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RUSH: “‘Amazon Launches African-American Movie Subscription Service,” calling it “the biggest collection of the ‘baddest’ African-American movies for Prime members.” So they’re segregating movie sales at Amazon with an African-American movie subscription. I wonder, Snerdley, if that means I could not sign up for it.


RUSH: Headline: “Amazon has launched an African-American movie subscription service,” part of their Prime program, which is a great deal, by the way. Amazon Prime is pretty cool. But they’ve got a new subscription video on-demand service “featuring what it calls the biggest collection of the ‘baddest’ African-American movies for its prime members. Prime customers would receive a seven-day free trial to access the service.”

You know what it is called? The African-American movie subscription service at Amazon is called brownsugar.com. What a break for all of those on welfare who are getting Amazon Prime for half price. What a deal.

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