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RUSH: Hey, we have a surprise report from the New York Times. Some in Silicon Valley think the tech world’s push for gender equality has gone too far.

The New York Times says that Silicon Valley has “long been identified as one of the most hostile work environments for women,” even though the place is dominated by liberals. Now go figure that.

So Human Resources departments are trying to equalize everything. The result is that Silicon Valley is a hostile work environment for men!

And there’s a backlash. When Google fired that 28-year-old Millennial engineer for posting his frustrations about nonstop diversity training, it sparked a new subculture. A movement focusing on “men’s rights” is quickly emerging.

The Times interviewed one guy who says the diversity requirements have created a “witch-hunt” atmosphere. He was interviewed from a soundproof booth out of fear he might be overheard. He said the reaction to anyone who voices incorrect opinions on gender “is almost religious — almost zealotry.”

Until recently, men opposed to Silicon Valley’s diversity obsession were considered fringe. Now, even investors are beginning to pay attention to their complaints. Recent studies show the line for what is considered sexual harassment is too easy to cross. And the tech world’s goal of “gender parity” might be too extreme.

I have a solution. Hire the best qualified regardless of gender. Simple. But as I said, the place is run by liberals and to libs “merit” is divisive. Not cool.

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