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Oct 4, 2017


“In the effort of the left to literally confiscate guns, because that’s what they want, they publish misleading statistics. And when you hear that more people have died by gunfire in America since 1968 than all loss of life in wars since the beginning of the country, you go, ‘Whoa!’ But it’s not true. Suicide’s not homicide. But they want you to believe that every gun death is the result of somebody killing somebody. And technically, it is, but the vast majority of deaths with guns in America are suicide. They are not homicide.”

“If you happen to be one of these lunatics on the left demanding that everybody be forced to give up their guns and you also believe that Donald Trump is the next Mussolini or Hitler, you realize what a great contradiction you’re making?”

The Rush 24/7 Exclusive Fourth Hour

“I’m gonna use a fourth hour today to try to whittle that Stack down some. Three hours here is not enough to get everything in, and I’ll admit to you, I’m feeling a slight bit of guilt in not being able to get all this stuff in.”

“There’s no mystery about what Trump wants to do. And who is stopping him? Yeah, the Democrats, but they always will. It’s his own party standing in his way, particularly over in the Senate. The Republican establishment is far more in debt to its donors and K Street and others than it is to its voters, and this is clearly illustrated in the roadblock that has been set up for the Trump agenda. Imagine you’re Trump. It’s gotta be frustrating as hell.”


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