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RUSH: We’ll start here in Queens. This is Frank. It’s great to have you, Frank. How you doing?

CALLER: Oh, good. Thank you, Rush. A true honor, Rush. A real honor. Thank you.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: Rush, you have such a good way of predicting what’s happening. Look in your crystal ball. What’s gonna happen with Mueller at the end? What is he gonna do? What is he gonna say after this investigation?

RUSH: Well, I don’t know specifically what he’s gonna say, but he’s got 17 lawyers, the vast majority of them Clinton. You know, that is a staff size that’s unprecedented in a special counsel investigation. You don’t have nearly — you may have six lawyers. This is plus all the investigators that are out there. Most of these people are dyed-in-the-wool Democrats, donors, and so forth, supporters of Clinton, Obama.

I don’t know what he’s gonna say, Frank, but he can’t afford to come back and say he didn’t find anything. Can’t afford that. The establishment has too much riding on what Mueller’s job is here. He can’t come back and say there’s nothing, and he can’t say, “You know what? When we were investigating, what we really found was illegal activities by Hillary Clinton and her team.” Can’t say that. I mean, Mueller wants to stay in the establishment.

Mueller is one of these invisible, for lack of a better word, he would be one of the pooh-bahs in it, folks. You never see him in the news, nobody ever associates anything with him other than he is a lawyer at a white-shoe firm. He is and would be one of the people that can kick you out of it or let you in it. They’ve got to find something. And they’re gonna keep going until they do. Because the purpose of this investigation is to ultimately find something they can impeach Trump with. That’s what this is.

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