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RUSH: Mrs. Clinton. You know, the book, the title, the cover of her book? You don’t need to know any more. The top: “What Happened.” The bottom half: “Hillary Rodham Clinton.” That’s what happened! She tried, she got kicked out, and she still can’t get over it, and funny things are happening on her book signing tour.


RUSH: I keep trying to ignore Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton bores me. But it doesn’t matter because she still continues to make news; it sucks me back in, and my professional requirements necessitate me mentioning her. Some of this is actually kind of funny, and it’s also proof of a couple claims that I have been making about Mrs. Clinton for many, many moons.

No, I have not forgotten. I’m gonna go back to this Politico story, because this is key, and I’m gonna get some of these sound bites from the Wellstone memorial because they dovetail great… (interruption) Oh, we found out $44 million. Now, let’s put this in perspective. These Hollywood leftists and their telethon last night aired el freebo on four networks. Okay, four networks and however long the thing was raised $44 million. Ah! Ah! Ah! There were pledges for $44 million. Many of those might have come from leftists who will not pay in the end.

However, we’ll go with the number because that’s what they report: $44 million. A single white — ahem, I have to point this out — football player with a tweet and a website raised $31 million. That would be J.J. Watt of the Houston Texans, whose original goal was $200,000. And it just kept growing, and it just kept growing, and J.J. Watt didn’t have a telethon and J.J. Watt was not out there politicizing anything. J.J. Watt was on site helping pass out some of the donated materials. He was actually there meeting people, putting boxes of goods into their cars, and actually hugging them, not appearing from afar and asking other people to do what he wanted done.

One guy with one tweet and a website: $31 million. A bunch of Hollywood celebrities, however long the telethon went… It was at least an hour. (interruption) Did you watch it? (interruption) It was one…? (interruption) You watched it? I’m sitting here with people that watched the thing last…? (interruption) Oh, you had to air it on your network? So you were a…? (interruption) It was work? You were a prisoner? (interruption) You were a broadcast prisoner to this thing? (interruption) So it was one hour. Wait a minute.

You have a radio? It was radio, too? (snorts) Oh, I didn’t know that. Radio plus television. Four networks plus whatever the radio networks were. It’s not chump change, don’t misunderstand. But with that much publicity and that much firepower, a bunch of credited liberal… (thump) I’m sorry. There goes that… (thump) I’m sorry. That’s gotta be irritating you like crazy. If I can hear it, I know it is.

Anyway, it’s great to have you. The telephone number is 800-282-2882. Mrs. Clinton, in her book — and again I just want to say: Have you seen the book? Look at the cover. On the top half: “What Happened.” On the bottom half: “Hillary Rodham Clinton.” What is it? What Went Wrong? “What Happened”? You don’t even need to read the book. The cover explains it: Hillary Rodham Clinton: What Happened. She happened! You don’t need to read it. That’s why there are people like me, who will tiptoe through this thing and find humorous anecdotes, like this.

I’ve always mentioned, Hillary Clinton, one of the problems she has is she does not connect with people. And it’s not something you can practice doing. It’s your personality. Trump connects with people. And what I mean by this, when Trump does a rally, the people in that arena, wherever it is, have a personal connection. They believe Donald Trump is them. They believe Trump is speaking just to them. They don’t think that Trump is condescending. They don’t think Trump believes he’s better than anybody else.

It’s akin to the Q factor with movie stars and television personalities. There’s a Q factor, and it basically measures things that we call connection. And you either have it or you don’t. It’s like if you can’t throw a 95-mile-an-hour fastball, nobody can teach you to do it. If you’re not likable, nobody can coach you to likability, in the political realm or the celebrity realm. Either you are or you aren’t. A lot of factors: believability, trust, genuineness. There’s a whole lot of things. Of course, your physical appearance, but that’s not as…

In terms of connection, physical appearance is not nearly as necessary as other characteristics or personality traits. Mrs. Clinton, throwing the physical out, does not have the ingredients necessary to connect with people. And it’s because it’s obvious that she doesn’t want to. And she admits this, knowingly or unknowingly, in her book. For example, she “recounts a moment when a mother dragged her daughter by the arm to apologize to the former secretary of state for not voting.”

So Hillary was doing a personal appearance somewhere, and a woman brought her daughter to apologize to Hillary for not voting. Now, that mother is a kook oddball anyway, but it happened. You throw Hillary into this mix and you have all the ingredients necessary for mass therapy. So a woman, upset that Hillary lost, when she found out her daughter didn’t vote for her, grabbed her daughter and dragged her to a Hillary appearance — and then when they get up to the line, this mother tells Hillary that her daughter didn’t vote for her and demands that she apologize to Hillary.

Hillary “notes that the girl had her head ‘bowed in contrition.’ But instead of feeling sorry for the girl being humiliated before her, Clinton says she wanted to pile on. ‘I wanted to stare right in [that little girl’s] eyes and say, “You didn’t vote? How could you not vote?! [sic] You abdicated your responsibility as a citizen at the worst possible time! And now you want me to make you feel better?”‘ she said.” She actually writes that, and then she writes, “Of course I didn’t say any of that.”

Hillary, the fact that you admit that that was your reaction… If I’m in the same circumstance… I would never run for office so it wouldn’t be that. But if one of you thought that your kids had done something that was not favorable and you knew I was gonna be somewhere and you dragged your kid to an appearance to meet me to apologize, there is no way that I would see anybody in that circumstance with contempt. It would never occur to me to pile on and start ragging on that person that supposedly had done something that was not helpful to me.

I would say, “Don’t worry about it. Come on.” I would, if anything, chide the parent in a very soft, unobtrusive way. But the fact that Clinton admits that this is the reaction she had is exactly what I’m talking about. This is a feeling of entitlement. I’ll guarantee you that Hillary Clinton, in her heart of hearts, thinks having to run for election is beneath her. You may think, “Rush, no, she can’t.” I’m telling you, folks, that may be a bit of an exaggeration, but her attitude is that she shouldn’t have to stoop to such mundane things.

She is so qualified, so entitled, so deserving that she should just be made president by acclimation. Why didn’t she campaign in all these states? Only part of it was the fact that she ran the risk of falling flat on her face every day because of the seizures she was having. The other part of it is, she didn’t think she had to. She thought those people in those states were automatically gonna vote for her because she was Hillary Clinton. Well, Donald Trump, no way does Trump ever take anything like that for granted, and no other politician worth their salt does, either — and then there’s another story.

Hillary Clinton’s Book Signing Was as Insufferable as You’d Expect.” This is in the New York Post. Now, again, evidence here that she just doesn’t connect with people. She has no bond. There’s no personal investment. The people that are bonded or connected to Hillary are feminists who want her to win because of some deep meaning in there being a female president. But Hillary personally, there isn’t any connection. You can’t get close enough to her. She doesn’t want you to know anything. You can’t have that kind of bond — and in politics, that’s a recipe for disaster and failure.

She is, I mean, replete with these kinds of failures on the biggest stages politics has to offer. She’s incapable of comfortable communication with a crowd of supporters! In a crowd of supporters, she still feels stiff and wooden and like she would rather not be there. Have you ever seen tape of Hillary delivering one of those 20-minute speeches at Goldman Sachs for which she was paid 250 grand? I saw one, and I’m thinking, “How do the people that write the check not demand the money back?”

I mean, it was boring, it was sophistic, it was banal. I mean, it was nothing. There’s no way Hillary met any of the expectation. Of course, just showing up and speaking for 20 minutes was the pro forma thing. The real thing was to give her the money. It was an investment in her presidency for policy favors later on. She had to show up and say something in order to make it look legit. So Hillary had a book signing.

Her arrival time was 11 a.m., and we talked about yesterday. Big line, hundreds. (chuckling) Hundreds of people. The line was so big, there were a couple people standing outside the store to get in. That’s how big it was. (summarized) There were a lot of more waiting, 80-degree heat. Everybody there had to have their bag checked ’cause, you know, Hillary’s a formerly very important person, so security threats are taken very seriously. People were not allowed to have food or water in their bags. But it says here that “most of the people in line retained their excitement.

“If they couldn’t have Hillary as president, getting to see her sign their book was the next best thing.” Thirty minutes went by. Still she didn’t show. It’s an 11 o’clock book signing. Then 40 minutes went by and she didn’t show. And it wasn’t as though you could read her book while you were waiting because you wouldn’t get your copy until you approached the dais where Hillary would then generically sign it. She was not even looking at people. They just walk by, she’d sign up the book, look up and smile in a very plastic way, and the line kept moving.

You were not allowed to speak to her. Finally, before noon (she’s almost an hour late) she shows up, and the crowd starts shouting, “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!” And she absorbs the adulation and she gives that royal wave that she’s patented. She thinks she’s Princess Di. She didn’t say a word. She didn’t apologize for being late. She didn’t thank anybody for coming. She didn’t say a word to them — and these are the people who had braved the elements, whatever they were. Heat, humidity.

They were not allowed food and water in their bag, so big security check. You might say Hillary devotees. I mean, the people that you would be the most appreciative of. They’re there to buy your book, for crying out loud. They’re gonna spend whatever you’re charging them to buy your book, hopefully get a generic signature. Not even a word of thanks. Not an apology, not an explanation for why she was late, not an appreciation that people waited.

There was no change in her behavior. You weren’t allowed to stop and talk with her. They just ushered you through. It was like an assembly line. She signed the books generically. There was one funny thing that happened. A woman — female journalist, young journalist — got in, and started asking Hillary about Benghazi, started asking Hillary about her 33,000 emails.

What happened to your 30,000 emails? “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” She cackled and laughed and security ushered the woman off, who then ran into Huma. “Hey, Huma, why in the world did you stay married to a guy who was sending pictures of his (pfft!) to teenagers?” Security came in, ran her off. I hope that happens at every one. I hope somebody pounds her with these questions at every one of these events that she does.


RUSH: Yeah, Hillary Clinton was on The View today, and I’m looking to see if we have the sound bite. I’m not asking for the sound bite. I was just looking to see if we had it. Late-arriving story. It happened this morning. This is another… This is a glowing example to me, just human interest, humanitarian thinking. What do we know about the 2016 Democrat presidential primary? We know… We know! It is not arguable. We know that it was rigged. We know because of the hack, whoever did it, of the DNC computer network.

We know that Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz worked to ensure that Bernie Sanders would not win the nomination, not just with the superdelegates, but the whole thing was rigged by Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz working with Hillary. This is undisputed. It’s not talked about because, of course, the narrative is that the Russians cheated in the election to elect Trump, and that’s out there. The real election fraud that we know was on the Democrat side in the primaries. So Hillary is on The View today, and she is complaining about Bernie Sanders.

She’s telling the babes on The View that she resents how Bernie didn’t do enough to help her against Donald Trump. Bernie didn’t campaign hard enough. She’s sitting on her sizable Arkansas broadbeam butt and not going to Wisconsin and not going to Pennsylvania, and when she does venture out she almost falls flat on her face getting into a van. She’s having physical problems of some kind, so she’s taking it easy. She’s not engaging in retail politics at all.

She’s on TV today blaming Bernie Sanders for not helping her, and then she said she was “surprised by the increasingly personal attacks” on her from Bernie Sanders, and then she brought up what she did for Obama in 2008. She wanted to tell everybody, “I was the way you should be. I lost, but I was the bigger person, and I went out and I worked really hard for Barack Obama.” Yeah, well, you know why? Obama agreed to pay off her campaign debt, or part of it, and that’s one of the reasons why she had to take the secretary of state job.

Obama didn’t want her outside the tent. Nobody trusts the Clintons even in the Democrat Party. So he wanted her inside the tent and in a job she wasn’t qualified for. Secretary of state? Hillary Clinton? What are the qualifications? Obama wanted to run that show. She’s the figurehead. As part of the administration, she can’t run around and rag on him. So it was strategic. She’s out there telling them, “I worked very hard for Barack Obama, even after losing. I put the party first. As soon as I lost, I turned around; I endorsed him. I worked hard for him.

“I was arguing with my supporters at the Denver convention in 2008 about why they had to quit complaining that I didn’t win and go out and support Obama.” In her book, Hillary says that Bernie Sanders’ attacks on her during the primary “did the lasting damage.” This is just one of the 16 to 18 different things and people that she is, to this day, blaming and writing it down. What does she expect Bernie Sanders to do after she rigged his defeat, after she rigged the primary? He was wasting his time; he was wasting the money that people had donated.

His supporters had no idea. They really thought he had a chance of winning. And if you paid attention to the media, it did appear he was winning every primary for a while. He’d win every primary and Hillary’d get a majority of delegates, and Crazy Bernie’s supporters said, “This doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t add up,” and the party would say, “Well, it’s the rules they both agreed to. It’s all gonna come down to the superdelegates,” and they got ticked off, and they’re still ticked off.

So here’s Hillary Clinton — and believe me, you think this is contradictory, but not the way she looks at the world. She rigs the game so that he can’t possibly win and then gets mad at him for not helping her, not doing enough work for her. You probably know people like Hillary Clinton. Whatever they do, they botch — and whatever they botch, they find somebody else to blame.

The amazing thing to me is that she’s writing all of this down, that it’s gonna be out there forever. I mean, I’ve never seen a politician engage in such childish, spoiled-rotten behavior as Hillary Clinton is engaging in here. She must be carrying around an amount of resentment that we have not contemplated before, and she has this need to get it all out there, and she’s doing it; it’s gonna be around forever now.


RUSH: Didn’t Spielberg direct Jurassic Park? You would think that the guy who directed Jurassic Park would have been able to do something with Hillary Clinton. If you make dinosaurs come to life and even make them kind of lovable and likable. I mean, admit it. Didn’t you kind of like the Velociraptors in the lab, and didn’t you kind of want one for a pet? Should have been able to do something with Hillary to make her more likable or more exciting.

And you know, Bernie Sanders — people have forgotten this — he ended up campaigning for Hillary. Do you remember what his requirement was? A private jet. He’s that kind of socialist. He demanded a private jet paid for by other people, and he said he would go out and campaign for her. It was too little, too late, and it wouldn’t have mattered, because outside of New York and California, Hillary Clinton just doesn’t light them up.

Let’s get back to the phones. Jim in Knoxville, Tennessee. Great to have you, sir. How are you doing?

CALLER: I’m doing all right. Dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I had the great pleasure of watching Hillary on the Today Show this morning, and during the show Matt and Savannah asked her, “Hillary, if you can pin down the one thing that really did you the most damage, what would it be?” And she blamed Director Comey on the eve of election coming out the way he did. I thought that was kind of interesting, Rush, because had she not deleted emails off her server, had a private government server illegally in her house, she never would have had Comey in her life. Yet she’s blaming Comey for a problem that she created that cost her the election.

RUSH: James Comey kept her out of jail! James Comey made sure that there were no criminal charges against her! James Comey took over the Department of Justice when Loretta Lynch blew it by getting on the tarmac on the plane with Bill Clinton. I know she’s conveniently blaming Comey for doing his press conference on July 5th, and that’s its own story, whether Comey was right or wrong in doing that. And it’s convenient to blame Comey for this, but of course Jim here is exactly right. If Hillary Clinton hadn’t done any of that, then there would have been nothing for Comey to talk about or for Comey to overlook.

Now, we have some audio sound bites from Hillary Clinton on the Today Show today. Well, no, not 18, that’s with Ezra Klein on Fox. Maybe it works. Let me look at it real quick. Okay, let’s start with number 18. This is Ezra Klein on the Vox website. Vox is a Millennial version of the Washington Post. They do journalism different. They subdivide the stories They give you the first paragraph or two of the story, then they say, why does this matter? Then another paragraph explaining to you, ’cause you’re an idiot, why it matters. And then after that they do another subdivision, what does it mean? And then they tell you what it could possibly mean.

It’s the news beyond the news. It’s explanatory journalism, they say. And Ezra Klein is formerly of the Washington Post. He’s a wunderkind. I mean, he’s considered “the future” of modern American journalism. So, anyway, Hillary appears on their website. And Ezra Klein said, “Why didn’t you do better with white women?” This blew their mind. Remember the Billy Bush tape. Trump wasn’t supposed to survive that.

You know, I have to tell you, there’s something about that Billy Bush tape — not the tape. The reaction to it. All of these liberal men, if you can call them that, if I’ve read this once, I’ve read it I don’t know how many times. And do not worry, moms, I’m not going to utter the word that Trump did. But these liberal men acting like what Trump said was one of the greatest offenses, one of the most egregious, outrageous things anyone could ever say, these guys are out doing it or trying to every night. And they’re acting like it’s like foreign behavior, that a guy would — it’s mind-boggling to me.

No, I’m not defending it, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not defending any behavior. We’re talking about what somebody said here. And these liberal men, these guys would not survive in an athletic locker room. I mean, they’d be offended first and foremost by what they saw, and then when they started hearing what’s said in a professional locker room, if they’re bothered by what Trump said to Billy Bush, they’d be shuddering in fear and looking for the door to get out. Just a side observation.

So here’s Ezra. And remember, after the Billy Bush — that’s the Inside Hollywood, the tape where Trump was overheard talking about what he likes to do and can do because he’s a big time celebrity and can get away with anything, it was thought — see, this is another thing. The arrogance of the left, it was assumed that every woman in America would be repulsed, that every woman in America would be outraged. “How dare, how dare he think of me as being one of those and that’s it. How dare.” That’s what they thought every woman thought and that Trump wouldn’t get a single meaningful female vote. And he went on to win white women! And they don’t understand it. They still don’t understand it.

Remember the story we had two days ago, Glamour magazine, admittedly a women’s magazine, there is a story about a bunch of anti-Trump women who end up hooking up with Trump men, men who voted for Trump, and they say the sex has never been better. They’re conflicted as they can be. They’re confused. They like it. They like it, but it doesn’t make any sense to them. I don’t know what they think they’re doing when they go have… with Trump-voting men, but whatever it is that they’re expecting, they end up liking it and they’re terribly conflicted. There’s a whole story about it. Glamour magazine. A bunch of us Trump supporting men were very happy about that story.

Anyway, they can’t figure out why white women, any women, voted for Trump. And Ezra Klein, “Why didn’t you do better with white women, Hillary, why?”

HILLARY: Absent Comey, I might have had picked up one or two points among white women. It stopped my momentum and it hurt me, particularly among women. And I have so much anecdotal evidence for this. And now researchers are starting to pull some of this together —

RUSH: Researchers?

HILLARY: — and all of a sudden the husband turns to the wife, “Told you. She’s gonna be in jail. You don’t want to waste your vote.” You know, the boyfriend turns to the girlfriend and says, “She’s gonna get locked up. Don’t you hear? She’s gonna get locked up.” I mean, all of a sudden it becomes a very fraught, kind of conflictual experience.

RUSH: Conflictual?

HILLARY: So instead of saying, “I’m taking a chance. I’m gonna vote,” it didn’t work.

RUSH: Conflictual? Conflictive. Anyway, if you recall, James Comey said he wasn’t gonna charge her. James Comey said no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges, because while Mrs. Clinton may have broken every law on the books, she didn’t intend to. Remember that? And because we can’t find any intent, we can’t bring charges. Of course, intent is not part of the law. He let her off the hook. Everybody in the world heard that, so why does she think people are out there worried about her going to jail and that’s why they can’t vote for her?

That’s not why she lost white women. She didn’t even answer the question. She didn’t win white women. She never had them. These people live under so many misconceptions. They assume, “Okay, Obama, first African-American president, historic, and we’ll double down and we’ll get the first female president.” And, see, when you have the first African-American president, you can’t criticize him. ‘Cause if you do, you’re a racist. And it worked. The Republicans didn’t say a word in criticism of Obama ’cause they didn’t want to be called racist.

So they got away with doing it, and they thought they would replicate that with Hillary. Hillary, first female president, can’t criticize her, otherwise you’re an anti-women chauvinist pig. It was a way to shut down all criticism. They believe that having the first female president is the only thing that matters to other women. They really tell themselves this. So when women don’t vote for the first legitimate female presidential candidate, they’re confused, can’t understand it. She never had the support of a majority of white women.

I don’t care what the polls said, she never had a majority. And if it was close, her campaign served to drive them away. Because she assumes that everybody thinks the way she does and has the same anger and resentment that she does. And most people don’t want to live that way. Most people don’t want to live lives of grievance. Most people don’t want to get up everything and figure out who they gotta be mad at, who they have to blame, who they have to make their lives miserable that day in order to get through the day themselves.

That’s not how most people want to live life, but it’s the way Hillary thinks that most people are because they buy into this notion that life in this country is very bad, and it’s not fun, and it sucks. That’s why you need Democrats in power to help people get through the mire. And then they find out that none of their conceptions are actual reality. And so she doesn’t know how to answer this. The correct answer is she never had a majority. I don’t care what the polls said. She never had a majority of them.

Trump did. And they’ll never understand why, just like people reading the Glamour magazine story. If all they see is the headline, women who didn’t vote for Trump are having time of their life, whatever it is, with male Trump voters, sex never better, whatever the story said, confusing as all get out, until you get into it. And there’s a big difference — well, that’s close enough to the line. If you had your choice, if you’re a normal red-blooded American woman, if you really had your choice, do you want to hook up with some wuss, or do you want to hook up with a man?


RUSH: All right. Now, stand by audio sound bite number 27. Folks, literally I really am trying to get off of Hillary — the topic, the subject — and I keep getting stuff here. For example, just this. This is from The Cut. It’s during the interview with NPR. She’s out there selling this book like crazy, and it’s not gonna do bang up. You watch. “Hillary Clinton Suggests That Women Didn’t Vote for Her Because of the Men in Their Lives.” So this is same question that what’s-his-face, Ezra Klein, asked her at Vox.

At NPR, they asked the same thing. She “was asked about the ‘good number of young women’ who didn’t vote for her….” “Hillary Clinton Suggests That Women Didn’t Vote for Her Because of the Men in Their Lives.” They didn’t want them to. “[S]he claims that young women did not find gender a ‘motivating force’ to vote for her.” Good! It ought not matter! It ought not matter what the gender of somebody who wants to be president is — unless they don’t know; then it should matter. I mean, if they don’t know which bathroom to use, you got a problem.

But they probably wouldn’t get nominated. But it shouldn’t matter at all. But look at what does matter to her. Well, “young women did not find gender a ‘motivating force’ to vote for her. ‘I think it’s much more difficult to unpack all of this, and with respect specifically to young women, I do think that for a lot of young women, gender is just not the motivating force that maybe it will be in the future. But then it wasn’t.’

“Clinton also cites a conversation with Sheryl Sandberg where the Lean In author talked to her about research that indicates the more successful a woman is, the less likable she appears.” See? “She also used it as an opportunity to push the concept that women may not have voted for Clinton because the men in their lives didn’t want them to.” Now, folks, stop and think of this. You may think, “Hmm, okay,” but that really is a profound excuse.

A leftist woman is saying that leftist women are only allowed to have opinions shaped by the men in their lives. That is not a testament to feminism. We’re talking about why didn’t more liberal Democrat women vote for Hillary, and she says ’cause the men in their lives didn’t want them to. What does the men in their lives matter? Isn’t that what feminism is? You’re not supposed to care what the man says. You’re not supposed to care what the man wants. You’re supposed to be independent from all that. What an indictment of feminism that answer is.

But, once again, she’s just throwing things up against the wall and hoping they stick, ’cause that’s just more blame spreading and shaming and excusing. Anything but the truth, which is, “I guess they just didn’t find me exciting. I guess they didn’t like my policies,” ’cause nobody knew what they were. She couldn’t tell you the reason she was running, outside of it’s her turn, her entitlement. Grab 27. This is the actual sound bite her on The View today blaming Crazy Bernie for not helping her.

The question comes from Sunny Hostin. “You know, you got a lot of criticism, people say, ‘Well, she won’t take responsibility for the loss.’ I’ve read your book. You clearly took responsibility for the loss.” Hostin’s sucking up here. “You’ve always taken responsibility. But you claim others share responsibility for your loss as well. You talk about Bernie Sanders. You say he shares responsibility. What do you mean?”

HILLARY: You know, by March or April I had an insurmountable lead. I ended up winning by four million votes. I know what it’s like to lose because I lost in 2008 to President Obama.

RUSH: Right.

HILLARY: As soon as I lost, I turned around, I endorsed him, I worked hard for him. I was arguing with my supporters at the Denver convention in 2008 about why they had to quit complaining that I didn’t win and get out and support Barack Obama.

BRAIN-DEAD CROWD: (applause)

HILLARY: (screeches) And I didn’t get that respect!

RUSH: She’s just embarrassing — and, of course, that brain-dead crowd’s in there applauding. You know, Sunny Hostin’s question, I’m sure they worked that out before the show started. Hillary said, “This is what I want you to ask me; this is the way I want you to ask it.” Sunny Hostin said, “Fine.” I don’t think they’re gonna surprise Hillary with a question on this show, so she’s got this answer ready to go. She wants to say this, is my point.

She thinks this is a big deal. Gotta get this point out, how hard she worked for Obama. Don’t tell anybody that Obama had agreed to pay off her campaign debt. Don’t tell anybody that Obama was wanting to keep her close to offer her in place in the Regime. Now turning around trashing Crazy Bernie — and, of course, don’t mention the fact that the reason you got four million votes is that they rigged the election in your favor at the DNC.


RUSH: Here’s a real question for you. Was Hillary of really ahead at any time? There may have been a period of time, but Trump ended up winning — and, of course, in the Electoral College, the vote there was not close. Now, we know that all of the big-data analysts, the guys that were saying Hillary had a 91.2% chance of winning this day, 78.8% chance the next day, the next week, they were not even close. In the standard polling — Gallup, NBC/Wall Street — they were not even close. The real question is: Was Hillary ever really leading? She thought she was. She thought she was headed for a landslide — and, of course, she never was. I mean, they ended up believing it.

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