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RUSH: Get this. You know, because of just the nature of things, we haven’t focused a lot on Washington politics this week, but today we’re not gonna be able to avoid it. Try this headline: “White House: Don’t Be Silly. Trump Has Always Supported Amnesty.” How many of you people think that Trump has always…? What this headline’s based on is a statement made by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. It’s from The Daily Caller.

“President Donald Trump’s request that Congress protect illegal immigrants is not a change of heart, but something Trump has always supported, according to White House press secretary Sarah Sanders. Trump presented a hardline immigration policy on the campaign trail and said during an August 2016 campaign speech that ‘there will be no amnesty.’ … When asked during Tuesday’s White House press briefing about Trump’s support of amnesty, Sanders replied, ‘I think the president has spoken out very clearly that he wants us to make this decision based on a variety of factors.

“But the number one thing is that he wants responsible immigration reform and part of that is including that [amnesty] in the process.’ She went on to say that Trump ‘always wanted responsible immigration reform.'” Now, they’re talking about the DACA aspect of it here. But, I mean, “Don’t Be Silly. Trump’s Always Supported Amnesty.” No. No. That’s not… (laughing) Trump has not. It has not been clear that Trump has supported amnesty.

There’s also a story today and we’re gonna dig deep into it. It’s about tax cuts and tax reform, and the story is that Trump is itching, itching to do it, a big middle-class tax cut. But the rich are going to face a tax increase. That’s also not what was said during the campaign.

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