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RUSH: I saw the greatest video today, saw a tweet video, somebody sent it to me. Boise State, you know, you people don’t see this because TV doesn’t show you, but after every kickoff there’s a tee out there at the 35 yard line, and they have to go get it, because it is a hazard. You know, a player could trip on it or turn an ankle on it or what have you. Normally a sideline employee for the team hustles out there after the kickoff return is blown dead.

Boise State has a dog on the sideline with its trainer, a woman, and she signals the dog to go out and get the tee. The dog gets it. Happy as it can be, brings it back, stopped about five yards short of the sideline, dropped it, played with it a little bit, and brought it back to the sideline. Cutest thing. If you love animals, it’s the cutest thing.

The Houston Oilers had the greatest guy ever, Mojo, who became a star. He was an employee for the Oilers, he became a star running out to get the tee and running off to bring it back to the sideline. Ask people in Houston. They’ll know what I’m talking about, Mojo.

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