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RUSH: Professor Miroslav Djordjevic is arguably the world’s leading genital reconstructive surgeon. I bet that has you hooked. He has a clinic in Belgrade, Serbia and also does surgery at Mt. Sinai hospital in New York. He’s busy. People the world over come to him to get work done on their equipment. Their package.

The professor says a new trend is emerging. Transgender people, no longer happy with their new lives, want their surgeries reversed. They want to go back to being who they were, before their transgender surgery. This process has a name. It’s called “de-transitioning.”

The professor says those who want to de-transition suffer from “crippling levels of depression” after they’ve transitioned. Some report being near suicidal. Who knew.

But the medical community, isn’t listening. There isn’t a lot of research because trans-people are politically correct; de-trans-people are not. But the professor says all the reversals he’s performed are on transgender women over 30 who want their original male equipment back.

Having a re-addadictomy, I guess you say fixadictomy, isn’t easy. It takes several operations and over a year to reattach the equipment. And it’s expensive around 20 grand.

But who cares about the cost? Especially when you’re missing such a big, or small, part of yourself. As the case may be. So now, we have men, women, transgender and “de-transgendered.” And LGBQTDTWTF! Sex is getting more complicated by the day! What ever happened to get in, get out?

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