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RUSH: Now, yesterday on the program, the primary topic was Trump and his maybe deal with Chuck and Nancy on allowing the DREAMers to stay in the United States. There is a lot more on that since yesterday, but I don’t want to spend the whole program on it like we did for most of yesterday, but we do have additional information and some other thoughts. One of the things I saw that I must admit, it got me…

Mickey Kaus (who is not known as a conservative but he has his moments) made an almost a casual throwaway observation, and I had never thought of it this way. But what’s your reaction when you hear there is no country in the world that permits children from foreign countries to legally become citizens after illegally coming to the country? Not a single country in the world. And yet that’s what we’re talking about. I don’t know how many of these DACA people or DREAMers are actual kids.

That’s another thing. I’m not really sure exactly who these people are. We’re told it’s a number of 800,000. But stop and think of that. Because if that’s all it took — all you had to do was come here as a child or anywhere else and you’re automatically a citizen because you’re a child — that’d be the end of it. That would be the end of any immigration policy. That’s why no country permits it, and yet we are on the verge here of perhaps doing it.


RUSH: Now, back to Donald Trump and Chuck and Nancy and the DREAMers. In addition to who are they, we also have some new information today from a Morning Consult poll. Now, yesterday we took quite a few calls, not nearly enough to base anything scientific on it. It’s nothing more than anecdotal. Every caller that we took on this is an ardent Trumpist, totally loyal Trumpster. We didn’t take a single call from a Trump voter who was in any way upset that Trump is reaching out to Chuck and Nancy.

We didn’t take a call from a single Trump voter who was upset that Trump may participate in letting the DREAMer kids, whoever they are, stay here. You know, Pelosi’s saying, “We want a full path to citizenship, and we’re not gonna fund the wall.” And Trump says, “Well, we’re not gonna do anything if we don’t fund the wall. We’ll fund the wall when I want to fund the wall. It’s gonna get paid for, and we’re gonna do it,” and so forth. “And we’re not talking amnesty.” Trump says, “We’re not talking amnesty. But I don’t want to kick ’em out. They’re kids.”

And then Mickey Kaus with a great point: There’s not a single country in the world that does what we’re about to do here. Not a single country that has immigration law or immigration policy that exempts children and lets them stay and become citizens just because they’re children, not a single country does.

Remember Steve King yesterday, congressman from Iowa, Steve King said — and he was joined by a number of otherwise famous Trumpists and Trump voters who said, “If he does this, if Trump does this deal with Chuck and Nancy, if there’s anything approaching amnesty for DACA or the DREAMer kids, he’s gonna lose his base, that’s it, it’ll be over.” And a lot of people thought that. And you can’t blame ’em. Immigration and Trump’s position on it is the number one issue why he got elected.

So Morning Consult released a poll yesterday. And among people who voted for Trump, 67% of them support citizenship or permanent residency. Sixty-seven percent of the people who voted for Trump are perfectly fine with the deal. Perfectly fine with either the DACA kids, whoever they are, the DREAMers. We’re talking 800,000, and everybody thinks they’re kids, so we’ll go with that. Sixty-seven percent of Trump voters think, “Fine and dandy, they could become citizens. Of, we don’t care if they don’t become citizens, but we’ll let them stay. They can become residents.”

Twenty percent say what Steve King said. Twenty percent said, “If this happens, we’re outta here. If this happens, Trump has betrayed us.” Morning Consult poll. Another 12% say they don’t know. They’re still trying to figure out one of the freedoms mentioned in the First Amendment. They didn’t want to be bothered with asking whether or not the DREAMer kids could stay ’cause they haven’t got past trying to figure out at least one freedom in the First Amendment. Now, so far, I mean, Trump is seen as part of the deal and digging it and liking working with Chuck and Nancy.

Now, there’s another aspect of it that has reared its head in terms of analysis. And it’s about tax reform and what is possibly on the table with this. The headline for this: “House, Senate Tax Proposals Likely to Diverge — Committees to put together details of their own tax-overhaul bills after blueprint is released in week of Sept. 25.”

It’s a Wall Street Journal story. “The House and Senate versions of a plan to overhaul the nation’s tax code are likely to diverge on many issues, including the treatment of business interest expenses and their write-offs for investments.”

So let’s look at this. In the past week, the odds of tax reform or tax cuts or tax overhaul are getting better. Both the House and Senate are talking about it, Trump is talking about it. Then over here we got Trump dealing with Chuck and Nancy. And everybody appears to be hunky-dory and happy. I mean, Chuck’s happy with it, Nancy’s happy with it, Trump seems happy with it. Not all of Trump’s voters are happy with it, but apparently 67% are fine and dandy with whatever Trump does here.

That’s what our caller said yesterday. They trust Trump. If Trump’s doing this, then there is a long-range reason that we don’t know yet. They have total implicit trust, the people that called here. Again, we can’t make a scientific projection on how many people that is, and I’m not attempting to do so. Now, the stock market, stock market’s continuing to percolate out there, even though there are warnings that it’s gonna have the bottom fall out.

I mean, that happens. Any time the market’s chugging along, you’ve always got people who want to ramp up subscriptions to their financial newsletters, and the way you ramp up subscriptions to your financial newsletter is predict a crash. It’s axiomatic. I mean, when you stop and think of it, how much is really real out there, versus how much are people doing to create impressions and cause certain actions, like in selling subscriptions? We do not do this here at the EIB Network. We don’t create false panic. We don’t create panic in order to sell anything here.

In fact, we leave it up to you whether or not you want to subscribe. We don’t even promote it all that much. But other people live and die by this stuff, psychological motivation and what have you. But overall, the markets are continuing to percolate out there despite these warnings out there that the bottom’s gonna drop out. Even with the North Korean crisis out there, the markets are still continuing to percolate up. The Drive-Bys are not talking about it. The Drive-Bys are not putting two and two together and getting four. You got a lot of things happening here.

You’ve got the hurricanes and the damage. By the way, almost all the power is — not quite, but the power restoration in Florida is so far ahead of schedule, it is amazing. And that’s why you’re not seeing that story in the news, either. But, believe me, the power restoration in Florida is way ahead of schedule. So the Drive-Bys are missing the market going up. They’re missing the connection between this story, “House, Senate Tax Proposals Likely to Diverge,” and North Korea. I mean, the little pot-bellied dictator launched another missile over Japan.

The markets continue to go up, and I think there’s a reason for this, in the political arena. You can’t ignore the impact that Trump’s leaning over and talking to Chuck and Nancy is having on the process, ’cause, remember, now, folks, a lot of these establishment types, they orgasm over this. “The two parties getting together and talking? Oh! That means Washington is working. Yes, let’s throw a party.” It doesn’t matter what Washington does. It’s just there’s governing go on. They’re actually talking.

I think within this realm that they’re talking about, that creates a positive attitude. And you could say… Let’s take these people that called yesterday who said that Trump may be two or three steps ahead of all of us, and you just don’t know it because the image is Trump is a bumpkin and he’s out of place and doesn’t know what’s going on. What if Trump behaving nice with Chuck and Nancy is actually about furthering along the prospects of tax reform? What if it’s about something else entirely?

Now, the Trump critics say, “He’s not that smart. The guy’s an egomaniac! The only reason he’s getting together with Chuck and Nancy is because the New York Times is praising him and he wants to be praised. He wants to be loved.” Trump supporters think, “This guy loved is strategic. Art of the Deal! He’s way ahead of us.” So it may well be that the convergence here on tax reform is a direct result of Trump talking to Chuck and Nancy and the ice being broken — gridlock, per se — in Washington.


RUSH: Okay, to NPR last night, the program All Things Considered. They had a politics correspondent named Don Gonyea. He had a report about me and my take on Trump working with Chuck and Nancy. And it’s essentially a translation of the talk radio king explaining to his audience what all happened in the DACA deal.

GONYEA: Supporters of Trump often point to his reputation as a deal maker. But this possible bipartisan agreement on immigration isn’t exactly what they had in mind. Here’s how conservative talk radio king Rush Limbaugh put it on his show this afternoon.

RUSH ARCHIVE: So I wake up today, and all hell is breaking loose.

GONYEA: He actually suggested that everybody slow down for a moment. He cited the president’s tweets, that the deal is not done, and that there will be a wall, and Limbaugh said the media likes this story so much for one simple reason.

RUSH ARCHIVE: They want you to think Trump has sold you out and thrown you under the bus. They want you to think that Trump has given away his mandate in exchange for doing deals.

GONYEA: Don’t jump to conclusions, he cautioned, though it’s clear that a lot of Trump’s supporters have done just that.

RUSH: How smart do they think their own audience is? Supporters of President Trump — anyway, it was a nice thing. I didn’t mean to lead you to the conclusion that it was critical. It wasn’t. It’s just they needed to translate for their audience what I was saying. And you see he was rather shocked. “He actually suggested that everybody slow down for a minute.” Who would have thought.

Then this morning on CNN’s Newsroom, cohost John Berman spoke with former Trump campaign communications adviser Jason Miller about Trump working with Chuck and Nancy on the DACA deal. John Berman said, “He’s tweeted about like six different subjects this morning, Jason. And one of them is not DACA. This notion he’s willing to reach some kind of deal that will upset his base is still out there, so he throws all these other things out to his base to keep ’em happy.”

MILLER: A lot of folks are looking at what the president is doing as far as reaching out across the aisle and try to find some kind of bipartisan agreement and saying, good job. I mean, heck, you even saw Rush Limbaugh praise the president for some of his outreach for doing this. He’s also trying to put pressure on Republicans on Capitol Hill, knowing that if he doesn’t put pressure on them now, they’re gonna wait this six months and then put something really terrible together and to try to shove it in front of him, probably that doesn’t have the border security measures that he really wants in there.

RUSH: You know, the thing I think everybody’s misunderstanding — if you’re just joining us, I treated the audience here to some data today. There’s a Morning Consult poll, and it’s a stunner in the sense that it’s like 67, almost 70% of Trump voters are all-in on the DACA deal, fine with them. Fine with them. And Trump dealing with Chuck and Nancy, fine with them, ’cause they think Trump’s a couple of moves ahead of everybody. And they think Trump is doing this to achieve something else. And one of those things — if they’re right about that, I’m just telling you, one of the things — there’s two possibilities here that people have suggested.

One possibility is that Trump is reaching out to Chuck and Nancy and doing the DREAMer-DACA deal as impeachment insurance, because over there is Mueller, and Mueller and the whole the Democrat Party is waiting for Mueller to find something he can impeach Trump on. ‘Cause that’s what this investigation is. There is no Russian collusion. It’s been so much time, they don’t even a shred of evidence. The Mueller investigation is about gathering data that can be used in impeachment proceedings.

So the theory that some people have is that Trump is actually engaging here in trying to put together impeachment insurance. I don’t think there’s such a thing. I think Trump could give Chuck and Nancy everything they want and they’d still impeach him the first chance they got. But I think people who believe that the Trump base is about to blow through the roof here, it’s not reflected in the polling data.

Like Steve King, the Iowa Congressman, is a good guy. He was afraid. He was on TV yesterday saying, “If Trump does this, that blows up his base, it’s over.” And that’s not what the Morning Consult polling data shows at all. Only 20% of Trump’s supporters think that. Now, that’s a sizable chunk, but it’s not blowing up the whole base.

One more bite here. Fox Special Report with Bret Baier last night, All-Star Panel. Juan Williams of The Five was on there to talk about the Trump deal with Chuck and Nancy. And Bret Baier said, “Today you had Chuck Schumer talking about his new friend, the president. Nancy Pelosi said that Schumer talked New York to Donald Trump, that there’s a certain New York lingo, and Schumer knows what it is. Trump understood it, and they’re getting along great.”

WILLIAMS: Steve King, the Iowa congressman, said basically that the president risked blowing up his base at this point. When you think about that base, about 35, 40%, you think about the high retention of Republican support for the president. If that starts to deteriorate, if you get the right-wing talk radio voices pulling away from this president, that could crater what is not a high level of support for him.

RUSH: There you have it. Juan Williams says if Trump loses talk radio, he’ll lose his base. This is something that the media, the left has been saying for 30 years, that if, you know, fill in the blank Republican loses talk radio, that’s it. And then the next day they’ll say that talk radio, come on, it’s just irrelevant, the guys are just a bunch of entertainers. You can’t take ’em seriously. And then the day after that, talk radio becomes the titular head of the Republican Party. It’s a day-to-day thing, and it’s largely dependent on what the media hope, and they are always, almost always, wrong.


RUSH: Brian in San Antonio, you’re next. Welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush. It’s incredible honor to speak with you today.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: I just want to say thank you, first of all, for you saved me from my liberal arts education when I went off to college but I know under the gun so I’m gonna get to my point real quickly.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: If there is bipartisan support for dealing with the DACA folks, I think he should say “Okay, that’s fine. We’ll do something about them. But let’s reexamine Section 1 of the 14th Amendment and maybe change birthright citizenship to something that has something to the effect of you needed to have one parent that’s an American citizen in order to be able to be a birthright American citizen.”

RUSH: Yeah. There’s any number of things like that could be done. But what do you think about him not including funding for the wall in the demand?

CALLER: Well, I think something like that could almost be considered a wall because it deals with anchor babies and chain migration, so I think it’s kind of a constitutional wall as opposed to a literal wall.

RUSH: Again, I tell you, I think it’s a great point. Chain migration is the great, hidden, very rarely commented upon thing that causes practically a geographic expansion of the numbers. I’m gonna repeat it for the third time. Mickey Kaus said something that I didn’t know, and I didn’t even consider, and when I read it, it really made sense. It’s a great point. There’s not a single country… The reason why this is important is because everybody that we know… Well, not everybody. But a lot of people say, “They’re kids!

“We’re not gonna round a bunch of kids and send ’em home.” I myself said it. “We’re not gonna round a bunch of kids.” Mickey Kaus, the quasi… Well, libertarian. Let’s say journalist. He’s written for liberal publications his life. But his observation was there’s not a single country in the world that allows what we’re getting ready to do here. There’s not a single country in the world that permits illegal alien children to stay and become citizens.

Because if they did, that would be the end of it. If the magic is simply get your kid across the border and no country will throw your kid out, then that’s the end of borders essentially. He said that’s why not a country in the world does it, including us, and this would do it. Obama already did it with the DREAM Act and the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals or whatever, and that one little statement is just a great reason for not doing this deal period.

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