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RUSH: Folks, there’s something new happening in the climate change world. A couple of pieces here and one of them at the U.K. Telegraph. You know what? Headline: “Climate Change Not As Threatening to Planet as Previously Thought, Says New Research.” And this is from climate change scientists. This is not from the, quote, unquote, deniers. It’s fascinating. It’s not warming, folks, and in fact in some places it’s cooling, and so the climate change fascists have to have an explanation. And wait ’til you hear what it is.


RUSH: On the global warming story, I don’t need to spend a whole lot of time with this. U.K. Telegraph: “Climate Change Not As Threatening to Planet As Previously Thought, New Research Suggests.”

Now, don’t start throwing a party. This is the same climate change leftists, but they’re having to face a reality. The arctic ice caps are not melting, they’re getting bigger. There’s more ice. Expeditions to the North and South Pole to investigate global warming are resulting in the expeditions getting caught in ice they didn’t think was there and having to be rescued. The planet is not warming, according to the model predictions. And, by the way, they even say this. They say the problem is in the models. The models are not correct.

Now, here’s the kicker. What they are saying, it’s almost laughable. “Climate change poses less of an immediate threat to the planet than previously thought because scientists got their modelling wrong, a new study has found. New research by British scientists reveals the world is being polluted and warming up less quickly than 10-year-old forecasts predicted, giving countries more time to get a grip on their carbon output. An unexpected ‘revolution’ in affordable renewable energy,” is the reason.

So what they’re saying is, “Our models were wrong. It’s not warming as fast? It’s not warming as fast. It may be cooling in some places. This is good news! Now we have more time to fleece the United States. Now we have more time to inculcate and make our climate change demands.” And they’re crediting windmills and solar.

I’ve been wondering when they were gonna do this. Mr. Snerdley, you know, I’ve been wondering. I’ve been asking all this time, with no warming for 15 years, why aren’t these clowns taking credit for it? And the answer always was, they can’t afford their models to be wrong. Obviously they can’t afford to ever be wrong because if they admit to being wrong they open themselves up to being wrong forever after.

So they had a built-in opportunity. “Hey, yeah, we admitted it isn’t warming for 15 years. That’s because our policies are saving the planet and we need to do more of our policies, more windmills, more solar.” And now they’ve figured it out, so that’s what they’re doing here. Keep a sharp eye. This is the first such effort. It’s in the U.K., it’s British scientists, but I am predicting you’re gonna hear a strain of this.

There’s gonna be an argument in the climate change crowd because they’re not gonna like the fact that this admits the models were wrong. If they ever really admit that, then they’ve got a big problem going forward. Their whole pitch has been you can’t question us. There’s a consensus of us. You can’t question us. Our models are exactly right. Our forecasts are on the money. We are not wrong. You are a denier if you question us. Now this bunch in Britain has come along and said, “Well, the models are a little bit off” and so forth and so on. So keep a sharp eye. They are crediting their policies for the fact that they’re wrong about warming.

Massive arctic ice gain over the past five years — Real Climate Science piece — Arctic Sea Ice is Up 40% Over this Date Five Years Ago. That is not insignificant. A 40% increase in ice at the North Pole from five years ago? And yet, here’s the old stand by New York Times. “Despite Rising Seas and Bigger Storms, Florida’s Land Rush Endures.”

This is a story criticizing people for moving to Florida. How dare you, you idiots. Sea levels are rising, the storms are getting worse because of climate change, and still these idiots are moving to Florida, and developers are developing. Totally oblivious. It’s not a parody. It actually would be a great parody site post, but it isn’t.

And would you like to hear this bit of news on climate change? This is from the Washington Times: “Closing U.S. coal plants will do nothing to curtail global warming given the world is adding new coal plants at a far faster rate than it is shutting them. For instance, China has 2,363 plants and is adding another 1,171 for a total of 3,534. India has 589 coal plants and is adding another 446 for a total of 1,035. The U.S. has 589 coal plants, but is reducing the number,” because of idiots and because of policies like Obama and what Hillary would have done.

Trump is going to reverse this. They’re trying to tell us that hurricanes are stronger because — the ChiComs and India are adding coal-fired power plants, and, meanwhile, the Paris accords, all these nations are promising to make advancements on reducing C02 — just such a joke!

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