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RUSH: First it was the DACA and the DREAMers, and over the weekend I see that Trump wants to go back into the Paris climate accords, and it was the Wall Street Journal. I mean, the Wall Street Journal, they’re iffy on occasion, but they’re not generally known as routine fake news. You don’t first assume fake news when you see something in the Wall Street Journal. And it turns out it was fake news, maybe. Rex Tillerson says (paraphrasing), “We’re thinking about heading back into Paris,” and H.R. McMaster says no way we’re going back into Paris.

If that happens, that’s a bigger deal than the DACA thing. The DACA thing is a small subset of illegal immigration, but if we dovetail and do a 180 and head back into the Paris climate accords, even if we renegotiate for, quote, unquote, more favorable terms, that would be very problematic for me. I’m just telling you, I don’t know where the rest of you come down on it, but that would be a big, big deal and a big, big problem for me. You can have fun with that all you will, but apparently it’s not the case. We will try to unpack it and unravel it as the program unfolds.


RUSH: I mentioned at the top of the program the Wall Street Journal had a story on Friday. I think it was Friday. The days last week run together. It might have been Saturday, Sunday. The story was that the Trump administration was not going to actually pull out of the Paris climate accords as Trump has announced twice. There was a meeting of administration figures and a U.N. climatologist in Canada. And the Journal reported that Americans from the Trump administration at this meeting said that Trump was seriously considering reentering the Paris climate accords, but he wanted to reopen it and negotiate better terms.

My heart sank. My first reaction was, “I hope this is fake news.” But then I treated it as though it wasn’t, ’cause it could have been real, and that, to me, would be a deal breaker. That issue is everything the left wants. Everything they want to screw up this country and to advance their agenda is in the whole climate change issue, everything. The growth of government, the increase of taxes, the blaming of the people for the problem, the reduction of progress, moving backwards technologically.

Progress is what they blame, and they blame the United States primarily for it for climate change. I don’t even believe that we can cause it. I do not deny it happens because you’d have to be an idiot. Of course the climate changes. But I believe it’s too complex for anybody to understand. I don’t believe a consensus agrees in science exists. You can’t have science up to a vote. I just don’t believe we have the power to cause it because we obviously don’t have the power to change what we would be doing to cause it. We can’t stop it from happening. How could we cause it?

It is a giant left-wing issue and brain-dead liberals have bought it hook, line, and sinker. Young people have been convinced because they’ve grown up being told the world isn’t gonna be here by the time they’re 60. They are scared to death. They can’t afford not to believe it. They’re totally all-in. Everything the left wants, brainwashing, propaganda, turning people away from self-reliance and individualism, everything they want is in this issue. And the greatest thing Trump has done so far’s pull us out of the Paris deal. It doesn’t get much play, but it’s every bit as important as immigration, every bit.

And when I read that they want to reenter it, “Okay, Bannon’s gone, Reince Priebus is gone, and who’s left?” Democrat liberal influences on Trump, family members, Gary Cohn and his group net worth, and Tillerson, he’s apparently a believer from his Exxon days ’cause they have to be, they have to the look like they care, by being in Big Oil. And I’m saying, oh, this can’t be. This is worse than not repealing Obamacare, or as bad. And then the news came out later that that’s fake news. That the White House immediately denied it but the denial was a nondenial denial.

The denial did not comfort me. The denial confirmed the story a little bit. “Well, yes, we want better terms.” What do you mean, better terms? You don’t need terms if you’re not in it. Let the rest of the world punish themselves. We don’t need to join this. This is insane! Then I arrive here today and I see a Breitbart story acknowledging that the Wall Street Journal story is fake news, but I haven’t seen that said anywhere else.

Then I got the audio sound bite roster that I could not use on TV the way I’m gonna use it here. And I’ve got Tillerson saying we do want to get back into Paris, and I got H. R. McMaster saying, no freaking way. Now, Tillerson’s a cabinet member, secretary of state. H. R. McMaster looks like — you know, this guy, have you seen H. R. McMaster? Put a couple earrings on this guy, and he is Mr. Clean cleaning up your kitchen. Dead ringer for Mr. Clean.

You Millennials may not know who Mr. Clean is. Do they still make the stuff? Oh, they do? Well, then the Millennials do know who Mr. Clean is. Well, unless Millennials hire people to clean their places for ’em. Oh, and then there was a story last week, bald guys are considered the sexiest and the most dominant, the alpha male bald guys, apparently women swoon. You learn things every day. So I’ve got these two sound bites. I don’t know what to believe now. I do not know what to believe.


RUSH: Okay. Yesterday morning on Fox News Sunday Chris Wallace speaking with the national security adviser H.R. “Mr. Clean” McMaster of our reports that the Trumpster has decided against pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. Question: “There’s a report this weekend that says Mr. Trump is not gonna pull out of the Paris deal. That we may reduce our commitment to curb greenhouse gas emissions, but he’s gonna live with the agreement, say is in the agreement with a reduced commitment. Is that true, sir?”

MCMASTER: No, it’s false. That’s a false report. The president decided to pull out of the Paris Accord because it was a bad deal for the American people and because it was a bad deal for the environment.

WALLACE: So he’s out of the Paris Climate Accord?

MCMASTER: He’s out of the Paris Climate Accord. But he said the door’s open, the president’s ears are open, though, if at some point they decide that they can come forward with an agreement that addresses the president’s very legitimate concerns about Paris.

RUSH: See, they’re leaving the door open here. Even after the denial they’re leaving the door open. He’s right, it is bad for the environment. The Paris Accord doesn’t do anything. That’s the crazy thing. The Paris Accord is nothing but a symbolic POS. It’s just a symbolic thing. What it is, is nations promising to try to reduce CO2 by whatever amount they fill in the blank. That’s all it is!

But when you sign on to it you’re essentially agreeing with the premise that the United States is leading the way in the destruction of the climate. And I’m sorry, folks, but I just can’t accept it. It isn’t true. And I’m so tired of my country being blamed for everything when we are the solution to the world’s problems, not the cause. We have time? Yeah. Here’s Tillerson. He’s on Face the Nation. Asked the same question. “Trump said it was time to exit, so what is the administration position on this, Secretary Tillerson?”

TILLERSON: Our position’s being led and developed by Gary Cohn over at the National Economic Council —

RUSH: Uh-oh. Uh-oh.

TILLERSON: — but the plan is for Director Cohen to consider other ways in which we can work with partners in the Paris Climate Accord. We want to be productive; we want be helpful. The U.S. actually has a tremendous track record on reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions.

REPORTER: So there’s a chance that if things get worked out, both on the voluntary side from the U.S., voluntary restrictions for the U.S., that it could change, but then also with China, there’s a chance the U.S. could stay in the accord; is that right?

TILLERSON: I think under the right conditions.

RUSH: So there you have it. So you have McMaster denying but leaving the door open, and Tillerson saying, “Oh, yeah, if we can renegotiate this thing, so that it’s what we want in there, we’ll do it.” Now, I know you Trump supporters think, if Trump does it, it’s gonna be great. Folks, I’m tell, signing on to this thing is the equivalent of agreeing with the premise of the leftists that we are causing it, not just us, but we’re the leader of the bad guys here.

We are the most technologically and highly advanced culture, society, country in the world, and that’s what they claim, the emissions of all these fossil fuel usages, CO2, is causing it. It’s bogus. None of this is rooted in specific truth. And I just cringe at the thought we can — ah, this is not good.


RUSH: Here’s the latest from Politico. This is about an hour or so ago on Gary Cohn. Gary Cohn is the economic guy. He is a liberal Democrat, and he’s Trump’s economic adviser. And don’t ask me how he’s there. I would guess Jared Kushner. And Trump I’m sure knows him. He’s a Goldman Sachs guy. Trump knows these New York people. But he’s a liberal Democrat. And he’s the guy you heard Tillerson say, “Well, Secretary Cohn said, Director Cohn is considering other ways which we can maybe be involved in the Paris deal.”

Yeah. So an hour ago Politico says: “Top White House Aide Seeks to Clarify U.S. Stance on Paris Deal.” What’s to clarify? We’re out of it. Trump has announced it twice. There was an announcement, and there was an actual maneuver. We actually signed something that took us out of it. Obama had put us in it. We actually signed to remove ourselves from it. I thought it was a done deal. Now all of a sudden this thing bubbled up to the surface again. And here’s what The Politico says.

“During a breakfast meeting in New York City on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly, White House National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn sought to clarify the U.S. stance after a report that the Trump administration planned to remain in the pact sparked global confusion. Cohn told about a dozen international energy ministers that the U.S. was prepared to withdraw –” I thought we already had “– if it doesn’t secure better terms.” I thought we weren’t trying to, I thought we had pulled out of this. This is according to two people present at the meeting who asked for anonymity to discuss the private meeting.

“The sources added that Cohn offered few details on what precisely the U.S. wants, but stressed that the administration wants to continue engaging with other countries on energy and climate issues broadly. ‘We are withdrawing and we made that as clear as it can be. I don’t know how to say it any more clearly,’ Cohn said at the meeting, according to a third person.”

We are withdrawing. It’s clear they’re negotiating. It’s clear they want to sign this thing. This thing, again, I’ll tell you what it is. It’s nothing. It doesn’t commit anybody to anything. It’s a bunch of pages of nothing. It’s the signatory nations promising and pledging to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and accomplish other so-called useful things to reduce climate change by 2020, 2030, 2040. The usual pap. And under normal circumstances you can sign it and it wouldn’t mean beans ’cause it doesn’t bind anybody to anything and there’s no penalties in it if you don’t. It’s pure bunk.

But the very fact of signing it accepts a premise that Trump did not campaign on. He doesn’t believe climate change is a Chinese hoax. He says that for humor. But he does know what climate change is. It is a left-wing political agenda issue. And it’s their religion. If there’s any left-wing or, say, Millennial people listening to me, they hate me right now. Everything I’ve said about this, because it’s tantamount to somebody attacking Jesus if you’re a Christian. You don’t want to hear what they have to say. You don’t want to debate ’em. You don’t want to argue about it. That’s what it is to these people.

It is their religion, and I am an agnostic, I’m a heretic, I’m whatever else. They are not interested. They so believe it. It gives their life meaning. It gives them something to do. They can save the planet, for crying out loud. What a great, great achievement to be part of. Thirty years I’ve been on this, 30 years. This has been a hoax, 30 years.

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