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RUSH: The Drive-Bys are trying to indict Donald Trump for not caring about Puerto Rico. Salon.com: “Missing In Inaction: Why Hasn’t Trump Ordered the Military to Puerto Rico?” It’s a thousand miles to get anybody there, and I don’t think they can land heavy aircraft in Puerto Rico yet. But Trump is. There’s all kinds of assistance heading into Puerto Rico.

This is another example of the Democrat Party or the American left not being able to innovate their 30-year-old playbook. Well, now it’s a 40- or 50-year-old playbook. They simply go to the right page, “How do you attack a Republican president? You wait for a disaster, claim he doesn’t care. You wait for a disaster, claim he’s a racist. You wait for a disaster, claim he doesn’t care about the poor. You wait for a disaster, claim he has no compassion for anybody because he’s a pig.”

Whatever it is, and they’re trying to revive it. I don’t know. There are times, folks, I actually think that this stuff is burning out, it isn’t working. And I will admit that there’s a lot of hope in that. But honestly I look at the status — the media has thrown everything they’ve got. They’ve thrown things at Trump that they have not thrown at other people, Republicans, and none of it — well, I say none of it’s worked. I’m sure that it has contributed to an ongoing image problem that Trump has among people that didn’t vote for him.

But it’s not stopping him, is the point. It’s not slowing Trump down. Trump is not affected by it, other than personally, and we don’t know about that. But in terms of Trump getting up every day, going to work and moving forward on his agenda, it’s not causing a stoppage at all. And that’s what they’re really after. And to the extent that they’re trying to damage Trump’s image, you know, that’s for future elections where they hope to elect Democrats.

Look at this. Politico. This is also a retread. “Puerto Rican Devastation Could Mean More Florida Voters” Now, how is that? “As Puerto Rico slips deeper into what many call a humanitarian crisis following Hurricane Maria, the island is primed for a mass exodus of what could be 1 million people — a sizable number of whom are expected to settle in Florida, the nation’s biggest swing state.

“That could well prove to be a boon to Democrats in a state which the past four top-of-the-ticket races have been decided by about a percentage point. ‘It’s going to mean a lot more people voting Democrat in Florida,’ Marco Rigau, president of the San Juan municipal assembly.” San Juan is mostly Democrats I guess they’re assuming.

The way the left looks at a tragedy is the real point. How is the left looking at this tragedy? How can this tragedy help the Democrat Party? You want to talk about cold. You want to talk about calculating. So we have an admitted humanitarian crisis. And here’s Politico calculating how it can help the Democrat Party.

Pelosi to Puerto Rico Native: ‘You Came to America.’ — House Democrats met to discuss the ongoing Puerto Rico crisis caused Hurricane Maria, and Pelosi contradicted herself when it was her turn to speak.”

She turned to Nydia Velazquez, who is Puerto Rican, she took the podium after Velazquez. “Pelosi then claimed that Velazquez ‘came to America’ when she moved from Puerto Rico to New York. ‘You were born and raised there and came to America to be a stark figure here,'” is what she said. “You became one of the first women to chair an entire committee in the Congress of the United States.” Pelosi said, “You came to America. You came to America.” These people, their worldview is distorted. It is perverted.

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