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RUSH: Barack Hussein Obama is on the sidelines now, but that didn’t stop him from mouthing off after Trump ended the DACA program. That’s the unconstitutional amnesty Obama gave to people who came here illegally as children.

In a lengthy statement Obama said targeting these young people “is wrong because they have done nothing wrong.” He called President Trump’s actions “cruel” and “self-defeating.” Obama said, “This is about whether we are a people who kick hopeful young strivers out of America.”

Mr. Obama. You call this “a political decision and a moral question.” But it is a legal decision. It’s a constitutional question.

Before you decided to act politically to grant this amnesty, you yourself admitted you didn’t have the constitutional authority to do it! But you did it anyway knowing the Republican establishment wouldn’t say anything and the Drive-Bys would applaud.

The only thing Trump did was follow our Constitution which stipulates that Congress makes our laws. And now that the president has given Congress six months to act before anything changes, they can reclaim their constitutional role in immigration law.

Who gave tens of thousands of these “hopeful young strivers” false hope in order to satisfy cheap political objectives? That was you, Mr. Obama. You used these kids like pawns because you hoped they’d be future votes for the Democrat Party. That was cruel.

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