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RUSH: So Donald Trump has done it again. As you know, the Republican Senate is going back and forth here on supposedly getting close to a repeal and replace Obamacare bill. And once again Senator McCain has said that he will do what he can to kill it. He won’t support it, whatever, and if he doesn’t, it’s close to dead. Trump has lashed out and called McCain’s actions a slap in the face.

And I guarantee you the media, “How dare he! How dare he say these things. McCain is a decorated hero, a prisoner of war who was tortured. John McCain is a genuine — how dare –” But the American people, the Donald Trump base, it’s exactly what they are saying about McCain and have been for a long time.

Trump is in the process, I think, of redefining what a politician is. ‘Cause he’s clearly not a politician in the mold of the common, ordinary, everyday politician we’ve come to know and love — ahem — all these years. He clearly is establishing new boundaries, new guidelines, and what he’s doing — it’s very simple how he’s doing it.

He simply instinctively knows what a majority of Americans say or think in a specific instance about a specific issue and he says it. And I don’t think he has to study it. He doesn’t focus group it. He doesn’t poll it. He doesn’t say to some campaign consultant, “Go out and poll the American people and find out where we are on McCain.” He just goes out because he instinctively gets it. You can see it at his rallies.

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