.

RUSH: Head to it, head for it, go for it.

CALLER: All right. You got the left. Now, when the Obama administration was going on, they were going towards the mental illness thing when these mass shootings happen, we gotta get to the mental illness. And they’re kind of touching on it, but not so much ’cause they’re not in power anymore. But they need to find this motive. And the excuse to find the motive is so they can prevent this type of thing from happening in the future.

RUSH: Hm-hm.

CALLER: My question is, how are they gonna do that? This guy, the shooter, from what I understand, had a clean record. There is no red flags. What difference motive does it make? They’re not gonna prevent anything. If you take it to the next level —

RUSH: The reason they’re looking for a motive is to politicize it. And if they have to, if the guy has no record and if they can’t find anybody that can give them what they want to hear then they’ll find a way to suggest and let the Drive-By Media then promote an entirely made-up motive. That’s why they’re so interested in motive.

Now, some liberals also think that they can fix people, and so, if they find out this guy’s motive, that they might be able to stop the next guy from doing it, which is bogus, they can’t do it, but there’s also that aspect of liberalism. But I think the motive that they’re all looking — I’ll tell you about motive. I really worry that they’re gonna find what it is and not tell us, because it isn’t gonna fit whatever the politically correct requirements are. That’s what I worry about.

I mean, when they tell us that Hakim what’s his name blew up the Army base that was workplace violence, and when they tell us that the militant Islamist blew up the gay nightclub in Orlando and that that wasn’t terrorism, they lie to us. We know they will lie to us. We know that law enforcement and the military will lie to us about militant Islamic terrorism. But they will go to any length necessary to make sure nobody thinks that was behind whatever violence happened.

And, look, it happens once, that’s all you need. They lie to you once and you have to suspect that it can happen again. And that’s what I worry about. Folks, you look at this thing in Vegas, look at it one way, before it happens, what is our country like? Our country’s enraged. The left in this country is out of its mind! The left in this country is poisoned with rage! There are women wearing vagina hats on their heads running around the streets supposedly angry at what Trump did to ’em!

There is irrationality on parade all over this country! Leftist bloggers and videographers and people creating some of the most lunatic, insane rants. And they’re rancoring everybody up. I mean, the left is one gigantic, seething, raging pot of irrationality. So, in that atmosphere, in that circumstance, this happens? I think there’s a lot here that, in a logical progression, makes sense, but we don’t know for sure, so we can’t say.

But this guy had to be mad about something. He had to be angry at somebody or at something, and he had to be despondent. The media in this country is every day, 24/7, feeding the rage. They are feeding the anger. They are building it. They’re watering it! They’re nurturing it! They’re hoping it grows! They are making it impossible, if you pay attention to news, they’re making it impossible to go through the day with just a modicum of a positive attitude.

And yet the news today, there’s a couple things on Drudge, that economic optimism has never been higher. Well, not never, but, I mean, it’s over the top. People are expecting a burgeoning holiday season. That tells me that there’s a bunch of people not watching the news. There are a lot of people that have turned it off, ’cause I’m telling you, if you consume a steady diet of this stuff, you’re not gonna be optimistic about anything. And they’re feeding it.

Anger on college campus, anger over nothing! Anger over words! Now we’ve got polls that say, you know, 10% of people think violence is a proper answer to speech you don’t agree with. And it’s all being fed by these people on the left. So in that atmosphere, in that aura this thing happens in Las Vegas. Intelligence guided by experience. They’re gonna try to tell us gambling debts, the guy was feeling at the end of the day, at the end of the rope, he’s lost everything. We don’t know that’s true.

We don’t know anything, but I’m telling you that there are people just like the Trump dossier is fake and made up that are desperately trying to find some way to prove it to be true, even though it isn’t. And there are people here — what do you think? Let me ask you this. There are people who have control over this investigation, and I’m not talking about the sheriff and the people you see on TV. And I don’t know who the people are.

Don’t misunderstand. It’s not a conspiracy thought process here. There are people who are going to find out what the motive is. And what if they don’t want that motive known? That would result because everything’s become so politicized. Everything has been corrupted, when the left does it especially. ‘Cause liberalism itself is a corruption of decency and the values and American traditions.

And so if a motive is found that is harmful to the left, will we ever really be told? I don’t think so. All I know is that right now this is inexplicable, but it happened, and it happened in an era where more and more people are rationally mad as a way of existing. It’s not that they get mad for some of the day. They get up mad, they go to bed mad, they spend the day mad, and they fuel the anger. They want to stay mad. Was this guy one of those? Who knows. But it’s not like this all happened in the sea of tranquility.

And that’s it, folks. About an hour and a half here. So we’ve done a fourth hour and half of a fifth. This hour and a half live is probably equivalent of, what would you say, two hours if we had commercial breaks in there? And you should see the staff has been ready to go here for about an hour. They thought I’d do 30, 45 minutes. Snerdley’s been reading Playboy, any number of things in there. No, I’m making that up. But your head’s been down in something in there. Oh. Well go to the bathroom. Go to the bathroom. I gotta go put a jacket on and record a video here anyway.

Thank you, folks, for being with us. I don’t know how often we’ll do this, but when stuff piles up — and I still didn’t get to all of it today. But I got to most of the stuff that I wanted to. I didn’t get to the sound bites of me on Hannity from Friday, so we’ll hold those over, try to get those in on the radio show either tomorrow or Friday. And one call today, and that guy was mad. So I kind of blew that. Sorry about that. So still, I have to do this more to make up for what got botched here. Practice. Practice, yeah, practice the fourth hour, practice making sure I get all the elements in.

Anyway, thank you for being with us. Whatever has happened here will be preserved and you’ll be able to access, those of you who are members, you have to be or you wouldn’t be able to hear this. But it’ll be kept and preserved on file so you can access it, such as like on demand for the next couple of days. And at some point we will make this public, probably sometime next week, with no great fanfare. But it’s too good to keep hidden. It’ll be out there. And we’ll see you back here tomorrow at noon Eastern live revved and ready to do it all over again.

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