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RUSH: Now, Mr. Snerdley asked me an intriguing pregunta during the bottom-of-the-hour break. He wanted to know if I thought La Raza and the leftists showing up to basically shut down Nancy Pelosi’s press conference on DACA and the DREAMers — we played the sound bite for you yesterday, and it was brutal. These are people that you would think would love Pelosi and Schumer, Chuck and Nancy, ’cause they’re Democrats and they’re pro-amnesty, they’re pro-immigration.

And yet the DREAMers and the DACA people show up, and they shut it down. They’re calling her a liar, and they’re saying, “You don’t believe any of this,” and they basically took over her press conference, drove her away from the podium. It was a remarkable thing to see. You would expect them to try that at a Republican representative town hall. But they did it to Pelosi.

Snerdley’s question, “Is this a one-off, or is there really a split now between some of these militant pro-amnesty immigration groups and the Democrat Party?” And I don’t know yet, but I’ll tell you what I think could be happening here. What is the Democrat Party, folks? When you get right down to it, what is it? It has always been a coalition of individual interest groups.

You’ve had Big Labor, you’ve had the feminazis, you have had African-Americans, you’ve got the immigration crowd, you’ve got the gay community, and now the trans community. Take any other left-wing interest group, they’re all on the left, and they all vote for the Democrat Party.

Now, individually, these groups do not share identical agendas. What is it these groups all have in common? There’s one or two things, aside from the special interest nature, like the pro-amnesty crowd. I mean, they care about immigration and amnesty and getting into the country with no penalties and whatever. And then the militant gay community, they care about gay marriage, gay rights, gay this, bathrooms, trans, all that.

And then Big Labor. They care about whatever they care about, and the African-Americans. What is it that has united this coalition and has made it unified to the point that it routinely and regularly and expectedly votes Democrat? Let me throw one thing else into the mix, because this — I mention it a lot because I think it’s a big deal — in November of 2011 the Obama administration politically, the Obama campaign made a decision to discard from this coalition white working-class voters.

Now, a lot of those people are union. A lot of them are actually blue-collar, but the political clarification or qualification or description is white working-class, which means middle or lower middle class. And the Democrats decided to stop trying to get their support. The Democrats decided that their future was as the unifying clearinghouse for every minority group there is. Minority groups that we know, minority groups we’ve never heard of, minority groups that are gonna be created.

Well, no group that’s made up of white people can ever be considered a minority. The Democrats thought it would be a problem if they had to have a message that appealed to white working-class voters that also appealed to all these other various coalitions: the African-Americans, the Hispanics, the gays and lesbians and the trans.

So they did it via a new column, one of the credited columnist, Thomas B. Edsall, used to be at the Washington Post, now is basically a campaign advisor. Democrats wrote the piece, and that was the official announcement in November 2011, Democrats were casting aside white working-class voters. Guess who scooped them up, by the way? That would be the Trumpster. Trump scooped them up; the Democrats have lost elections before that. They lost elections ever since they did that.

The one thing that kept them unified, all these different groups, the one thing that kept them unified, there was more than one, but the one thing that kept them unified was absolute hatred for anybody on the right, be they a Republican, be they conservative, be they Libertarian, absolute hatred. Raw hatred for us is what unified all of those other groups. The Democrats relied on that and I think took a lot of it for granted.

And I think a lot of these groups are beginning to realize that they have been taken for granted. Look at the African-American population. Look at what the Democrats have promised them and look at the what the Democrats have assured them versus what they’ve gained, and it’s not close. And look at the illegal immigration crowd that wants amnesty. Despite the Drive-Bys, we’re not moving in that direction. With Donald Trump as president, fewer and fewer are trying to get in. There is constant talk of building the wall.

We are already moving mountains to enforce existing immigration law. It’s not moving in the Democrats’ direction. With the feminazis, it was always abortion and hatred for pro-lifers. Well, now, what happens — one other thing: the belief in expanding, growing government as the source of all money and power. Those were the two things that unified. But at some point, I always thought that these groups were gonna have to start analyzing whether or not all this money that they’re donating and all this time is actually worth it.

The eight years of Obama did not help African-Americans. The eight years of Obama — I mean, we’re going backwards on everything — they’re going backwards on everything Obama touted. We’re trying to repeal and replace Obamacare, and the effort is ongoing, and Trump makes it sound like he’s gonna get this done at one point or another.

So I think it’s possible — we don’t know yet — but I think it’s possible that these groups may be tired. The Democrat Party’s the same old faces, and they’re old now, and it’s the same old assurances and the same old promises, but they’re not able to keep them. So I think some of these groups are getting frustrated with the lack of progress, despite all the money they’re donating and all the time they’re giving. I mean, look at them. They’re protesting. They’re rioting. And it isn’t changing anything.

Nothing is getting better for them as far as they are concerned. And who are they relying on to make it all better? The Democrat Party. So with the immigration crowd, the DREAMers that showed up at Pelosi’s event, whether that’s a one-off or not, time will tell. But I think the Democrats are in more trouble on this score than anybody’s willing to acknowledge. Because this is a party that’s getting older and weaker and smaller. Their fundraising at the national level is so far behind the RNC, it’s amazing.

And the Republicans, believe me, are not loved and adored by their supporters. They could be making such progress in the face of all this. And it’s an opportunity being blown. We had a story yesterday or the day before, somebody positing that we might, because of Trump and because he’s got no ideological grounding and he’ll go wherever he has to go to succeed, he’ll go wherever he has to go in the political spectrum to make something work, get something done, this guy theorized we could be witnessing what nobody ever thought possible, and that is the actual dissolution of the dominance of our politics by two political parties.

Now, if that’s happening, that’s not gonna happen overnight, either. Because there’s no third party to replace yet. But what if Trump decided to go that way? What if somebody who has the ability to draw votes and to influence people like Trump does decided to go that way? So we’re really in some unknown territory here with a lot of distinct possibilities and the possible evaporation and breakdown of the entire political system that we’ve all had throughout our whole lives.

But the Democrats are in trouble. So are the Republicans, folks. They need not to be. The Democrats have no way out of their mess. The only way out of their mess is to lose all these coalitions, which they can’t afford to because that would end the money and flow. So this is why it’s such a golden opportunity. I look at it and I see it’s not being capitalized.


RUSH: Here’s Hudson in Normal, Illinois. Hudson, great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, to your point about Democrats trying to divide groups, this is an observation about dividing males from females.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: Last night I watched MSNBC election night 2016, and I noticed two things to that point. Number one, at Hillary’s event when you would usually see them in groups of four, five, or six, they were generally unattractive, but that’s not really my point. But they were rarely with guys. And if you looked at the women at the Trump event, you frequently saw a woman with a man. And, you know, that’s quite a stark difference. And then I realized, well, we know that married women vote far more conservatively than single women. And then I remembered what Hillary said last week, that she was blaming men, husbands for talking their wives out of voting for her —

RUSH: Right. I remember that.

CALLER: — or boyfriends. So I think this anti-male sentiment is much like immigration: It sounds like, oh, we’re really for you poor women, but really it’s a voter drive, because they know the natural inclination of a woman to be with a man basically eats away at their liberal base.

RUSH: Now, that’s interesting. I’d have to look during the break, but I know that single women vote far more Democrat than married women do, but I don’t know that the advantage for Republicans is that great among married women. But your observation that women at the Hillary rally were in groups of five or six with no men and the opposite at the Trump rally, that’s not hard to explain

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