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RUSH: This is a story from Business Insider. Here’s the headline. Are you ready? “North Korea Is Apparently So Confused by Trump That It’s Asking U.S. Experts For Help— North Korea apparently is so confused by President Donald Trump that it’s asking U.S. experts for help understanding him.

According to a Washington Post report on Tuesday, government officials have been soliciting, via various back channels, U.S. experts with ties to the Republican Party for informal talks. ‘Their number-one concern is Trump,’ an unnamed analyst told Anna Fifield, the newspaper’s Tokyo bureau chief. ‘They can’t figure him out.'”

This is just where Trump wants the guy. So the little pot-bellied dictator doesn’t know what to make of Trump? Why do you think that is? What is Trump saying that is confusing? I’ve understood everything Trump has said. It’s clearer, it’s more succinct, it’s get in, get it, and get out than any diplo-speak you will ever hear. There is no way to misunderstand or be confused by what Donald Trump is saying, unless you’re used to dealing with people who never tell you the truth or when they do they disguise it in some way that you can’t ever pin it back on them.

Trump does not do diplomatic-speak. Trump does not do symbolism and all that. He gets in, gets it, and gets out. Donald Trump has been very clearly what’s gonna happen to North Korea if they don’t stop this stuff. And so now North Korea doesn’t know what this means and they’re asking U.S. experts to help them understand Trump. The problem with that is that the people they’re calling don’t understand Trump, either.


RUSH: North Korea, so confused by Trump, it’s asking U.S. experts — who would that be? Calling Madeleine Albright? Calling Bill Clinton? No, apparently they’re calling Republicans, asking, “What does it mean when Trump says that we’re going to be bombed out of existence? What does he mean by that?” Classic.

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