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RUSH: (interruption) No, I don’t want to mention it, because if I mention it, it’s only gonna get bigger, and it doesn’t deserve to be amplified. But it’s still so full of BS, it’s incredible. I shouldn’t say this. It’s just teasing you people. You’ll wonder, what am I talking about, and I’m not gonna tell you what I’m talking about. Oh, well, I might as well. (interruption) What, it’s on the Drudge Report now? Okay. Well, I… (interruption) Here it is. The link on the Drudge Report is, “Liberals Turn to Podcasts for Salvation.” But I have noticed, by the way…

I happen to know this. You have to know the liberals to read and you have to know just… I know them. I study them. So they make casual references to podcasts that they love. So I have picked up on the fact that liberals, unable to compete in radio, are now turning to podcasts. So there’s a story at a website called The Week, W-E-E-K. So just now, I clicked it. I’ve gotta travel a distance to do it here, folks. Just a second. The Dittocam follows me. But you click on the link here, and it comes up with the headline:

How a New Generation of Left-Wing Podcasters Are Dethroning Rush Limbaugh and Right-Wing Talk Radio.” There isn’t any “dethroning” going on, and the story actually admits this, at the end of it. They say they’re not even close but they’ve got a good start, and whoever wrote the story gets so many facts wrong. It says the audience here is 12 million. It’s 26 million now, folks. (chuckles) Twenty-six million. The distance… We don’t even see them in the rearview mirror.

But I don’t begrudge them for trying. They have failed at every attempt they’ve made. This guy goes on to… (impression) “He’s just so ticked off, ’cause Limbaugh, he’s just nothing but a broadcaster. He’s never had any experience in policy. He never worked in government. He doesn’t know anything. He just makes people mad!” And then they cite researchers who have found out that the audience trusts Limbaugh. “And when Limbaugh says something, they believe it!

“And that’s not good because Limbaugh doesn’t know what he’s talking about, because Limbaugh has never written policy. Limbaugh has never been involved in the business of politics and policy.” So it’s filled with deep, deep resentment, which is comical to read. And he points out that the conservatives who have experience in government and policy are… Well, he said the people in talk radio who are prominent are not experts and have no experience in it.

And then he cites all these various podcasts that are springing up out there that may have — and believe me, if a podcast has an audience of 1.8 million, he points out that’s bigger than Anderson Cooper’s audience! (laughing) He’s trying to tell us that podcasters have a bigger audience than CNN! Which may be true, by the way. I don’t know about 1.8 million. Anyway, it’s the last thing I expected to see. I mean, Drudge doesn’t put my name in the link, so I just see “liberals turning to podcasts.” I knew it, ’cause I read ’em, and they talk about their podcasts that they like so I know it’s a coming.

We’ve been podcasting this program before they knew what it was! There are podcasts of this program each and every day, and we don’t add those numbers to our overall official ratings reports, although we know what the numbers are. But we don’t add them because we don’t have to. But they’re scrimping and scrounging for everything they can get out there. But the funny part of this is the deep resentment that I have built this empire and I don’t know what I’m doing and I don’t know what I’m talking about and I’m not worthy.

I’m not qualified. I don’t have… I shouldn’t have the right to be telling you what I tell you, ’cause I don’t know anything. (laughing) It’s 30 years, and it’s just… Every criticism just continues to recycle. And this, of course, is a boomer of a surprise, because the link doesn’t even suggest this.

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