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RUSH: We were among the first to mention yesterday this CBS employee, this executive by the name of Hayley Geftman-Gold. It was in the opening monologue of the program, and it probably got lost with many other things. But it was genuinely outrageous. Here is a lawyer, she is a counsel, staff lawyer for CBS, nothing to do with the news division. She’s in the junior executive suite. And she said that this shooting, well, it’s a bunch of Republican gun toters that got shot. They didn’t deserve any sympathy. She called Republicans “repugs,” as short for repugnant, and she said the repugs will never take action and do the right thing if they didn’t do anything when children were murdered. That’s obviously a reference to Sandy Hook. And then she said these people practically deserve to die ’cause they voted for Trump.

So CBS had to get rid of her. When she put all this on Facebook, CBS had to get rid of her. And CBS confirmed to the Washington Post that she was dismissed for her deeply unacceptable comments. “This individual who was with us for approximately one year violated the standards of our company and is no longer an employee of CBS. Her views as expressed on social media are deeply unacceptable to all of us at CBS. Our hearts go out to the victims in Las Vegas and their families.”

Her posts have now been deleted. The Daily Caller was first to report this, and they say she now sincerely regrets her indefensible and shameful post and she is deeply sorry for diminishing the significance of every life affected. You know, fine. Everybody apologizes. What was her gut reaction? What was her instinctive reaction? At the time she posted, 50 people were dead and over 400 had been wounded, and this woman, you talk about politicizing things, this woman, a CBS lawyer, senior vice president executive, starts talking how they deserved it. They voted for Trump. They don’t care about gun control. A bunch of gun-toting Republicans themselves. They don’t care about people. They deserved it.

My point about Hayley Geftman-Gold is she’s not alone. She just happened to be the first to post it where somebody saw it. But I’m telling you the extreme insanity that exists on the left is filled with people that had that reaction. These are the people that are corrupting everything they touch. These are the people trying to politicize everything in our culture and in our country. And these are the people that really harbor an almost incalculable degree of hate.

They think they are sweetness and light and that we conservatives and Republicans are the ones who are hatemongers, but these people are in a world all their own, where not only do they hate, but they have been poisoned and infected by it, and it governs everything they do. And their hate has been on high burner ever since the election.

So she did say what she really was feeling. She couldn’t wait to get it out there, what she was really thinking. But I want you to know she’s not alone. There are many more than you would believe who harbor almost identical sentiments as this woman shared on her Facebook page.

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