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RUSH: This is Rich in Oil City, Pennsylvania. Glad you called, sir. What’s happening? What’s shaking? What’s up?

CALLER: Hey, dittos, Rush. This is Rich from Oil City, and I’ve been with you since the Clinton administration. We’ve gone through illegal Chinese money, sold military technology, national security. With the Obamas we had spying on journalists, Benghazi. We had the IRS doing things against the conservatives and the Tea Party, violations. At what point do we just not care anymore? Why should we care? We have the reins of power to prosecute and nobody ever gets prosecuted. And all they really want is our money and our votes so that they, you know, keep us on the line, but nobody ever goes to jail for their crimes.

RUSH: Let me ask you a question. Is what prompted this the ongoing time being spent now on the latest involving the investigation of Manafort and Mueller’s investigation of Trump, are you asking why we should care about any of this?

CALLER: Yeah. And, believe me, I know that Trump is, you know, somebody in Trump administration is gonna probably be prosecuted because both sides don’t like him, and I think that he’s very vulnerable. But, you know, it seems that there’s a code for both sides that some people were just too big to ever be prosecuted. And, you know, look at Harry Reid, for instance. We know a lot of the things that he’s been involved in and —

RUSH: Yeah. But there is a prosecution underway that stuns me and that is of the Democrat senator from New Jersey, Menendez. And this is deep. This guy is in big trouble. They are really gunning for this guy. Your point is well taken. Where is the investigation? Where are the charges against Hillary Clinton and all this other stuff? Where are they? Well, you know the answer. Why should we care? Because nothing ever happens. And that’s the question that I want to answer. Why should you care? And I do have an answer for it.


RUSH: Half my brain tied behind my back just to make it fair. At the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Anti-Leftist and Anti-Media Studies.

And that’s the answer to the question, why do we care about it, why should you care? I’ll tell you why I care. I spend time dissecting the Manafort investigation, what Mueller is doing. I want you to understand who the establishment is, how they think. More than that, I want you to understand liberalism. I’ve said it I don’t know how many times: If more people could become ideologically rooted and educated and able to spot and then equate modern-day problems with their liberal causes, I have always believed that we could go a long way toward making liberalism a minority thing.

I know it looks like we’re losing ground, and maybe we are, but that’s the objective here. I’m a warrior on this stuff, folks. That’s why I spend time talking about it. I know that repetition’s necessary, people have to hear things over and over again before they remember them, before they become instantly recallable when you’re having conversations with other people. And to help things explain things that may appear to be one thing on the surface but have totally different real reasons why they’re happening.

I know Hillary is never gonna get charged. I know all that. Benghazi and her illegal emails, and I know all that; but there are people trying. Judicial Watch, there any number of people who are trying to see to it she gets held accountable. James O’Keefe with his Project Veritas stuff, all kinds of people trying. And they deserve attaboys. They deserve encouragement and applause when they succeed. It’s an ongoing thing. But it’s about something crucial: the future of the country and what kind of country your kids are gonna grow up in and inherit and someday lead, challenges they’re going to face.


RUSH: I want you to get ready for more of this. You know, we shared with you the story earlier today, University of Pittsburgh, students there have demanded — it’s a 15-point ultimatum that the asylum has received from the inmates. And among the 15 items demanded are all university police be disarmed and no Pittsburgh city cops to be allowed on the campus, and that would include sheriff’s office deputies. No law enforcement at all permitted on campus, and the university police must be disarmed.

Another item in the 15-point demand was forgiveness of all student loans and free tuition. And it’s not isolated. Students have been demanding free tuition for a while now. The snowflakes are raising hell. Remember, we just had news yesterday, public opinion survey, 20% of current college students believe that violence is not only justifiable, it’s called for against speech they don’t want to hear.

Forget the First Amendment, forget free speech, forget the university as a place of inquiry and openness and exploration of all ideas, concepts, theorems, and so forth. No, no, no, no. If you don’t say what they want to hear, 20% of them believe violence against you is called for, not just permissible, but called for. That’s from a nationwide survey of college students. University of Pittsburgh, free tuition, forgiveness of student loans, and banning of armed police on campus.

San Francisco, the city, “is suing five of the world’s largest oil and gas companies for the costs of sea walls and other infrastructure needed to protect against climate change. The lawsuit filed Tuesday in California court accuses the companies of ignoring warnings that fossil fuels would cause catastrophic global warming and mounting campaigns to discredit climate change science.”

There is no climate change science, folks. There are climate change forecasts based on climate change models. There is no empirical scientific data that human beings affect the climate. Any time you see the word “consensus” in science, throw it out. Science is not up to a vote. There cannot be consensus that confirms a scientific theory, precept, or concept.

Climate change is a political religion, but there’s no evidence. In fact, there hasn’t been any warming in 15 years. And so the way they’re dealing with it, “Well, that’s because our windmills and solar panels are working.” I’ve been wondering how long it would take them to acknowledge the no warming and to somehow pervertedly take credit for it.

They spent most of these 15 years denying the warming or the lack of warming, but now they’re acknowledging it. And the Washington Post even had that story yesterday acknowledging this could be a setback. They’re having to admit there hasn’t been any warming, and if there isn’t any warming, what does that mean of the models? And the computer models are all they have, just forecasts of what it’s gonna be 30 years from now when a lot of people aren’t gonna be alive to know whether they’re right or wrong, 50 years from now.

In 2100 there won’t be a Manhattan. The sea levels will have risen, but nobody alive today will be alive to know whether that’s true or not in 2100. They never predict what’s gonna happen next year with climate change, ’cause then they could be disproven. When I first heard of it back in the mid-eighties, the predictions always were 20 years from now, minimum. A guy named Oppenheimer is the first guy I saw talk about this. And he even admitted we can’t prove it, but he said we don’t have time to wait to find out if we’re right. We must assume that we’re right and start raising taxes and changing people’s behavior immediately.

So now San Francisco wants to sue oil companies because they are doing two things: They are causing climate change ’cause they’re investing and producing fossil fuels, and they’re denying it! They’re denying climate change! They’re lying! They’re deniers! They’re like the modern-day Nazis, and we’ve gotta sue ’em!

Now, if a judge doesn’t throw this out, folks, this is just the beginning. If the courts don’t slap this down and proclaim it to be frivolous and wacko, then this is gonna become a modus operandi for the left on global warming, suing the people and industries that they claim are responsible for it.

Hillary Clinton on her book tour says that Melania Trump isn’t doing enough about cyberbullying. “‘No, no and, look, I don’t think anybody is doing enough on cyberbullying,’ Clinton told Mic when asked if she thought Trump had enforced her platform. Trump condemned cyberbullying in her first United Nations speech in New York City on Wednesday.”

So Melania makes a speech on cyberbullying, and of course Mrs. Clinton’s reaction, “She’s not doing enough on cyberbullying.” Mrs. Clinton, why is there cyberbullying? You and Obama were there for eight years. Why aren’t these things fixed? Why is there still climate change? Why is North Korea still launching missiles? You had eight years to fix all this. You said you were gonna fix it when you ran for president. You lost, you got embarrassed and humiliated in your defeat. Why are all these things still issues?

You people had eight years. You had everything. You had the House. You had the Senate. You had the country. The country so wanted you all to do well. Botched health care, nothing. Now you blame Melania Trump for not doing enough on cyberbullying?

“Clinton told Mic that online harassment has a ‘particularly damaging effect on young people who are so influenced by and personally affected by what is said about them or said to them.'”

Well, what’s the solution for that? I mean, if these people are upset by what’s being said to them or about them, then we need to shut those people up, right? We need to call ’em bullies. I will wager that half, if not more, of these cyberbullies are the same people leaving caustic, mean-spirited comments anonymously all over the World Wide Web. They’re dishing it out as well. But they do so gutlessly and anonymously.

Have you seen this? Hungary, the country, Hungary builds a wall, and they’ve cut illegal immigration by over 99%. “Hungary has slashed illegal immigration by over 99 per cent after rolling out a series of powerful border fences in response to the European migrant crisis.” You know where else there isn’t any of this as a problem? Poland. Poland does not permit any refugees. Poland doesn’t permit any illegal immigrants, and they don’t have a crime problem, they don’t have a terrorism problem, and the European Union says that’s not fair.

The president of France called ’em out, it’s not fair, you need to start taking some immigrants and some refugees so that you can get your share of terrorism, so you can get your share of crime. He literally said it, folks. It’s not fair that Poland doesn’t have their own share of this. Liberalism spreading misery equally and calling it fairness.

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