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RUSH: Tim in Boca Raton. Thank you for waiting. How you doing?

CALLER: Good. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, sir.

CALLER: My question is do you think that Russia and China would actually like to see us invade North Korea in order to find out what our military capabilities are, being we’d have to pull out almost every trick in the book to do it?

RUSH: To be honest, I don’t think the ChiComs have any doubt about our military commitment. Sorry. Capability. In vanquishing the Norks, we wouldn’t have to use 10% of our capability. I think what you might mean, would they like to see what our commitment is. What will we actually do? I mean, Trump has made it clear here that if rocket man goes off the path one too many times, we’re gonna destroy ’em.

Okay, what does that mean? Now, the ChiComs and Russia are enemies of ours. And any other enemy of ours is potentially their friend. Anything that can destabilize us — this is something — you talk about things not being taught, the truth of Putin and the Russians and his desire to reconstitute the Soviet Union. Even though he may not have a burning desire to go communist, he wants authoritarian totalitarianism.

The ChiComs, they’re trying to mix everything they’ve got. In one area, they are as capitalistic as any place on earth. But their government isn’t, and while they engage in capitalism to an extent, in terms of production and profitability and so forth, they still want to maintain an iron-fist control on their population, economically, attitudinally, ideologically, any number of things. North Korea is an ally of the ChiComs. They trade. There’s a border. The ChiComs I think would be — this is something foreign policy experts have a better finger on the pulse than I. But the ChiComs may not happily applaud anything that takes out the Norks. Certainly not any successful United States military incursion on their border.

Now, for all of these decades we have relied on the ChiComs to rein in whoever’s running North Korea. And the ChiComs have always made it look like they’re doing so and are interested in doing so. But obviously whatever they’re doing, it’s not enough with this guy, because this guy’s actually launching missiles. But communist China and Russia are huge enemies of the United States and enemies in any number of ways, ideological enemy, way-of-life enemies, economic enemies.

It’s not one big, happy family on the globe. What’s always kept the peace is American superiority. The world has always known what we can do. The world has always known our capabilities. What they question from time to time is our commitment, our willingness. I mean, it was not hard to figure out with Barack Hussein Obama they had nothing to fear. With Trump, that’s a different equation. With Reagan it was a different equation. With Clinton, they really didn’t think they had anything to fear.

Liberal Democrats are not eager for successful military campaigns, even under their watch. Because the United States military, in their worldview, is one of the major problems in the world. Military failures, while they don’t applaud them. Look at the Democrat Party and the Iraq war. They were actively seeking the defeat of the United States military, all for the purposes of destroying George W. Bush so they could win the White House in 2008.

But as to whether or not they would like to see us invade to get an idea what our military capabilities are, they don’t need us to invade to know that. They know that there’s nothing that can compare with the United States military. Now, one area we can’t compete with the ChiComs is the number of troops. They’ve got a billion people. They could lose people on the battlefield for four years and never miss a thing. We can’t do that. But warfare is often, in the modern era, outside a place like Afghanistan, not fought that way anymore, or it doesn’t have to be.

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