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RUSH: Back on August 7, remember when Google fired the guy because he wrote this manifesto saying that Google is discriminatory internally against conservatives. James Damore was his name, and he had said some things in there (I forget exactly what) but female Google employees ended up being involved in this. I suggested that whatever was said, rather than get mad — you know, don’t just go huffing and puffing and join some protest. I said, “Sue them! I mean, Google’s rolling in money. Hit it.”

This is what I said…

RUSH ARCHIVE: Google is reeling right now. This is the kind of thing, this is the kind of charge that just sends leftists up the tree, that they’re unfair, that they’re discriminating on the basis of gender. Ladies, tell Google to prove it to you that the guy who wrote the memo is wrong. What you say to Google is, “Show me the money.” Go for the money. Tell ’em you want money. Tell ’em you want raises. Tell Google to prove it. Don’t join the protest march and start throwing underwear and bras. Just demand the money. They’re reeling right now. Hit ’em!

RUSH: This guy had made some charge against Google that it was predominantly male and that women employees were not on the same fast track advancement path and so forth. I knew what was gonna happen: The women of Google and everybody else would get mad and start joining the protest march and doing… I said, “No, no, no. Go for the money.” Well, guess what, folks! This morning on CBS This Morning, Gayle King spoke with Wired magazine editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson about a class-action lawsuit against Google fired by three former employees alleging the company discriminated in pay and promotions.

THOMPSON: There are accusations of gender pay discrimination. There are accusations of sexual harassment. They’re general accusations that it is very hard to be a woman in Silicon Valley. So it’s a big, big step.

RUSH: Yes.

THOMPSON: This particular lawsuit itself is also a big deal. It covers all women who worked at Google over the last four years. So if Google loses, that’s a big payout. Even if they don’t lose and it settles, it’s gonna be a continuing public perception problem for Google and may make it harder for them to attract and retain qualified women who they certainly need.

RUSH: Am I gonna get any credit for inspiring this idea? Am I gonna get any credit for being on the side of the women who do this? Am I gonna get any credit for suggesting this course of action? No. That’s why I played the audio sound bite, so that you would know that I was at the forefront of this. Therefore — next time you hear that I’m anti-female, anti-woman or whatever — you remember this. ‘Cause you know it’s not true anyway, but, I mean, you remember this as evidence that you can pass on to others.


RUSH: Just to clarify James Damore, Google, what he was saying is the gender gap in tech industries is because women are treated differently because they’re not as technically inclined, and that’s what got him fired, and everybody at Google had a conniption fit over it.

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